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[00:00:00] :  Daddy was a gambling man and with no strategy gives a shit about him anymore. We never really settled. This show is brought to you by safety. The following program is rated P l s V. It contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally, show with the ball should call him like it is Rated R Safety show on safety FM Countdown to audio torture directed Our safety show starts in 321 lady ear drum pain Begin Forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R safety show with your host Dr uh, It doesn't matter who the host is. Well, is that not the truth of what? Today's Monday, March, the 29th of 2021 88 of the year in only 277 days left to go. Hopefully everything is good and grand inside of your neck of the woods were broadcasting live from the safety FM studios in Orlando, Florida coming across the multiverse of safety FM and, of course, hanging out with our buddies, our friends and our pals at that other place. You know Rio? Yeah, hanging out there with the buds at radio big dot FM, as we do every Monday through Friday as we do our little joint thing together as we are simulcasting across and above and all that other kind of fun stuff. So hopefully you're off to a fantastic weekend and everything was glorious as we are getting into this lovely Monday, depending on where the hell you're at inside of this universe of art, it could be early Monday morning or it could be later in the afternoon. Or it could be way early Monday morning. So that's for sure. A lot to talk about today because, you know, I wasn't able to blab all over the weekend. So if you're close enough as a friend of mine, well, you probably got those. You know, those those interesting tidbits of text messaging that I shoot over every once in a while, depending on who you are, just kind of just thinking about talking about and texting over whatever the hell is coming to my mind at that particular moment of time. Anything from wearing face masks to not wearing face masks, you know, to all that kind of fun stuff anyway, So as we start talking about it, and we really start to need to start moving forward and really talk about what is trending and what was hashtag king over the weekend. So let's talk about that real quick. As you might have heard or not heard. Let's talk about it. Virginia Beach was trending on Saturday morning after news of an overnight shooting broke. At least eight were injured and two were killed, another hashtag that was making the sequence of events. By the way, we'll talk about that a little bit more and a little bit. Um, some other hashtag that were making the sequence was hashtag Passover, which landed in the top 10 trending tweets as users shared wishes for peace and well being. As the Passover holiday begins, another hashtag making the sequences was R. I. P. Coach was trending following the passing of coach Howard Schnellenberger. More more of that. We'll talk about that a little bit later on when we get to some further detail going on inside of the world in the news. Nike was trending as well on Sunday after rapper Little Knots. I never know if it's X or 10, so take your pick unveils his Nike Satan shoe in collaboration with created label mischief. The kicks contained 66 ccs of red ink and a drop of human blood in the soles. Nike made no that they did not release nor design these shoes, while Mischief confirmed that the Air Max 97 shoe brought independently and customized by its artists. So there you go. You kind of think that Nike is not going to, you know, be tied in right away, too. A Satan shoe. You kind of you kind of think that that's not going to be probably good for their marketing anyways, another one that was making the sequences and going around and about and all that kind of fun stuff. What's this? Here is the other. Here's the other hashtag fake chicken nugget. Facts landed in the Top 10 trends on Twitter on Sunday as users shared a made up facts about chicken nuggets. Sweets included their made up with only the most select in greatest parts of the chicken. Chicken nuggets are fueled by the Death Star. If you so could not get in water for 72 hour, it expands into a full sized chicken, and the best chicken nugget evolved from dinosaurs. So there you go. I guess some people were having some fun over the weekend on social media. Oh, look at that. Some fun and social media. Maybe it goes into their conversation from last week. Anyway, let's continue going happy. 3 28 made the rounds on Sunday as Patriot fans commemorated the team Super Bowl 51 win against the Falcons when they came back from a 28 to 3 deficits. So there you go, I guess when you need a reason to celebrate, find anything that you can my friends in that particular regards of doing so So anyways, anything good, bad, indifferent going on whatsoever? I don't know just asking, by the way. So we did finally hand out the awards or did email the people for the ones that one, the one on one session from last week. Just so you know. And then nipping AnAnd and Todd Conklin's contest will be announcing that little bit later today on the social media platform. So be on the lookout for that one on how you can win to go to their event that they have coming up. So there you go, we'll be talking about that in a little bit. And I guess if we're already talking about it, let's talk about it again. Because Wednesday's right around the corner. So this Wednesday, the safety reconfigured class March the 31st at 11 a.m. Eastern standard time. You can come out, Hang out with me for the safety reconfigured class. You can sign up at safety f m dot i o. Or we'll be hanging out talking about the world of safety in a different version, Al itty and how it should probably be reconfigured right now, based on some of the things that are going on inside of the world, it is back by popular demand. Oh, yes, when I say popular demand, you know, you kind of have to sit there for a moment and you go, okay, It's popular demand A marketing ploy, or is it really people reaching out? I have quite a few people reach out to me. Um, in regard to that, I wish it was a marketing ploy. Not really. You know, I have to tell you talking about marketing ploys a few days ago, a couple interesting things, Um, that I did see come about which I thought was kind of weird. Um, this guy is thanking. I saw this on social media. That was pretty interesting. This guy was thanking this new station for allowing them to tell his story and how he was interviewed. In the moment you open the link, it says paid advertising. It was like that kind of this feels kind of strange when that comes about. But then again, the person was also bragging about being on a platform that some other major speakers was on. And so I started thinking about it. I was like, Should we start bragging that were actually breathing the same air that everybody else on the planet is just kind of weird on how some of the people market what they market. But, hey, whatever. I just talk here behind this microphone, talking about what comes to mind as we're talking about it anyways, a lot of stuff coming on, but you know that our friends at the feature story of the news are hanging out, waiting to come by and start talking about what the hell they have going on. So let's go into that and let's see what's going on, according to the news, according to feature story, That should happen right now as we are talking about it, Shouldn't I mean I think we should? Here is the news on the safety show from Feature Story News in London. I'm Ali Barrett. The container ship blocking the Suez Canal has been partially moved, according to officials. It's hoped it will allow traffic to resume along the route, with nearly $10 billion of goods thought to be being held up each day. Since the ever given got stuck, England's lockdown is easing further, with outdoor sport resuming and a stay at home order being withdrawn, Tennis courts and golf courses are able to reopen, and two households or groups of six people, are allowed to meet outside the government's urging caution as lockdown restrictions are eased. While much of Europe battles a new wave of covid 19 infections, Sports and Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston says it's a significant moment people have been desperate to get out there. This is a real big day for millions of people, for both their physical and their mental health. As we ease restrictions, there's likely to be an increase in infections. That's inevitable because people are getting out and about again now. The moderating factor, of course, is the ongoing vaccination program rollout, which will also be fighting against that. But as people mix a little bit more, there is an expectation that there will be a slight rise in infection rates. But that's why we're taking this cautious staged approach. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is putting pressure on state leaders to introduce what's being described as a mega lockdown. Merkel says the third wave of the pandemic threatens to soon overwhelm the hospital system and has expressed frustration at the lack of urgency in some states. Trent Murray reports from Berlin The latest daily data shows Germany has registered almost 10,000 New Covid 19 infections. That's a 30% increase compared to the same time last week. The impact of the third wave is also starting to be felt in the hospital system, with the number of available intensive care beds falling to some of their lowest level since the beginning of the pandemic. The worsening outlook comes as Chancellor Merkel in the country's 16 state leaders start to drift apart on how to manage the crisis Merkel wants to see stronger lockdown measures introduced, but some states are pushing back. Merkel warned Germany could soon see 100,000 cases a day. The United Nations is in talks with China about a visit to Xinjiang to see how ethnic leaders are being treated. That's according to Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Amid mounting pressure on Beijing for an independent assessment of the situation. Patrick Fox reports from Beijing In an interview with Canadian broadcaster CBC, Antonio Guterres said quote a serious negotiation is at the moment taking place between the office of the U. N. Human rights commissioner and Chinese authorities. He added that he hoped both sides will reach an agreement soon on a visit without restrictions or limitations. The UN's High Commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, said reports of arbitrary detention, ill treatment, sexual violence and forced labor there necessitated a thorough and independent assessment from bureaus worldwide. This is FSN. I'm a trial lawyer. I'm not part of your family and I don't do skits with my mom. I'm a real lawyer, a damn good lawyer, the best lawyer this state has to offer and I've built a reputation for standing up for the people of this country righting the wrongs. You may not agree with all of my views, but when it comes to trying cases, there's only one view. Justice and justice is what I get. Fighter law. That's why we're unstoppable. Hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2000 and eight. I she really likes to be around people. Get out my mat and I'm doing a downward dog and he's underneath. He's quite the pug about town. He gets invited to a lot of parties. He knows he's a pretty big deal. Look at this little face. I do not love him. 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Drop off a Hotmail and say a quick Hello, volunteer for meals on wheels By donating your lunch break at America, let's do lunch dot org This message brought to you by Meals on Wheels America and the Ad Council Safety in a way never heard of before The rated R safety show on safety FM. Also, there you go a lot of things going on inside of that side of the universe. Anyways, let's start talking and getting into what we would call the hit list or the shit list, depending on who you are and how you want to take a listen. Anyways, it is currently 14 minutes past the top of the hour. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced last week that he would loosen Covid 19 restrictions on state businesses, events and local ordinance. His decision is based on several key data points, including 10 weeks of declining cases hospitalization at their lowest number since October. President Biden pledged that all Americans will be eligible to receive the vaccine by May. The first opening vaccine appointments to all Arizonians age, 16 years of age or older. A report from the C. D. C noting that the state had the third highest vaccination cover, um, coverage rate for its most vulnerable counties and hitting the milestone of more than three million doses administered. So there you go. Despite Ducey being a Republican president. Biden vice President Harris called the state handling of the vaccine distribution a national model. So it seems like we could have some joint party, some some cross aisle lines that can come together. It sounds like so there you go, Uh, and then the other thing to think about it, I'm just going to mention in Arizona never went into a full lockdown status. Newer, issued a statewide mask mandate, not saying ones right or one is wrong. I'm just saying, What occurred data is data data is there. So just bringing it up for the sake of bringing it up, not trying to be that guy that wants to start up a controversy about anything going on, just talking about it. So as we start talking about, um, the whole thing with vaccines and loosening things, what do you think? What do you think about the kind of the new thing going on? Uh, you say, take a look at some of the social media aspect and, you know, you put the sign out there of Look at me. I have been vaccinated. Look at me. I got the shot. Look at me. Here is my little C D. C. Card showing that I am a registered shot. Pertain er do you think it merits anything or do you just think it's kind of one of those bragging rights type of things? You know, I I don't know. I mean, it's just kind of weird because I don't go around talking about all the other vaccinations that I have received at this point, and I will tell you, and this is not a joke. There are people putting that on their resume now that they have been vaccinated or they are fully vaccinated, which I thought was kind of weird, kind of weird. But hey, to each their own, everybody has to do their own thing. Now I am seeing this, though, which I thought was kind of interesting. I didn't and I kind of like, put two and two together. The emotional event that people have when they are getting the vaccine. And it's that whole style in looking into where it's bringing them hope where it's bringing them something that they did not expect. I don't know, just something to think about. Of course, it's always interesting on how people are going to react to certain things. But I never thought about it where that would be the case. Just something to think about anyways. As of Sunday, over 100 and 43.4 million covid vaccines have been administered nationwide, with 51.5 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, while more than 93.6 million have received at least one dose, according to the C. D. C. The total number of cumulative cases in the US are slightly now over 30 million, and with more than 546,000 deaths attributed to the virus. So now if you take a look at it, there has been since the last time we spoke roughly about 7000 more deaths when since we really started focusing on that number, so we're still seeing quite a few deaths about this. So think about it when we leave here today and we're talking about it, it's 546,000. Let's take a look at what it's going to be tomorrow, not trying to be a jackass or smart ass about it, just something to look at. So it is still a consistent number of constant number that continues to change as we are talking about it, and it was just continue going. At least seven people were shot outside of Philadelphia Sports Bar during an altercation on Friday evening, leaving three in crucial condition. The victims range from ages of 17 to 40 to a person of interest is in custody, according to local authorities earlier Friday, and 11 year old boy was killed in a 14 year old boy was wounded as they as they rode bikes in their Oxford Circle neighborhood. The younger boy was shot in the neck and died at the hospital, while the older boy suffered a gunshot wounds to the arm and ankle. No arrests have been made in connection to the shooting. Wow, what an interesting time when it comes to a lot of this stuff. When we started talking about some of the things that are going on inside of the world, you know, and it's interesting that we always come back on Monday and we seem to have a lot of information related to gunshots and gun violence that occurs, and I just don't get it. I just don't understand the whole thing behind it. But then again, I guess it's truly for me not to understand, but to us to have the conversation and think about this on what things can be done moving into the future. And don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Anti Second Amendment. I'm not saying pull all the guns. I'm just saying We need to look at some of some of these different aspects and things that we can talk about anyway. Let's continue talking. Not not even priority. Priority vaccination and cast incentives are enough to get the public school teachers back to the classroom. In Oakland, California, schools officials were forced to cancel their previously scheduled reopening dates for this week at six elementary schools and 10 preschools due to the lack of teachers willing to return before April the 14th. Frustrated parents have called the situation laughable, laughable really? That's what we're going to go with. Laughable. Um, So there you go. Um at the Oakland school board director said that the lack of teacher volunteers willing to report an early high needs for people's is disappointing. So there you go, some very interesting stuff, as you would want to hear. So there you go. A lot of interesting things going on inside of the world. So I don't know. How do you take a look at this in regards of the vaccination? So do you think at this particular point as we start talking about it a regards of schools as we're looking at this, how does it work? Do you think that right now there should be some pushing about schools reopening if they're not open already in that particular regards? Or should it actually kind of wait out? Because here's the thing. So if you reopen the schools depending on where the school is actually located and it's actually there right now and you open it for four or five weeks, six weeks, depending is it going to make up for the difference, or do you kind of look at it and really put the focus point for when the fall comes about once again and say, Okay, now that we're getting back into the fall semesters and going back into school during that time, do we look at it and go? Okay, This is where it comes back after the summer vacation or would have been scheduled summer vacation. I don't know just some things to think about as we do talk about it here on the radar safety show anyways. Oklahoma City correction officer was taken to the hospital after being held hostage inside the Oklahoma County detention Center on Saturday. According to multiple reports, the officers was given medication. Two an inmate when he was attacked, tried tied up and the keys were taken away from him as one of the inmates stood guard over the officer. Another film, The Situation on Facebook. While the officer appeared to be unharmed at a point he laid on the floor in an object was placed in his back of his neck. The situation ended with officers fatally shooting the inmate after negotiations went nowhere Following the incident, protesters gathered outside the detentions that are complaining about the conditions that the inmate allegedly already face behind bars. And you know that it seems to be a subject matter that continues to go around and about over and over and over again. So there you go. Some things to think about. Anyway, Let's continue talking. Brace for crappy few weeks if the evergreen cargo ship doesn't get dislodge from the Suarez Canal quickly. The New York Post reports that the Brazil based company responsible for the ship one third of the global economy. Raw hardwood pulp supply in running in running way behind. Yeah, this is gonna get fun quick, which will likely lead to increased costs of shortages. Uh, everyday essentials. Like, Are you ready for this? Like this? Like this. Are you ready? Ready. Ready? Ready. Toilet paper. Mhm. You know, And don't get me wrong. I don't see anything bad about big business, but let's talk about it. It's definitely a crappy few weeks if you really think about it, because if it doesn't get dislodged and they're actually controlling one third of the global economy Raw hardwood pulp supply. Yeah. One third. It can get crazy relatively quickly. There something to think about for sure. As we are bringing it up more than Mortal Kombat be downgraded up safety show. Okay, anyways, let's continue to. Teenage girls are facing felony murder charges after a Carjacking, an uber eats vehicle with the driver inside and then crashing it, resulting in the driver's death. The incident, which occurred last week, was captured on video, which has now gone viral. The teens, 13 and 15, targeted the car driven by the D. C resident Mohammad Anwar, who they allegedly tase before stealing his vehicle. In the video, Anwar can be heard screaming, This is my car! As the teams drive drive to, they tend to drive off with it with him hanging out on the front door of the vehicles. Seconds later, the crash can be heard with the vehicle landing on its side. The teen the teams managed to crawl out of the record, but Anwar was hurled onto the pavement more and mortally wounded. Two National Guardsmen happened to be nearby and detained the girls until the officers arrived. Like what the hell Like number one, How the how the freak did you get ahold of the Taser and number two, Really, This is what we're going with. I mean, it's kind of weird. I mean, it's an interesting time for sure, as we do talk about it. I mean, don't get me wrong. But, man, what is going on over there? That's something to think about. Listen to our host of the rated R safety self implode on our airwaves only on Safety FM. Okay. A train collision in southern Egypt killed at least 32 people and injured 160 on Friday. A spokesman for the Egyptian National Rope Railways reported that someone pulled the emergency brake on the car of one of the train, calling the train behind the rear and the carriage and then over 202 passenger cars in the near in one of the near cities. The country has a long history of train disasters, with CNN reporting that the aging railway system has seen deadly accidents almost every year for the past 20 years. So there you go, something to talk about. So here you go and we talk about these things and we look at them and we go through them and we talk about hazard matrix and we talk about potential issues that could go on. But, you know, if you really start thinking about some of these hazard matrixes and the things that we talk about. Maybe we we need to start taking a look at some of this conversation. It really start talking about how this can apply to learning teams, and it's not a joke. Think about it for a moment. It is essentially a version al itty of a learning team, just saying, just as you think about it, that's what it converts to. And when you start talking Hazard matrix and you talk about learning teams and you talk about how you can combine both of those things together because essentially, when you're building that hazard matrix, you're having those conversations. And imagine if you did it in a group where you're having more and more of those combos on how those things could potentially change. Just something to think about as we are moving forward here. Anyways, 27 minutes past the top of the hour, it has been more than two weeks since Texas Governor Greg Abbott lifted the Covid 19 mandates. The state is still reporting a decline in cases and hospitalizations. The governor shared the success in a tweet on Friday because we, you know, if we wanted to make it out there, it has to be on twit and at the tweet, saying today Texas recorded the lowest seven day covid positive rate since the data began calculated being calculated at 5.43%. So much, so much, so much to think about. Uh, so much to think about with that. So I don't do It's interesting to see, you know, different folks for different strokes for different folks, as we do talk about him because it is definitely one of those things to think about. Anyways. Multiple people were shot to fatally wounded at a crowded oceanfront in Virginia Beach late Friday night. The shooting took place at multiple locations along the same block. On the fatalities that was one of the fatality was a person shot by an officer. A police officer was also run over during the during the chaos. Several suspects were in custody as of Saturday morning. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, it's it gets interesting, you know? I understand you want to get out of you want to let loose. It's been some time ever since, you know, because we've been locked up, locked down, locked, whatever. But I think there's some methodology on how to do some of this stuff and then some things on what to do, Some things to think about as we do go about it just for sure. So I don't know. Maybe I'm just kind of a Cray Cray. Craig Craig when I talk about this, but some things to think about, for sure, as we do, move forward here. Anyways, I think it might be close to that time, so let's do it. Here is our main story on the right safety show. So there you go. Something's going on, like always as we do have our discussions and move around and talk and all that other kind of fun stuff, Um, as we do, because that's the thing. We try to talk a little bit about everything, and I know that sometimes I can go off on some things that people don't like. Some people do like, and it just depends on what kind of the part of the equation you might be on. And I understand that, and it's not all about love. Sometimes I mean, think about it. You don't have to always love what I say, and you don't always have to hate what I say. I mean, it just depends on how you're feeling that day, and I understand that. So don't get me. Don't get taken the wrong way. Don't take it the wrong way at all. But let's talk about some things here. Sorry about that. I had to take a look down for a moment because my phone started acting all weird, and I always hate when that happens, when we were still kind of hanging out, doing some things. So let's talk about this because here's the thing I titled the show today Don't start now and there is a reason for why I did this. So don't don't take it the wrong way. And I want to explain what I meant by when I said this, because I think it's kind of important or somewhat important or something along those lines, because that's the thing. I hate having to look down at the moment as I'm doing all of this, Bob. So let's talk about this. I think sometimes when we start talking in regard to the professions that we do, some people get confused from time to time in regards of the difference between truth and positivity. And I guess that's what I really want to talk about today, especially with some of the incidents of last week and some of the conversations that we had. And I really wanted to go over some of this. And I really wanted to really give some thought about this because we had our discussion today, by the way, 31 minutes past the top of the hour. Um, I just don't want you to confuse truth with positivity. The truth is bitter. And sometimes, uh, it's something that the ego doesn't want to confront. As we have learned as of recent, don't run away from the truth and act ignorant just because you feel like it's not positive. If anything, it will piss you off at first and eventually you'll grow out of it. Think about it for a moment. Think about how that actually works. Think about these cases of things that you have had to think about and come to the come to the standpoint into the front of. When it comes to this, sometimes the positive the truth is not all about being positive only through facing the truth. You can truly know yourself on a deeper level and see everything with awareness. And some people don't like hearing this. I mean, don't get me wrong. Present company included. It's all about your perception about the truth. If you're a person who sees the bigger picture, the truth will set you free. But if you tend to practice fake positivity and bypass anything that seems uncomfortable, the truth will be negative to you. Ultimately, truth is the only path towards freedom from ignorance, and that's the interesting part. That's the thing that we have to talk about. There will be times that you will have to confront times in your life that are not positive. There might be truthful, but they don't necessarily need to be positive. Some people don't like that, and that's the weird part about the whole thing. Just because the truth is in front of you does not mean that it will always be positive. And here's the thing. If you want to see the ego killer, you want to see the death of ego. Do something when the truth is presented in front of you, because here's the thing. And believe me, I am as guilty as anyone else. These things are not good. Sometimes when you first hear him, it's like, How could this be about me? Yeah, it happens, but it's do what you take out of that information and move forward with. It changes a lot of those things. It's what you do with that information that will eventually make you a better person than what you were the day before. Well, it hurt, yes, but those are the things that we have to look at and move forward with. It is taking that information and understanding that not everything is perfect. And we take a look at this and it's funny on how we can apply it to different sides of our life. And I know that this is mostly a safety related show. But look at it for a moment. Think about how we look at the positives and things that we do for our work, but when it comes to our lives, sometimes we have a harder time with it, and I want to make sure that you understand. This applies to me as much as anyone else. Like I have said week over week and really put a bigger emphasis last week. The only person I'm trying to be better than is the person that I was yesterday. And if we can confront some of these truce in some of these things that could cause betterment, being a better you, they'll kind of go into all sectors of your life. And, you know, there's something that I said there whereas, like, you know, not the fake truth or fake positivity. And I know that's gonna bother some, but what about the fake it till you make it. What about it? What about it? Because that's the thing. We have to look at it across the board and really have some of those conversations of Could you be honest enough? And do you have a peer group that you could have this conversation with? It went something similar to this. Tell me one thing that I'm good at and three things that you consider that I'm bad at. Would you be OK if your peer group was open and honest with you? Enough about it? What if you don't want to hear all kinds of negative? What if you said three positives and one negative or two and two Pretty simple. I remember many, many moons ago being at an organization where the leadership that was there said that they had failed the people that were inside of the organization and they did something I had never seen to that point. And they stood in front of a crowded room, several 100 people. And the guy who was the district manager said, I want everyone in the room to take a moment to tell me what has made me a bad leader to this point, the shock inside of the room in regards of this guy saying this was amazing. People were very hesitant about saying anything because they knew how the guy was. But he wanted the organization to change, and at that particular point, he did this with the whole aspect of if he knew that if he could do this in front of a group of people, they might be willing and be open to the change that he would like to see within the organization. It's just amazing when you kind of are open enough. Now don't get me wrong, depending on where you're at your at, it's not going to be the most glorious experience, but I look at it and I go, How could you change if you don't know? Or if you don't believe you're doing anything wrong and it's a hard thing to talk about and don't get me wrong to it extends. All of us have some sort of an ego. It just is just the way that it is. But what if you went out there and did something to make the circumstances of where you're at? Better make yourself better? And what kind of impact will that have inside of your workflow? Think about it. Bye. I've said it 1000 times mhm, and I'll probably say it 1000 again. What do I know? I'm just a guy behind a microphone. This show is almost as enjoyable as hearing the sound of the toilet flush. Rated R safety show on safety FM. Don't go anywhere you're listening to the home of real safety Dog. You are listening to safety. FM will be right back. Hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2000 and eight. She really likes to be around people. I get out my mat and I'm doing a downward dog and he's underneath. He's quite the pug about town. He gets invited to a lot of parties. He knows he's a pretty big deal. Look at this little face. You know I love them. Hamilton. The Pug Instagram Store and shelter pet. Amazing Adoption stories start in shelters. Visit the Shelter Pet Project org. To find a pet near you brought to you by Maddie's Fund, the Humane Society of the United States and the Ad Council, you make sure his toys don't have any sharp edges. You taught her what to do when the smoke alarm goes off. You do so much to keep your child safe. But are you using the right car seat for your child? Car crashes are a leading killer of Children ages 1 to 13. Protect your child's future at every stage of life. For information on the right seat. For your child visit, safer car dot gov slash the right seat. A message from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. So you see, son, good manners are important. Should I go through it again? Yes, Yes, please. Yes, please. Exactly. Always say please. Thank you. You're Welcome. Excuse me. Sit up straight. Hold doors open to speak with your mouth full. Keep your elbows off the table, share your things, play nice and generally treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Got it? Got it. And stop picking your nose. Most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes, two minutes, twice a day. Making sure they brush their teeth is easier, and it could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain. Visit two men two x dot org to find out more a message from the Partnership for Healthy Miles Healthy Lives in the Ad Council. I'm a retired school psychologist and helping people with my thing. After my stroke, when meals on Wheels started, I was on the other end of the stick, so to speak. My name is Julius Cain's creative writer poet photographer. One in six seniors faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in isolation. Drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at America, let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by Meals on Wheels America and the ad council. Everybody's singing along its Okay. Well, I'll soon with the world. Fine. But everything's all right. We'll give a damn this time. Uh huh. Yeah, on this day. Wait. Okay. There you go. That's bright Red lights. Coma Stevenson Featuring Van Psych. Yeah, you're hearing it here on the radar safety ship I always love when we get new bands and allowing us to play their music on here. Anyways, 42 minutes past the top of the hour. Daniel Snyder commenting in the box. Uh, dusty junk. L A. Thanks for that weird comment. And then a good gym puzzle. Thank you. Thank you for the comments. Inside of the box. All crucial stuff. All very important things that you guys are saying inside of there. If you're on the radio aspect, of course, you don't get to see that inside of there. Especially if I don't mention them when they are actually happening or on the podcast version. So let me kind of always explain it the way that I always like to explain it. We are a radio show. It has some streaming aspects that also does some podcast aspects, and people get it all all mixed up, sometimes thinking that we're a podcast that go that go into other fashions. They think that how does how does it go? I think that they think that we're a podcast that streams that goes into a radio. No radio has always been the priority here at radio big dot FM and safety FM dot com So there you go, just for the sake of mentioning it as we are talking anyway. So there you go. Um, some other things. Let's see the sky just used questions to find the truth. He questioned everything, including his own existence. If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life, you doubt as far as as far as possible All things he proved that. And he proved that as he existed with the statement I think therefore I am. There you go. There you go. Some information there to think about as we do, move forward 43 minutes past the top of the hour and we are talking, hanging out, doing some things here on radio big dot f m. I don't know. I don't know. I have to tell you, Yeah, it's kind of interesting to me, still talking about this subject for just one brief moment. Why is it that we have such a hard time number one going into that having doubt and number two anytime that anybody says anything that's related to how on perfect we are, that it becomes a problem? Don't get me wrong by being open and willing to hear other people's point of view about you. Does not mean, Oh my God, I need to go around and kiss Everybody's asked which sometimes some people get confused with that. I don't think I fall into that party. But some people might think that because I don't know. I don't know what people think, Uh, but I look at it and I go. It becomes an interesting one. Why can't we just be humans? You know, as we talked about last week and have open conversations of Hey, I like this. I don't like this in automatically. You know, if you call somebody out or if you reference anything, how dare you insult me? It's not insulting. It's a I don't like something you do. Hey, you don't like something I do and it's perfectly fine to have a conversation, but it's become such a weird thing. Um, in regards of what goes on nowadays, Oh, this person didn't like me. Let's go raid him with all my social media users and we're gonna take them down. It's like, how silly have we've gotten really? Like, Really? It's just a strange time. It just really is, Uh, life is what you make of it, my friend. So you have to do whatever you want, Uh, and let's go from there. Anyways, let's talk about some special offers because, you know, it is some of that weird time during the news story that we talk about anything. Anyone who's leapt into the world of spreadsheet knows the daunting Excel can be. But if you have X, if you have excel, if you have excelled at Excel, you can make some big bucks. The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship is a global competition that tests student skill on Microsoft Office Word Excel, Power Point. To compete, you must you must be enrolled and approved by an academic institution in between the ages 13 to 22 for the upcoming 2021 contest, the third place winner will get $1500. The second place winner will receive $3500 and the first place winner will get a whopping $7500 in a trophy or a medal of a certificate in other prizes supplied by Microsoft. Do you think you get an Xbox out of it? I'm just asking and then shunned by the cool kids for the rest of the rest of the years. It's cool. There you go. If you really want to enter this and this is not a joke, you can go to M. O s championship dot com. That's M. O s championship dot com, and you have the opportunity to win or enter. You can enter. You have the opportunity for to enter. But then you can also win, possibly as well. Let's continue talking. A website is offering $1000 for James Bond fans to watch all 24 official films in the double 07 franchise to celebrate the upcoming release of No Time to Die. Who the hell knows when that thing is going to be released at this point? Nerd bear dot com a nerd culture website is searching for someone to watch every James Bond film from 1960 two's Doctor No. 2, 2015. The chosen candidate will receive $1000.100 dollars gift card, uh, from Amazon to rent the movies and a $50 gift card from A M C. To go see the new Bond movie when it's released. The 25 the 25th film in the franchise. No Time to Die. A. Scheduled to drop October the 8th September the 30th in the UK after being delayed multiple times since the release date of November 2019, several of those due to the pandemic the lucky winner will be asked to watch all 25 films in 30 days to complete a worksheet. So maybe they can enter the Excel thing as well. Uh, the application, which will be available through April the 16th as candidates to explain why they are. They are the right James Bond fan, uh, for the job. The problem is that after watching the 1st 24 films, you'd realize how stupid they are and never want to see them again. Oh, sorry. Nerd bear. I must have accidentally completed the worksheet using, uh, disappearing ink. I'd be okay with this movie. Just the one that's, you know, the Octopussy movie. There you go. Uh, so that's That's it. That's it. Anyways, let's see some more information for the optimistic glass is half full for the pessimistic glass is half empty for the realistic opportunity finds truth drinking what's in the glass and walks away. So there you go. There you go. There you go. I don't know a lot of interesting stuff going on. We have to talk about this because I found this one and I said, Hey, we have to talk about it. The sexiest bald men. Yes, here you go. Twitter was was tearing his hair out on Saturday as Prince William was named the world's sexiest bald man. Rather than stand Stanley after conducting a study on Google trends, cosmetic surgery specialist longevity to added the title of the future King of England to resume the second term, Sexy was used 17.6 million times in the search. As a result of the 38 year old, the Oscar nominated uh, didn't even make the make the list. Here is the rest of the list uh, so we'll do 10 to the top. At number 10 with 2.3 million was Vin Diesel at number nine, Dwayne The Rock, Johnson at 2.6, Bruce Willis at 3.3 million. John Travolta number seven and 3.8 million number six. Floyd Mayweather, 4.3 million Michael Jordan at 5.3 uh, million, and he was at number five, Pit bull at number four and 5.4 million. Uh, number three Jason Stamp, uh, 7.4 million. And at the number two more portion. There you go, Mike Tyson with 8.8 million sexy mentioned. So there you go. Uh, President, Russian President Vladimir Putin just missed the top 10 with 2.2 million sexy mentions, and Star Trek icon Patrick Stewart got 1.1 million. Where, um, they were flabbergasted on the reaction from two cheese fan. Stanley Tucci will avenge you. Did Stanley Tucci die? It's like 10,000 and one for the person who especially wants Stanley to sheet to feed. Uh, you know, into the list. There you go. So there you go some sexy bald dudes making the list on Twitter There you go. Whatever. 15 minutes past the top of the hour and let's talk about did you know? And then we'll jump back and get into some other stuff. Ive ever noticed that pretty much every yellow school bus has the series of black stripes along the sides. Those who aren't aware of what to look for. Let me to explain this to you. Those markings can help first responders in an emergency. One line may, uh, marks the floor of the bus. Another one marks the bottom of the seats, and the top of the of the line actually marks the top or the top line actually marks the top of the seat in the event of an accident. Those lines give emergency responders an idea where to cut in order to remove Children as safely as possible. Just in case you didn't know that. I think it's something you should know. I love the transportation industry and have for many, many years, so any time that I can bring anything up along those lines, I definitely want to talk about it. So there you go, um, some other things going on inside of the world. So here you go. We have to talk about it because it made the sequence of events during the pandemic, and we're gonna talk about this right now. Joe Exotic, 58 his husband, Dylan Passage, 23 have called it quits. Bastards announced on Instagram that the plans to file for divorce from the Tiger King Star soon The couple went in December of 2017, 2 months after Joe's ex husband, Travis Maldonado, died in a self inflicted accident. Accidental shooting. Exotic is currently serving a 22 year sentence for his role in the murder for hire plot against Carol Basket. Don't ask me anything about it. If you want to know more, just watch. Watch the series. Do whatever you want to do there. There's some stuff going on inside of the swamp. Let's talk about this. Uh, this one kind of made a big sequence. So let's talk about this except of the of the commentary this week of the Georgia Legislature voting reform bill being racist and authoritarian. But take a listen. The most common hair to fire outrage over the weekend came as the decorators who said that people in line can't eat or drink. This is incorrect. The bill prevents candidates from giving out snacks and water to people waiting in line to vote. But anyone who wants to bring granola bars and diet Coke is certainly still able to do so. Moreover, the that restricted and only extends to 150 ft from the polling location, which we could easily accommodate a card table lemonade stand for those who really want to try to, ethically and morally, quite, uh, do anything questionable. What, morally questionable? What more day of in line of electing? Here are some other things that are included inside of the bill. Add more voting locations so that no one has to wait for hours in line to require for poll workers. Report the line length three times on the voting day so that the future adjustments can be made free i d cards for those without driver's licenses that will be able to that will be available online. Absentee violets Access for those who are in hold. Those in jail who are eligible to vote permanent permanent establishment of the drop of the oh, there you go watch. Permanent establishment of the Dropbox is if they were set during the pandemic reform of the complicated signature matching element that cause problems replacing, replacing by anonymous state I. D or driver's license number to ensure the ballot matches the envelope from the absentee votes and uniform expanded voting times across the state. Okay, I don't wanna talk about swamp anymore. Let's just continue going. So there you go. That's what's going on inside of that neck of the woods anyway. Let's talk about lottery going on. No winner for Friday night's mega million drawing, Tuesday's drawing will be for 100 and $52 million jackpot 100.2 million or hold on 100.102 point two million gosh payout. Listen to this. I have to share this with, you know, a winner for the Powerball ticket for Saturday Jackpot was sold in. You ready? Florida, Florida, Florida. The winter matched all six numbers to grab $235.4 million grand prize or has the cash option of 160 million. So there you go. It was actually sold at a local grocery store. Hold on. I shouldn't say local grocery store. It was sold at a brand specific grocery store that's specific to Florida. If you're in the Florida market, well, there's some outside of the state, but there's mostly no. It's mostly based here in Florida, and it's so there you go. There was just talking about the top five movies inside of the box office. The Courier made $1 million at the number five spot. Chaos Walking made $1.2 million. The number three spot Tom and Jerry with $2.5 million at the city. That was the number three of the number two spot was Riah in The Last Dragon, with $3.5 million and at the number one spot, according to the box office. Nobody 10.6 point $7 million anyways, if you need a reason to celebrate today, let's talk about the days of the year that you can celebrate today. National Lemon Cake Day, National Mom and pop business Owner, Day National, Nevada Day National, Vietnam War Veterans Day and Smoke and Mirrors Day. So there you go. Those are some days that you can celebrate today if you're so inclined to do so. Back on this day in 2020 infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci warns, America may see between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths from Covid. 19, and right now we're right at What was it? 5, 40 540,000? So he was not that far off, meaning not that far off in regards to the number that was gonna hit because it's hit multiple times over. Okay, anyways, let's talk about some birthdays for today. Samantha Jo turns 30. Chris D. Elia turns 41. Test daily turns 52. Elle Macpherson Elle Macpherson turns 57 today. So there you go. That's Birthdays going on. Let's talk about some other stuff going on in top of the sequence of events. Um, if you need a random joke for today, try. This wasn't my retirement plan. Is a slippery floor at WalMart? Terrible, Terrible. If you need a phone starter for today, what is the wildest thing that you have witnessed your neighbors do? I don't want to answer that question because it's kind of weird, and that's not that's not a joke. Um, if you need something for the water cooler for today, try this. When 27% of men do this when they're having a bad day. What is it? Break something. Hopefully not anybody's face. Okay. Anyway, something to think about their, uh So there you go. 57 minutes past the top of the hour. One more time. I want to mention it. Wednesday we got this one coming up March 31st 2021 at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time safety reconfigured Just one more time. Based on popular request, we'll we'll go ahead and put that sucker out there. And it's a live virtual class. So I want you to be aware that it is a live classes. I'm not giving a pre record and it's not alive. Oh, I'm in the box. I'm in the I'm in the box life as you're watching a recording. Now we do it live. You talk, you chat, we change how that subject goes Because I hate those classes that you go to that I'm loving the box. I'm loving the box. But you know the classes in life. What the What the heck? What the heck anyway? So there you go. If I can leave you with a thought for today I would love to leave you in this one in the game of life. It's a good idea to have a few early losses, which relieves you of the pressure of trying to maintain the undefeated season. Think about it. The failure inside of life can help you. I know some people are like hearing that, but look at it. Look at it for just one moment we learn from failures. I think that has been some of the best learnings I've ever had. Just saying. Anyways, you've been listening to the raid at our safety show exclusively on safety FM dot com and on radio big Dot FM Safety FM is the home of real safety Talk be on the lookout this afternoon, as we do release the contest with nipping AnAnd and Todd Conklin about their event that it will be coming up. We'll start posting that on social media for you having the opportunity to enter. I have a funny idea that it will be available at safety FM dot com forward slash contest. I don't know why, because that's normally where we put all our contest. Anyways, I know who you are. You know who I am. I love you. I really do love you mean it and goodbye. 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