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[00:00:00] :  the show is brought to you by the following program is rated M L S V. It contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally, show with the ball should call it like It is rated R safety show on safety FF Countdown to audio Torture directed. Our safety show starts in 321 Levee Ear drum pain Begin Forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R safety show with your host, Dr uh, It doesn't matter who the host is. Well, well, well, is that not the truth of what it does, Not matter who the host is? You are listening to the rated R safety show. Today's Wednesday, March, the 24th of 2021. And let's see, it is day 83 of the year in only 280 Tuesdays left to go. Hopefully, everything is good and grand inside of your neck of the woods as we are coming across the multiverse known as safety F M, and hopefully you're off to a grand start. Anyways, we're broadcasting live from the safety FM studios in Orlando, Florida and of course, we are coming across you know, safety FM dot com. And then you know that those other people that we get to hang out with you're being infiltrated. Radio. Okay, so there you go. Let's start talking about what is trending according to what is going on, today is Wednesday, as I've already said, but let's talk about it on Wednesdays. We normally talk about what books are trending according to the world. So let's talk about this real quick according to the fiction category in nonfiction categories, according to The New York Times Bestsellers list. So here you go, taking it from the bottom to the top and to the top, to the bottom. Here we go at number five. Here's what we got to see, uh, in the fiction category. The rose code at number four, Fast ice number three. Later at number two, Life after death at number one, the four winds in the nonfiction category here. How it goes, how to avoid climate disaster at number forecast at number three Green lights at number two, the some of us, and at the number one spot the code breaker. So there you go. That is what is going on inside of the world of books and what is currently trending. So there you go. So let's as we do, move forward and talk about it. If you're not familiar with the show, this is the layout on how things normally go. We talk about what is going on inside of the world of safety and the news. We bring some professional broadcasters in. They talk about what is going on from their neck of the woods, and then I come in and give you comentario commentary of what exactly, I think was, What the hell is going on? So there you go. That's how the layout of the land work. So we'll get that started moving and grooving and get that rolling for you right away here on the radar safety show. Can you bring those people in? Come on, man. What's taking so long over there? I don't know. From feature story news in London I'm Ali Barrett. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party may fall short of the threshold to stay in power, with most votes in Tuesday's election counted. Rival right wing party Ja Mina could hold the balance of power, the Kremlin says. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been vaccinated against Covid, 19. His spokesman is declining to say which jab the president received. Julia Chapman reports from Moscow without any fanfare Russia's president has reportedly been vaccinated. His spokesman says he feels well and will work a full day. On Wednesday, there were no photos or videos released of the event. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says President Putin received one of three Russian vaccines, all of which he said are effective and reliable. It comes as Russia struggles to convince its population to get inoculated despite developing and producing its own vaccines. Some 61% of Russians say they don't want the jab, and only 3% have received a full course of the vaccine. Julia Chapman Moscow It's been a year since India imposed its nationwide coronavirus lockdown, but cases are spiking once again. Ishan Gerg reports from New Delhi. Infections have searched to more than 40,000 day, once again leading to fears of a second wave and another lockdown, which is why several states such as Delhi, are canceling holy. Concerns are that the festival, which is often celebrated by playing colors in close proximity, could lead to an even bigger spike in cases. Public gathering has been banned in some states, while others are expected to follow suit. Experts say the precaution may be necessary if India wants to avoid a lockdown like the one imposed last year that resulted in massive job losses, eggs, orders of migrant workers and a recession shin guard NEW Delhi Millions of people in conflict hit south Sudan are at risk of famine in the coming months already facing it, according to to United Nations agencies. Patrick Hoyt reports from Juba. The United Nations says existing acute food insecurity in south Sudan risk deteriorating father by July in parts of jungle state in the eastern part of south Sudan. The U. N agencies say feminine is already occurring and urgent action is needed to stop likely widespread starvation and death. Overall, in south Sudan, 7.2 million people are expected to be in a food crisis with high malnutrition or just marginally meeting minimal food needs. From April to July, 2.4 million people are classified as in an emergency situation. The U. N says continued intercommunal conflicts in the country means the food security situation may not improve soon. Patrick Juba, south Sudan from bureaus worldwide. This is bringing you information you never knew you cared about. Rated on safety show. I spend a lot of time in the backyard and I'm the center of attention at summer barbecues. In 96 I made some of the tastiest smores, and at oh nine, it was me your backyard fire pit that accidentally started a wildfire when a summer breeze carried one of my embers into some dry brush. Spark a change, not a wildfire. Visit smokey bear dot com Brought to you by the U. S. Forest Service, your state forester in the Ad council, only you can prevent wildfires. My name is Lola Silvestri, and I'm gonna be 95 this year. I was very independent. I fell and I had to meal some wheels. America, let's do lunch. One in 16 years faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in isolation. 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You are still listening to Radio Big Dot FM and Safety FM and of course, is the rate at our safety show. But I don't know if you have seen this. This is something that has been making the Interwebs over the last few hours as Britain Sutton has actually come up with something new, you know, because he's constantly doing some things new over there at the every. What they're doing over there at Alerting Teams, Inc. Uh, so let me show this video to you. Let me, uh, let me get this around and about, and let's see how we're able to move this around. There is a narration. You might recognize the voice, um, as we do talk about it. So let's kind of get this moving and grooving, and we'll get you rolling over there. So this is the newest Let's take a listen together as we are doing this. Hopefully, old player, this show is brought to you by safety. Never them warning this bridge may be offensive to some viewers. It contains scenes of workers being treated as experts in their knowledge of the job. This footage also contains no forms, checklist or other paperwork. We apologize or any discomfort you may experience. Yeah. Mhm. You're about to witness a strange scene. Yeah. Mm. Warm in, gathered around award truck. Yeah. Mhm. Conducting an everyday learning team. New forms, new checklist. Just a marker pen with rich conversation of the work. Mhm. using the step magnetic thinking frame Work is good, is captured in seconds. Yeah, The rich stories are analyzed. Mhm magnetic bring moves with them. Workers get to reflect and make changes. Capturing the gap between work is planned and work is done. The full story of this journey and how business intelligence is used will go live April 1920 21. Don't miss this story of everyday learning teams. Mhm. So there you go. I think it's kind of a cool concept. I mean, let's just be realistic here. So, uh, he does come about and have that kind of listed and going So we will see how that go everyday learning teams in that step mechanism of actually attaching it into a vehicle. I think it's genius. He actually was showing that to me and telling me about it. And I was like, Oh, so jelly So jelly. Not a joke, as I do mention that, Um, but I thought it was a great idea and a great concept of doing it differently because, you know, you can't bust out and do an easel in the middle out of a field. I mean, I guess you could just not the easiest thing to carry around anyway. So let's start talking about some other things going on inside of the world of the news, as it is always important to talk about these things anyways, taking it from the top of the hit list. This is what we got going on right away. So let's start talking. For the first time since the pandemic began, alcohol sales have fallen, according to a newly released data from Nielsen, the total decline of 1.9% for the week ending of March, the 13th this this time a year ago, consumer stockpiled alcohol as lockdown orders were implemented across the the country, and bars and restaurants were shuttered. As a result, the retail retail sales have dropped about as much as 55% since March of 2020 with spirits, wines and beer among the top sellers. Well, no shit. Everybody was making a mad dash point. Let's talk about it. Despite the decline, consumers are still buying lots of booze. Nielsen said that retail sales of spirits, wines and beers are still roughly 20 to 30% higher this month compared to March of 2019, the research firm warns that those trends will flatten in the coming weeks as more states reopened. Well, I would think that that would be definitely the case if you want to think so and talk about it. So let's continue talking as we see some states reopening and all that kind of interesting stuff and, you know, covid vaccines keep on coming about and talking and moving and grooving and all that stuff. I mean, it's becoming an option for more and more people. I was speaking to a friend of mine yesterday, Um, and he was telling me that in Arizona, the age today, starting today, Vaccines is 16 and older, so that changes some things right away. Anyway, let's continue talking. The lone suspect of the Boulder grocery store shooting has been identified as a 20 year old man, 21 year old man, And I'm going to tell you I am not talking about the name because that's just not what I do anymore. I have come to the conclusion that we need to stop making stupid people Famous. Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold revealed his identity at a press conference on Tuesday morning when it was also announced the gunman will be charged with 10 counts of first degree murder. The victims were also identified at the press conference, including the slain Boulder police officer Eric Tally, who was the first one on the scenes. The victims range in age between 20 and 65. A motive has still not been revealed well, and let's just kind of talk about it, because this is what happened in the U. S. Of A You're going to hear the common thing from the politicians of something needs to be done about guns you're gonna hear the standard thing of our thoughts and prayers are with the family. And now don't get me wrong. The families are hurting. The families need to, you know, to understand what is going on. But we need to stop with this bull crap that these politicians talk about regardless of what side of the aisle they are an end about. They're going to do something this time around, and that this time is going to be different than the last time. And guess what happens every time that I hear that nothing there needs to be some kind of change. I'm not saying take them away. I'm not saying move all the guns away. I'm not saying this. I'm not saying that I'm not standing on a political line with this one. I'm saying something needs to be done because apparently whatever the hell we got going on right now is not working. And let's not even go with the deeper step about how the n r. A. Had just sued Colorado about some of the things that they were doing and how some of these changes have just occurred in Colorado and what happened almost immediately afterwards. Because then people will say that you're politically grandstanding and that's not what I'm doing this morning. What I'm talking about is something needs to be done in this country. Yes, I know you have the rights to bear arms. I am not saying anything against that. Please understand that. But we need to start having a conversation of something that will actually work because what we got now is currently not working. What did he just say? We have safety. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests back to real safety. Talk on safety FM. Okay. The C D. C is warning Americans not to let not to get black black days ago when it comes to Covid 19. Mitigation efforts as variants of the deadly virus are a growing proportion of cases across the country. Two newly I've identified variants have been estimated to make up about 52% of the covid cases in California, 41% in Nevada in 25% in Arizona, according to Dr Rochelle Wolinski. Damn, why does it have to be different in Nevada? Was still looking back, looking forward to going to Vegas someday. Uh, so as we continue, the nation is in a critical point of the pandemic going to Walinsky war, and we must act now. Uh, so how so? He's of course. My smart ass writer here decides to put this one in there. How many critical points have there been throughout the entire pandemic? I think there's been some critical points, Uh, throughout as we didn't talk about it yesterday, things change based on the model and what you have information available to you at the time. So let's not be jackasses when it comes to some of that stuff, because I think that that's important I think we need to understand that models change. That's why they're called bottles anyways. Here and let's continue. Let's continue talking, not the supermodel type. Get that out of your head. That's something entirely different anyways. The common cold may provide significant protection from Covid 19, according to a new study published yesterday at the Journal of Infectious Diseases in the Human Helps Block SARS covid to form by replicating by replicating in the respiratory track. Our research shows that humans triggers the imminent immune response in human respiratory cells that which block the replication of covid 19 virus SARS covid or cove to, said Pablo Merica, study author of the University of Glasgow professor. This means that the immune response, called mild common cold virus infection, could provide some level of transient protection against SARS. Kobe Cove to I can't say cove to apparently, uh, potentially blocking trans Richards of stars and reducing the severity of Covid. 19. This thinking has already been up put into action in Russia, which there Sputnik vaccine, which it has been developed using and modified uh, there. But that's the other thing. It's not apparently based on what they're saying from features story. It can't be that effective. Um, right now it might be what they're using in Russia. But as you just heard a few moments ago, the people in Russia are opting not to take it. Are not opting to take the vaccine it? Let's just be realistic. Part of the reason, if you do recall and this is some interesting conversation that I've had with some people that I know that our Russian is that they say probably the biggest setback about the vaccine is that they are telling you that you can't drink for two months afterwards, and I'm not saying there's a bunch of alcoholics there, so let's not get that into the equation. But let's think about it. If it's something that you're accustomed to doing, and it's something that you're getting taken away well, I can understand some logic behind that whole thing. Listen to our host of the rated R safety show self implode on our airwaves. Only on safety FM. Okay, 20 minutes past the top of the hour, let's continue going down the path. As of Tuesday, over 128.2 million covid vaccines have been administered nationwide over 45.5 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, while more than 83.9 million have received at least one dose, according to the C D. C. The total of number of comparative cases in the US are slightly over 29.7 million, with more than 540,000 deaths attributed to the virus. Yep, that's what we got going on some portion of conversation to definitely talk about. And as if you're looking for a reason to be vaccinated or definitely a reason not to be vaccinated, have you heard about this one? This one's gonna get pretty interesting. Crispy Cream is offering a sweet reward for those who get vaccinated. The doughnut chain announced that customers with a valid covid vaccination card can snag a free original glazed doughnut every day for the rest of the year. The freebies are good at all 369 locations across the 41 states with no purchase necessary. So I guess one way to look at it is that you have the choice of not getting the covid vaccine, and you might have the chance and the opportunity of also dying of diabetes safety in a way never heard of before the rated R safety show on Safety FM. So let's talk a little bit more and let's let's kind of make sure that we understand that I am joking and maybe we should throw the little poops out there. What did he just say? We have safety. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now back to real safety. Talk on safety FM. Okay, so lockdown will likely to store more lives than it can save this past year. New data shows that there is no convincing, no convincing evidence that the strict lockdowns reduce the the death toll from the virus. But it does not show that the increase with all said, it's, uh, statisticians call um excess deaths. According to the data, the number of people killed last year in motor vehicle accidents in the United States rose to the highest level in more than a decade, even though Americans significantly drove less than what they did in 2019, it was a stupid annual increase in fatality rate per mile, traveled and nearly a century, apparently due to the substance abuse and more high speed driving on empty roads. Also, a number of deaths not involving the virus has skyrocketed in counties with more low income households and minority residents who were disproved disproportionately affected by the lockdown, not to mention those who were unable to to be seen in emergency rooms, attend treatment or rehab for substance abuse or get screened for things such as cancer. Researchers has also noted that learning the learning laws from school closures will ultimately cost this generation of students more years of life, and they have been lost by all victims of the coronavirus. More than two dozen studies have challenged the effectiveness of the lockdowns showing and the shuttering of businesses. School has done that have that they have done little to nothing and reducing the infection and deaths from the virus. So what do you think when you hear something like that? Because here's the thing. I think it very significantly from state to state. When you start taking a look at this and we start having this conversation, if you really take a moment and really think about this, uh, I probably shouldn't say state to state. I should probably say more like country to country. Just think about it for just one moment on how some countries were able to bounce back relatively quick and keep in mind that some places are not huge in some places are not gigantic. But you have to look and admire what the what the world did such as or people in the world did, such as New Zealand and Australia and how things change so quickly there. Now, of course, some people will say that it is worth noting in the ranking of 50 states. According to the strictness of the lockdown, there has one obvious pattern. The more restrictive the state, the higher the unemployment rate. There is no pattern in covid mortality rates. Well, I agree with what you're saying state to state, but I think that maybe we were a little late to the game when it came to certain things. Believe me, this has not been an easy transition across the board as we do talk about it. But here's the thing. Could we have done things differently? Yes, but that wears you start getting into that weird pattern of should've could've would've And maybe that's not what we're talking about. Maybe it's more along the lines of if something was to happen. Maybe we should have jumped on things differently, because if you recall back about a year ago, when we're around this portion, there was talking. There was talks about reopening everything because we were quote unquote right around Easter time and everything was going to be done according to everything was gonna be gone according to former administration. If you remember that speech and here we are, still, it's still nada. Anyways, let's talk about some Wall Street stuff, and I think this is important. But let's do the John Small's version first and then I'll start yapping. Here's your market beat minute for Wednesday, March 24th 2021 The markets gave up Monday's gains on Tuesday as markets digested commentary and Q and A from Treasure Secretary Janet Yellen and FOMC chief Jerome Powell. The two tried to assure markets that the upcoming spikes in inflation will be small and short lived, and the two would work in concert to alleviate shortfalls in the labor market. The S and P 500 fell close to 1% at the low of the day, was led by larger losses in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ composite Wednesday could be a repeat of Tuesday's action. There's little in the way of economic data or earnings news on the calendar and another day of testimony from the once and former FOMC chief later this week. A read on core inflation could move the market as well. The consensus is for a gain of 10.1% compared to 0.3% in the month prior. Hotter than expected number would reinforce the markets fear of rising inflation. You can get the inside track in your inbox daily at market beat minute dot com. So there you go. That's what John Smalls has to say. As I've said before, he's the one that we kind of hang out with on radio big Dot FM in the afternoons over there, as we are talking about him and his wife, do a show the Chinese Heidi show pretty simple. Anyways, it is currently 27 minutes past the top of the hour. As you and I are hanging out here together. Here's what I got for you. Wall Street saw stocks tumble on Tuesday as the Dow dipped about 308 points and the NASDAQ fell about 100 and 49 points and the S and P lost about 30. Markets reacted negatively, charged remarks the Treasury secretary in which she shared the economy remains in crisis. She also doubled down on the need for future for future tax hikes to pay for the public investment Viacom CBS slumped more than 9% after announcing it was in desperate need of funds for its streaming service. You know the paramount thing that we were talking about a few weeks ago because they had just released it? That's not good. Already saying that they're, you know, they're in desperate need of funding. Well, that's not good. That's not a very promising thing to go about. Hey, you know CBS Viacom? I'm willing to move the show on the road if we need to do that. Okay. The second batch of covid relief payments is on its way. The R S I. R s has began processing this next group of direct deposit on Friday with payments dates of today. The exact number of payments was not revealed, but the Fed said that a large number will be mailed in the form of physical checks or prepared debit card, if not directly deposited. The first batch of roughly 90 million payments worth more than $242 billion went out last week. Wow, that's a large number. 242 billion. Anyway, let's continue talking. A massive fire broke out on early Tuesday at an assisted living facility in Rockland County. The second floor of the nursing home collapsed into the lower level has flamed ravaged through the building. Two firefighters were injured while battling the blaze, but are expected to be okay. One resident died at the hospital. All others were bussed to a neighboring facility. No word yet on what caused the fire. Definitely that one will be in our thoughts as we are talking about it, for sure. Some interesting stuff always going on inside of this world of ours. Hopefully everybody's okay for the most part. As it's come about and all that fun stuff. Here is our main story on the radio safety show. So there you go currently, 30 minutes of our really 29 seconds here because we are counting. Um, so there you go as we start talking today and we start talking about some of our main news stories. Well, number one, let me kind of make sure that I'm that I'm sure, and I'm killing or here is I'm talking about it. Some people were not too happy with me yesterday about the Are we just humans? We're just human stuff. But you know, there is some frustration when it does come about and when we start talking about things. So as you might have noticed our our little our little titled Today it's called D T a de Ta. Some people might know what it stands for. Some people might not know what it stands for, but it's interesting because in the work that we do, there's always acronyms for a little bit of everything that we do, how we go about how we do things and all that kind of fun stuff. So that's the interesting part about everything. There's so many acronyms, and a lot of people don't ever understand what they stand for. That's number one and number two. What does the acronyms normally mean? And then, of course, is the acronym associated to something else and all that other kind of fun stuff. So that's something to think about as we do talk. But it's interesting on how we go through our lives and we talk about the different things that we do. But here's the thing. How do we gain trust from people? How do people in your organization trust you? How do people inside of your operation trust you or vice versa? It's about building relationships. It is about doing things that are different in having a little bit of understanding. Now you're going to probably sit here for a moment ago. Hold on. You just said something entirely different that you were talking about acronyms. Yes, I know what I said. I was there when I said, That's the great part about this. But as you take a look at this and we start talking about acronyms, have you ever taken a look at what some of these things actually are? Or what some of the requirements are to get some of these acronyms? Or let's just kind of say letters that go behind the back of somebody's name like seriously, have you ever vetted some of these things besides understanding that you have to pay an association, Uh, some kind of figure of money to be part of it. Like, have you ever done the vetting of it on how some of these things that we have to a higher standard on what they really consist of. And I'm not picking the pick here today, but I'm I'm letting you know that sometimes we put value associated to a piece of paper that sometimes we don't even understand what the piece of paper means. Think about it for a moment. Like, what are some of these lettering? Like, I was looking at a social media post a few days ago and this guy was so hung up that you had to see all of the letters of everything that he was and everything that he had listed, that it was three times the length of his name and it covered over two rows of warnings. Or we can say sentences on the social media post. I just get kind of concerned on Why is it important that everybody sees everything that you have? I mean, I'm gonna put it to you this way. If I put out every single certification that I have that I have acquired throughout the years, I would probably require somewhere between 3 to 4 sentences long. I don't see that there is a point to it now. Yes, I do normally keep one in front of my name or behind my name, but not both, depending on how it's actually located. Now, if I am using something where it is, Mr Normally the person will change it over to Dr. That's okay. But why do you have to list every single thing? Especially when you're doing stuff, sometimes with multiple organizations that are repetitive. So, like the World Safety Organization gives you a certification. If you have taken a test through the Department of Transportation, they're offset. Brand that actually teaches you how to do some stuff. Transit Safety Institute. Just in case. Well, you can acquire something called A T s S P that if you take into the World Safety Organization, it transfers over to something else, depending on where you're at a C s. M a C s e. It just all depends on where you're located. We can talk about what those things means, if that's important to you, but also what you have to take a look at is if I say that I have the t s, S P and I also say that I have the double U. S. O. C s e. That's two certifications that are almost identical to each other because I had to have one to take it over to another place to convert it to something else. So why should I have both of those listed? And that's the portion, and that's the portion to talk about. Why do we see such value when people put all these things on there? It does not necessarily mean that I have a better opportunity that I'm going to hire you or even acquire what your services are. The ones that scare in the middle most when I see Social media posts are the ones with the White Board, the ones with the white board that want to tell you I have done this million dollars of savings inside of your organization and done all these things. Don't show me how you saved million dollars in regards of your white board. Show me tracks. Show me a realistic letter. Show me a customer who is taking all of this stuff. It's It's so it's so different in regards of what we're willing to trust when it comes to certain things. And I know that I went off on a tirade yesterday when it came to certain things, but it just kind of upsets me when it comes to certain aspects. I think that we need to have an understanding on what some of these lettering means when it when it's all said and done. Think about it for a moment. If you figured out what every single letter meant, it might have a little bit more value, especially if you understood what, how exactly, the people had to go about obtaining it. And you might see that some of these letters that people go around and about and obtaining Sometimes the lettering is not even worth what it's printed on. And why is it so important to people to have it this long stretch after their name or before their name? But you can only meet people where they're at. I understand that. But at what point do we deem it so important? Do you think that that's going to give you a competitive edge where something along those lines can't even fit onto your card. And I know some people don't like me talking about it and go, Well, don't you associate with organizations that do stuff like that? Well, I do. It doesn't necessarily mean that I love it. Let's just be realistic. What's the point? So do you know what d ta stands for? Uh huh. If you don't, that's fine. Maybe I'll share it with you towards the end of the show. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of real Safety Dog. You are listening to safety FM. We'll be right back. Dear John, I'm leaving. Uncontrolled high blood pressure is serious and I can quit whenever I want. Why can't we get back to when you checked on me? I don't want to leave, but remember when I quit you quit Sincerely your heart Listen to your heart And don't let it quit on you. 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Like Okay, so here you go. This is gas money. The clean version today. That's right. Xavi. Roseanne. Right. This song is available on Spotify and iTunes. If you want to come out, hang out. Take a listen to it. Give it a download. Well, I appreciate a savvy allowing us to use this one under rated R safety show currently 41 minutes past the top of the hour as we are hanging, I wouldn't mess with you, couldn't let's get rolling and moving and all that kind of fun stuff once again getting to the other side of the equation anyways, always some music going on here as you are where we will be doing radio big on the other side. Um, if you do get a get a chance to come out, hang out and all that kind of fun stuff, we will be doing that at the top of the hour. If you so are inclined to come and hang out before I forget a couple of things. Want to share this with you? So we got a contest that it is ending at the end of the week. So on Friday, we will be drawing for this. If you're intrigued or inclined to enter in, you can go to safety FM dot com forward slash contest that safety FM dot com forward slash contest where we're giving away 21 hour sessions to three lucky winners of hanging out with me. We'll get to talk about whatever you want to talk about. One on one style. So I want to talk about safety. You want to talk about broadcasting, You want to talk about anything we'll hang out. Do so. So come out. Hang out with me. We'll get that rolling in bowling and doing the things that you want to do. Because I always think that those things are super as important as we go about and talk about it, because there you go. So that's what we got going on. Just go to safety FM dot com forward slash contest to enter into that one. And then we got this other thing going on a week from today on the 31st at 11 a.m. Eastern standard time, we will be having the safety reconfigured glass. So we'll talk about the world of safety. Talk about what's going on, giving you safety in a different form of view, and we'll start talking about you know, what are things going to look like when you start coming back from the pandemic? What is worth going to start looking like? How is safety going to be managed? All that kind of fun stuff, you know, it's a little bit of everything. Don't worry. You do not have to be part of our hop 101 class to be able to actually understand exactly what is going on here. So just information purposes. Just so you know, uh, so we'll get that rolling in bowling. That's going on. Like I said, next week, a week from today at, um um Well, let's see a chance of hanging, hanging and going 100 not going one on one. We'll be in a class format, but it is definitely a live one. I did have somebody contact me yesterday. Asked me if it was a pre record or if it was actually live. Well, it is actually live, by the way. We did speak yesterday about the update coming to monopoly. So just in case, if you were looking to see what the new game would look like that is scheduled to come out, you can actually go to monopoly community chest dot com just in case we want to do so. Uh, so just in case you didn't hear the story, I'm gonna go through it one more time. Now, Monopoly is buying into the woke trend by looking for more socially aware, environmentally conscious topics for the Games. Community chest. For the first time in 85 years, Hasbro is updating the 16 yellow cards. The game maker says that rewards, like winning a second place in a beauty contest and collecting a mature, maturing life insurance, are long overdue for refresh from the list of 32 as Bro is accepting votes on the new cards, that should should say, UH, well, there should be available until April the ninth. According to some, some of the potential new community chest cards Mile unit. Cozy sweaters for hairless cat at the local edible shells There collect 20 collect $20 and you held a neighborhood party. But you didn't recycle your trash pay $100 Shopping local would advance a player to go netting about $200. Well, I think we need to advance that. What the hell is 200 bucks while not doing uh, so so could cost you two are could cost you 50 other potential card rewards. Players are helping the elderly and running social media accounts or nonprofit arts centers. Yeah, because that's important. Players can go to jail for blasting music or keeping keeping a found wallet, and they just are easily get bailed out by video, chatting with friends after a rough day. The update Monopoly Game with new community chest cards is available this fall. Like I said, the link available is monopoly community chest dot com. All these updating and you still are able to pay for your house for 50 bucks. I mean, that does not sound like it's legit. Thank goodness I'll never have to pay another poor tax gate again. Uh, now, where are the lottery tickets? Maybe that's the other. That's the other thing to think about. If you really want to update the game, they should, um, they should lost the free parking because there is no such thing as free parking anymore. Think about it more than Mortal Kombat beat downgraded our safety show. Okay, so think about this. Pick up one of these trucks. Take a listen to this one. General Motors newest pickup trucks cost just $9000 and turns into a flatbed. The company has been making big news in China with small vehicles built in the local joint venture brand Wuling Motors. The new Zen into is a combat crew cab truck seating, a seating of four or five and a 6.5 ft bed with sides fold. Yeah, fold like a tailgate to create a large flatbed. The slides are also open to a full 180 degrees down is offer easy access to the bed. Don't expect to load a lot of cargo, though. The same two is powered by 1.5 liter four cylinder engine, rated about about 99 horsepower. There are no plans to export the vehicle, at least not for that price I paid. Uh, I paid more than that for my A T V. That's not a joke, because I do say that. Okay, so let's continue talking. Let's talk about you know, of course, what we talk about all the time, Kelvin. So COVID Corona update. Here we go. Covid 19 can be a real pain in the neck. We can now officially add another mask related side effect to the list of already that includes a mass mouth Maxine and a stiff neck. The New American Chiropractic Association observed a connection between people wearing masks for long periods in jaw pain. Uh, next difference. I tension upper back and headaches. How the ACM says the mask and limit lower field of vision, particularly if the event will of well fitted, causing the wearer to tuck the chin, shift body positions and hold the neck stiffly to maintain a line of sight. Bottom line. You can't look down using your eyes. You have to look down with your head and neck. Welcome to the world of reading glasses. That's exactly the almost the exact same thing that occurs anyways. The Texas restaurant is serving up some hefty surcharges for anyone who questions the fact that the mask are still mandatory there. Despite the fact that the state lifted the rules earlier this month, a sign on the door of legends Diners in Denton management outlines a new policy saying that $50 if I have to explain why a mask is mandatory $75 if I have to hear you disagree, Owner Wayne and Cat Lancome admit the policy is mostly tongue in cheek, but say that it will be enforces if needed. As Wayne points out, I just can't afford to get the virus. We have to shut down our business, our business once again on the other hand, I've eaten a lot of diners, and, uh, they make me sick. So mask or no mask? Oh, I don't think it really matters which way or another. I don't know why this one's tended enlisted under safety first, but let's talk about it. We will call it safety first, because that's how it's listed as we are 47 minutes past the top of the hour. Here are some tips of being streets Bars are shared by readers on buzzfeed. If a car is following, you turn around and run the opposite way. The car will need to to take several seconds to turn around, hopefully giving you enough time to turn for help. Go live. If you're being attacked on on Facebook on Facebook, live if you can and include your potential attacker in the shot. Stay high Facebook Live to announces of speaking to the audience and say that where you are, walk to the nearest open business, showing the street signs along the way. Have a script for unsafe rides. If you're an uber or taxi that feels unsafe, use pre made scripts to pretend that you're talking on the phone to a male relative or a friend. Okay, let them take your purse. If someone tries to grab your purse or bag or phone, let them take it. No items is worth getting hurt for. So hold on. If I turn on my Facebook live, do I let them take the phone? Hey, just a question there. Try to look like like you belong. If you are traveling, especially in an unknown area trying to look like you were like you belong, Uh, you are less likely to be mugged and walk confidently. What? The freak is this, Uh, we got two more. So let's go through it. Where your jacket exempt. If someone grabs your coat, you can pull away, shrug off the coat and run. So don't keep your phone in that thing. I would assume I'll be mindful of reactionary gaps. Prison officers are taught the concept of always keeping, uh, reactionary gap between oneself and the other 6 ft. Allow enough space to reactive attacked and now 6 ft isn't just a good idea. It's the law. Okay, thanks. Buzzfeed for that. I don't know where the hell we were going, but it's definitely, um a subject of conversation. that is for sure. Anyway, let's continue talking about some other things going on inside of the world because it always is important as we are seeing the different things going on. So the matchup between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield is not happening. Holyfield said that Tyson rejected a $25 million deal for participating in the about, which was scheduled to take place at the Hard Rock stadium Miami Gardens in Florida on Memorial Day weekend. Tyson and Holyfield have some of the most notable moments in boxing, one which when Tyson bit Holyfield's ear, it is unclear if further negotiations, um, will be going on right now. It just seems like negotiations are in the works or the fight is just simply canceled. So just think about that as you do hear about it Anyways, let me tell you some other things. Real quick things that happened about, uh, let's say on this day and let's go, uh, let's go to 2019. Rob Gronkowski announces a retirement. The New England Patriots, tight and spent the entire career with the Pats, left a three year, um, left hold on Pat's and left as a three time Super Bowl champion. Five time Pro Bowler, four time first time all team pro and was selected to the NFL's 1/100 anniversary of all all time team. So there you go. Following the NFL career, he joined the W W E for his first appearance at WrestleMania, 33 2017. And then, as you know, he came back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play with Tom Brady. So there you go. Let's talk about some birthdays that are going on today. Lacey Evans turns 31 today. Uh, Chris Bosh turns 37. Jessica Chastain's turns 44. Oh, Jessica Peyton Manning turned 45. Really? Really, Peyton. Wow. Alyson Hannigan turns 47 Jim Parsons turns 48 Tommy Hilfiger turns 70 today. So there you go. If you're looking for some days of the year that you can celebrate today, let's talk about them. National chocolate covered Raisins Day National Cheesesteak Day, A national equal pay day. So there you go. There you go. Some things that are going on inside of the world right away. So let me give you two things back to back. Um, we didn't do motivation minutes, so Let's do motivation minute to see if we can get you motivated real quick. The motivation minute is courtesy of better credit cards dot com zig Ziglar said. People often say that motivation doesn't last well, neither does bathing, and that's why we recommend it daily. I just love Zig Ziglar. He certainly had a way with words. Didn't I actually read one of his books? It was called See You at the Top. I read that when I was about 19 years old, and it was really the perfect time for me to read a book like that. It gave me a completely different perspective on many things, and I took a lot of that to heart. As I move forward in my career path, I suggest that book to people all the time. It's an amazing book to read, especially for somebody that's graduating. So it's a great graduation gift. It's one of those books that can really change your life again. The book is called See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar. This has been today's motivation minute, courtesy of better credit cards dot com. I'm John Small. Thanks for listening. Your favorite motivational quotes can be submitted for upcoming programs at motivation minute dot org Welcome to Calvin's Barbershop. You all got to see this. I don't even want to know what you're looking at on that phone. Well, you should. I was learning about the dangers of high blood pressure and that we need to get our check regularly. High blood pressure can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke, but this text program can help keep it at a healthy range. Just text Barbershop 297779 to sign up. I'll get right on it as soon as I'm done with this Baby Panda Video text. Barbershop 297779 A message from the American Heart Association and the Ad Council. It's important to plan ahead for emergencies like the storm. When it kicked in, we had a plan. We were able to get in touch with each other in no time how to find each other. The whole experience was the most frightening 10 hours of my life. If there's one piece of advice that offer other moms out there, it's to stay calm and keep to the planted. Some parents plan ahead some don't make sure you know where to find your family in an emergency. Start your planet ready dot gov brought to you by FEMA and the ad Council. Okay, so let's start getting moving and grooving. Let's talk about some facts that you will be able to find if you're so inclined to do so. So here you go. And today your brain uses energy that contains, um, contained in two large bananas. So think about that. It could take a jumbo jet about 120 million years to fly across the Milky Way galaxy. Windmills always turned counterclockwise, except except the windmills in Ireland. Think about that for a second. That's pretty interesting. In the 19 twenties, Raggedy Ann doll was used as a symbol by the anti vaccination movement. Approximately one third of people can't snap their fingers. Uh, the inventors of Vaseline ate a spoonful of it, uh, of the stuff every morning. Oh, that sounds like a terrible idea anyway. So there you go. Some interesting things to talk about, for sure. Uh, so let me tell you real quick about my amigos mi amigos at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Remember, you're not alone. Whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or depression or have lost someone to it, you are not alone here about personal experience from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide and depression. For more information, go to a f sp dot org. That's a f sp dot org, or you can give them a call at 1 802 73 talk That's 1 802 73 Talk or text The word Talk to 741741 Please don't do anything until you have given them a call. Don't make the next move until that occurs. Anyways, let's go through a couple of other things real quick If you need a phone starter for today, what fake things have happened in movies ducking behind anything that will stop a bullet? People that can afford an awesome apartment in an expensive city with working on minimum wage? No one says good bye on the phone. Yeah, I would always want to do that move. You can tell how boring a person is by the lack of fear in their eyes when someone is flipping through their photos in their phone. If you need something for the water cooler for today, perhaps Unsurprisingly, man, do this live longer than those who don't? What is it? Kiss their wife Goodbye before going to work, that sounds like a good idea. So I did say something earlier doing our main story. And I said, Hey, think about it real quick as we do talk about some different things. And I said that I would tell you at one point what d ta stands for And I'm gonna tell you the D TA stands for Don't trust anybody and here's my point as we speak right now, I'm currently not live. This is a pre recorded show that I am doing right now at 6 43 in the morning Eastern Standard time. And that's the interesting part. At any point in life, people can actually pull a woozy on you. They can convince you that something is going on. That's not really going on. And that was the whole point of the show today. If you saw that or notice I did not interact with anybody in the box is because this was pre recorded and that's what I want to point out, if you're on the podcast, it doesn't matter, because that's what we always do. The thing is, I normally come to you live Monday through Friday. But I wanted to show to you that when it comes to D. T a don't trust anybody because you never know what kind of world they're pulling over your eyes. Just want to bring that up. Anyways, if I can leave you with a thought for today, think about this often when you think that you are at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else. Isn't that interesting as we got to the end of the show today. Anyway, thank you for being the best part of, uh, of safety FM. And that is the listener. Safety FM is the home of real safety talk. I know who you are. You know who I am. I definitely love you. I definitely was not trying to pull the wool over your eye, but I definitely want you to take a listen and take a look at exactly what was going on. Because Isn't this an interesting twist on how that worked? Isn't it? Isn't it? Well, I think it is. Anyways, you've been listening to the radio, our safety show. I know who you are. You know who I am, Love You mean it and goodbye. 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