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[00:00:00] :  a bomb. The show is brought to you by safety. The following program is reading L. S. V. It contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally show with the ball should call it like it is rated R. Safety show on safety fF. Countdown to audio torture. Directed our safety show starts in 321 Levy ear drum pain, begin. Forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R. Safety show with your host dr uh It doesn't matter who the host is. Well, well, well, is that not the truth of what? It does not matter who the hostess today is friday. May the seventh of 2021 day, 127th of the year and only 238 days left to go. Hopefully everything is off to a grand start, wherever the hell you're located and everything is fine as we are getting into friday for the most part, depending on where you're located, of course. Um we're broadcasting live from the safety FM Studios in Orlando florida and coming across the multiverse of safety FM. When I say that there's a lot that's referenced there, It is the radio station, it is the podcast, it is the streaming service and of course, all of the social media websites that you want and then some, uh, so there you go, that's what's going on. And then of course, we're hanging out at that other radio station, that sounds something like this. We are radio. We are sarcasm. You are both combined Radio Big. So there you go. We're also hanging out with our sister station radio big dot FM. So, as we get into the move in the groove this morning, you know, the show always works out in this fashion. We talk about the things that are going on, We talk about some different segments and all that kind of fun stuff. We do cover some things related to safety, some things related to news, but always, you know, it's, we kind of go over the hell you want to go, that's really what it's about. So if you want to text in or jump into the child boxes, you're more than welcome on doing that. If you want to text, it's 866930 S. F. M. One, that's 866930 S. F. M. One to get into the mixture here of what the hell we have going on. You know, I always look at friday's and I always go, what happens on Fridays because it becomes more and more interesting as we get out through our, through our work week. So maybe we'll talk a little bit about more about that here in the next few. But anyways let me tell you what's trending because that's gonna be important if you're into the video on demand services and of course you do not forget that it's mother's day this weekend. Hopefully um if now you're gonna need to run out and take care of that real quick. So let's talk about some of some of the stuff that's going on. So new to amazon prime because this is what the video on demand services are going to have this week is breach hotel armies, robot and frank. That gets interesting when we kind of get a little bit further. I'll explain here at the moment. Uh New to Disney plus is flicka to two H. due to HBO Max is Greenland in ax. Ius, new to hulu is little fish but this one says roberts, robert and franks. So is that any different than robot in frank? I'm being serious on this or is this a typo, who knows? Uh New to netflix will be jupiter legacy milestone, monster mine and sleepless. So there you go. That's a mixture of things that will be readily available if you're so inclined to do the things there and watching all that kind of fun stuff. So hopefully everything is going good over there on your neck of the woods. Let us get us to our friends at the feature of the story of the news and have them moving and grooving and let them tell us what exactly is going on and we'll go from there. Here we go. Here is the news of our safety show story news in London. I'm Ali Barrett authorities in Israel say at least 44 people have been killed and dozens more injured in a stampede at a religious gathering. The crush happened at Mount Marathon in the northeast of the country where the lag biomass celebrations were taking place. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called it a great tragedy. Nourish Beagle, say correspondent for the Haaretz newspaper, The horrible morning here in Israel, huge disaster here in the moron mountain. Thousands of people came back to the mountain to celebrate the holiday and it just ended up in the middle of the night in a horrible disaster, a huge amount of people who was going down the stairs. The crowd was very, very close to each other and there was nowhere to go there. They were just falling on each other. Help from all over the world is arriving in India on Friday 400 oxygen cylinder and one million COVID-19 testing kits landed in the country. It's a time when the health care system is crashing in crematoriums are filling up across the nation. Asian Gerg reports from New Delhi aboard the flight from the U. S. There are pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators and a million PP kits to the United States says this is one of the many such shipments to arrive here. Ireland too has sent 700 oxygen concentrators. Its neighbour, the United Kingdom says it's deploying three oxygen factories. All this help is necessary as India recorded more than 380,000 cases for two days in a row. Municipal officers in Delhi are building makeshift crematoriums as debts keep mounting due to a severe lack of beds and medical oxygen. Health experts see the situation could get worse in mid May when India could record more than 800,000 cases in a day. Asian Gerg, New Delhi brazil has passed 400,000 covid 19 deaths. As its vaccination program struggles to accelerate, there's been a slight fall from the highs of deaths and cases, but there were still over 3000 fatalities recorded In the last 24 hours South korean. President Moon Jae in is set to meet with US President Joe biden at the White House on may 12th. He'll be the second foreign leader to make such a visit since Mr Biden took office. J gritty dark reports from Washington. In a statement, press Secretary Jen Psaki said President Moon's visit will highlight the ironclad alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea as well as the broad and deep ties between the governments, people and economies of the two countries, Psaki said President biden looks forward to working with President Moon to further strengthen their alliance and expand their close cooperation. Japan's Prime Minister, Yoshida Saga was the first foreign leader Joe Biden invited to the White House for a face to face meeting. The pandemic has meant that many of the president's meetings with foreign dignitaries have had to be held virtually. I'm Jack rooted in Washington for bureaus worldwide. This is FsN With FSN spotlight. I'm Simon marks taking a look at the COVID-19 situation in Turkey. The country has just implemented its first full national lockdown amid a sudden spike of COVID-19 infections. Yesterday, the country reported 40,000 new cases in a single day. That was the highest in Europe. Early in the pandemic. Turkey was praised for taking early action to confront the pandemic carlotta gall. Istanbul bureau chief with the new york times. We don't really trust the figures in Turkey at all. So we're not even sure really if the first round was as good as they said, but what's clearly happened here is they've tried to keep the economy going and that has failed and they returned to Myanmar the next day and announced that he would be taking these suggestions and will give them due consideration once things are stabilized in the country. In other words, he used the Asean Summit not as a means of breaking this impasse, but as a means of deploying a propaganda tool. So we're back to square one and I'm afraid that what is required is strong action by the U. N. Security Council. Short of that, the international community imposing targeted focused sanctions, stopping the revenue flowing into the hands of the hunting. And he's suggesting that outside the unwilling nations should coalesce around the idea of stepping up and confronting the military head on. I'm Simon marks. And to recap the top stories, the UK Conservative Party led by Boris johnson has won a crucial by election in the north of England. India's registered another world record spike in daily coronavirus cases. Australian repatriation flights from India will resume on 15 May And the Japanese government is set to extend the COVID-19 state of emergency for Tokyo and three other prefectures. That's the latest feature story news from London. Ali Barrett reporting. This show is almost as enjoyable as hearing the sound of the toilet flush rated r safety show on safety. FM. I spend a lot of time in the backyard and I'm the center of attention at summer barbecues. In 96 I made some of the tastiest smores And at '09 it was me your backyard fire pit that accidentally started a wildfire when a summer breeze carried one of my embers into some dry brush spark a change not a wildfire visit. Smokey bear dot com brought to you by the U. S. 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Helix is offering up to $200 off of all mattress orders and to free pillows for our listeners at Helix sleep dot com forward slash safety. That's Helix sleep dot com Ford slash safety for up to $200 off in 23 pillows. You're listening to something, you're listening to the rated R. Safety show. So there you go. A lot a lot of information, Lots of information going on right there. Anyways. Hi, I'm back. Yeah. You're still hanging out here. It is 30 minutes past the top of the hour. Let's start going down the hit list and talking about some of the things that are going on there. Here you go. Here's something that we normally don't talk about. So, let's do it. A couple in Arkansas celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary this week. Uh, you, uh, you? Ve Evitts 101 and her husband, Leroy, having 103 have been married for eight decades. But their relationship dates back even longer. When, when after they are key of lasting marriage is Leroy said, I'm the head of the house and she's the neck, she controls the head. Good point, I guess that will work out in a, in a pleasurable way, as you do, take a look at and listen and look at that 80 years, 103 101 years old. Holy monkeys, buddy. Uh, congratulations to them on getting it to last that long. Uh, so let's continue talking real quick. A church has risen from the waters of Central Mexico Lake after being submerged for decades. Whatever it's been submerged as long as the marriage lasted. I know other story. The church of veering dolores disappeared back in 1979 when the Prisma dam was built and buried. The colonial community of Zangaro Zangaro. There you go. A drought that has been plagued the area in the recent months brought up its historic Turks back to light. I have to tell you, I would imagine that has to definitely be a site as you do see that going for it anyways. Like I said, if you want to chat away in the box, you're more than welcome and doing that text messaging can be received at 866930 Sfm one. That's 866930 S. F. M. Line. Just in case. I don't even know are the film lines open? I don't think they are. Uh you can text though. You can text her. Sure. I don't know about the phone line thing. I don't have them open case. I have this terrible habit of not opening them when I'm supposed to. It does happen. Okay let's continue, continue, continue, do talking right away. Um So here you go. As of thursday, over 251.9 million Covid vaccines have been administered nationwide and over 100 and 8.9 million americans have been fully vaccinated. While more than 149.4 million have received at least Windows, according to the CDC. The total number of college of cases in the US. is just over 32 million and we're still roughly about 576,000 deaths attributed to the virus. But as you know, as you know, one life changes everything. So imagine 576,000 boys that a game changer that is for sure. So there you go. That's some information going on right there. Let's continue talking just a little bit here. Hundreds of birds invaded two homes in California. More than 800. Yes. 800 birds entered a house and torrents through a chimney last week and remained inside for several days. Days later, a few hours north of Torrance. Another family had a similar situation unfold this time, however, the birds were kept from entering the home due to the great in the fireplace being unable to fly um uh, out of their out on their own shoot shoot was created to funnel the birds to the fireplace through the home, uh, through the back door. County Animal Services determined that the birds were swift were swift it away in that particular regard. So here's the thing. I mean, I don't know would you know if you turn on the fireplace, wouldn't they get out? No, I'm joking. I shouldn't say that. That's such a terrible thing. What did he just say? We have safety. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now, back to real safety talk on safety. FM. I was joking. Let's comment down. I didn't really mean it. Okay, so let's continue talking. Modern, a booster shot could prevent covid 19 variants. The company announced this week. Moderna's Ceo Stephane Bancel said that the human trials showed people giving a third shot after getting the two dose vaccine had an increased immune response to the virus strains from South Africa and brazil. The company plans to tweak its vaccine target mutations as they develop. They also plan to create a flu combo shot. I mean I keep on hearing about the flu combo. So what are you thinking here when you do hear that? Um So what do you how do you feel if you had to take a numeral threats? Yeah. Not taken to address but I guess if you had to take a third shot, would you be up to it if well let's start off with, have you taken the first two shots? Have you taken one? Have you taken to have you taken? Well not three yet. Have you taken one or have you taken nine? I mean I don't know. I mean, it's kind of, it's there's a lot of variants of communication and information depending on who you speak to. So I don't know. It becomes interesting always. Um, as we do go through it, I look at these things and I go, you have to do what is best for you, but you already know that because I talked about it all the time. Mortal kombat beat down. Okay. Three people were wounded in a school shooting in. Are you ready for this Idaho? Out of all places. Idaho shots rang in the middle school of Rigby of Rigby on thursday morning. According to multiple outlets to students and teachers were injured but their wounds are not life threatening. Officials said that the gunman is in custody and the motive is not yet known. Uh, so there you go. As we are on another show, talking about some more gun violence. And it seems to be this in an ongoing term of stuff that we talked about all the time. Anyways, let's continue talking. After four unsuccessful SpaceX launches, uh, SpaceX successfully launched and landed its starship rocket ship. This week the starship flew about six miles into the gulf of Mexico before it flipped and descended horizontally and then landed vertically on one on one time before one type of landing. According to the Associated Press. The mission was uh, Companies fifth high altitude flight tests from Starbase in texas Elon musk, founder of SpaceX tweeted starship landing nominal. So there you go. This is God's will launch happened to fall on the 60th anniversary of the American travel to space. Did you know that? Uh, some things to think about. So here you go. I would love to get all the side effects of from the flu vaccine and the COVID shot night. Oh yeah, I don't I don't know about that. Uh So there you go. Some interesting stuff that's coming from jim polls all as he does say that anyways. Let's get you into the market beat. Let's talk about what the market has to say. Let's bring in johnny smalls for him to tell us what's going on. Here's your market beat minute for friday May 7th 2021. Equities traded in a very tight range thursday as traders braced for a very important and FP report, the report is expected to show a minimum of one million new jobs, which is both good and bad for the market. In the bull case, a high number of jobs is indicative of a rapidly improving economic situation. In the bear case, a high number of new jobs will put additional upward pressure on inflation and raised fears of higher interest rates based on the number of S and P 500 companies talking about price increases, it looks like inflation is already here next week. Could bring more volatility to the market. The earnings season is quieting down and there aren't many economic releases, but the ones we have will be closely watched. Topping the list are the C P. I and P P. I. Numbers for april numbers that could either soothe or spook the market. You can get the inside track from Wall Street's brightest minds delivered directly to your inbox every day at market beat minute dot com. So there you go. That was john small. It's coming out of our afternoon show on radio big dot FM. Uh So let's talk a we had seen on the other side here, Wall Street enjoyed an upward momentum on thursday, as the dow gained 318 points and the NASDAQ added about 50 points and the SNP closed at about 34 points higher. April's narrowly missed the record for stock buyback by companies as 209 billion. Yes, with a B dollars worth of stock was repurchased. Large amounts of buyback typically indicate that the market will move even higher. So there you go. What are you thinking here? So I know that John was talking about there about new job claims and all that kind of fun stuff. So let me jump into that and then we can get into some other information. The number of americans seeking unemployment benefits dropped last week to the lowest level since the start of the pandemic. Initial jobless claims plummeted to 498,000 down from almost 100,000 from the week before. According to the debt of the Labor Department, economists predicted that the week would be about 527,000 claims. And keep in mind that these are always new claims, not ongoing claims. The overall number of people, uh excuse me, the overall number of people taking some of the government assistance remains high Though with over just we're ready for this 16.1 million Americans. So there you go, that's what's going on. Now. I will tell you the reason that I wanted to bring this up and tie it back into what John was talking about is because now we're starting to see in certain states of course Florida being one of them where the government is already talking about putting back the original mandates that were in place for applying for unemployment. So, certain states, depending on how the state is laid out, they will have a certain amount of jobs that you must apply for within a certain timeframe and you must show verified proof that you have applied and so on. The glorious state of florida is the example as we're talking about here has five a week that someone must actually show that they have applied for. Um Also with that ongoing, this will actually go into place. I believe if I remember what the governor said for this state would go in effect at the end of the month. So starting the end of the month, this will be the, that they would stop doing it. Now keep in mind that florida's unemployment Payout is from one of the lowest inside of the country. I believe it's close to $275 or someone were matched like Massachusetts is somewhere in the $1,200 range at the lowest point. So some interesting stuff as you take a matter of fact, I shouldn't say low, these are the high numbers, high numbers, not low numbers, so to 75, so one of the lowest inside of the country, but Massachusetts has $1,200, um, at the low point of what they are at the high point of what they actually pay out. So it makes it pretty interesting, um, going through that sequence of events. So it's interesting to see how the stock market is playing into the factor, how the jobless claims is playing into a factor. What are you seeing on your end? Because that always becomes the important part of the conversation. I would like to know how that's going to move forward because here's the thing, there is of course the level of scarcity of people not doing what you know, technically right to do. And that's kind of that's a that's a that's a known factor where people will go about and do the right thing and some people will, some people won't and so on. But those things do happen. So we have to start taking a look at a lot of this stuff as we as we move forward. And so do you think that the time is already up where this should actually be removed? Now? Of course this is an opinion question or do you think that it should still continue to go on the way that it is currently set up where there is federal assistance and there is state assistance. So that's my question to you here today anyway. Some things to think about as we are talking a little bit about everything this morning, listen to our host of the rated R. Safety show. Self implode on our airwaves. Only on safety FM Two americans. Two americans were convicted this week of killing an italian police officer back in 2019. A jury in Rome found but Finnegan lee elder 21 Gabrielle natale 20 guilty of homicide and attempted extortion and other offenses into the stabbing death of vice pre Kadar Mario Sicily rega Elder stabbed regular 11 times after being botched on a drug steen. Natale helped hide the murder weapon under italian law. Accomplices can be charged with murder. Both men received lifetime sentences that was making part of the new sequences yesterday as things were going around and about and so on. So there's definitely some things to think about as we are talking here. I don't know, I get all hung up with a lot of the stuff that we talked about. So who knows? Man, who knows? Yeah. Some say I'm a street fighter, a renegade, a courtroom brawler. I'm a trial lawyer. And I have a mission to right wrongs to level the playing field to protect victims by doing what I do best win in court. That's the DNA of Fighter law. Feiger law. I was born for this. There you go. Geoffrey Feiger finger law, you know, any time that you have any kind of court stuff going on and it's probably a good guy to hit up just giving you some information there. So by the way, I thought it was kind of interesting yesterday. Um, we did play a government. Well, let me see. Let me see. Let me rephrase this. A candidate for governor things with Caitlyn Jenner. Now I have some people reach out to me yesterday and asked the question was I supporting? No, I was just sharing information. So then the question, of course, came about what I actually be showing any of the other uh people that are running for government for governor of California. And I don't know if I find them interesting. Sure, I would sure as hell run them. Matter of fact, I have no problem running them. But this is something that we have to think about as we are doing them. I just look at it and I thought it would be something interesting to share because it showed portions of previous life under Bruce Jenner and current life under Caitlyn Jenner. So I thought it would be kind of an interesting twist of things to be able to go about and take a look at. So anyways, there you go, that's that information on that. Don't want to bore you too much on the reasoning behind that. But let's get into some other stuff real quick before we get too far away. Here is our main story on the safety show. So I have to tell you after my many, many years of working inside of the world of transportation. It has always been interesting to me. I actually got to work and interact and reported to at one period of time to a gentleman who always had a day of the week that we referred to as F. O. F because he was under the portion and of the belief that friday's was one of the days that people slacked off the most. So here's my question to you as we know that most people is the way, depending on how they take a look at work. Monday is the worst day of the week according to them because it has to be returned. You have to return to work. I have a case of the Mondays because it's monday, you know, all that kind of fun stuff. You hear that about 1000 times depending on where your work environment is. So here's my question as we go through this, Do you look at a certain day of the week where you feel or you see that the less amount or the least amount of work is actually being done? Is there a certain day? I asked this question because I think it's important, I think it's important to start talking about this. I think it's important that we go through this because here's the gig. If there is a day that is less impactful than the other days, what do you think about that? Do you think that maybe we should look at our work schedules and change on how some of those things are done? Should we look at some of our work schedules and say, okay, maybe we look at a four day work week a I'm not trying to rock the boat here. I'm just trying to mention this real quick. I'm just asking the question. So it becomes very interesting on how a lot of this works because some people get gung ho about it. Some people get upset that things like this are mentioned, I am just asking the question. You have to do whatever you think that's best. Because here's the thing, if you believe that there is a certain day of the week that more people are slacking. Well, there's probably needs to be a different conversation or revamp of that. Now let's be realistic as well as much as I would love to say that people work all the time, they don't present company included. So let's make sure that we're clear. The interesting part is that I have always looked around and try to see what day most people are productive and it really just kind of varies on what they do for a living. So that's where it becomes friday now, of course, what people calling thursday friday Jr which I don't even know how that happened and you know friday becomes friday. Yea or however the hell people say it, it's interesting on how that works now. The fun part here is that I normally look at things task based, so I look at work as not so many, how many hours I've put in its how many task I have accomplished based on what's going on. How do you look at that particular work environment and what are you making of work as of late? I think that that's always important as we are talking about this opposed to it just being one of those things where we kind of go, who knows? Maybe it's one of those conversations that we take slightly deeper. The problem that becomes about this is that we start taking a look at certain days and go all these are okay to be acceptable to be slacking. The funny part is that as I think about this and go through this whole format of talking about it, it becomes one of those weird things that a day of the week that you have renamed becomes an interesting portion. Here's the thing, the guy that I spoke about earlier at the beginning of talking about this referred to friday's as fof the friday stood for fuck off friday because he felt that nobody did work anyways or they were trying to hide depending on what portion of the organization that they were in. It was interesting to see it that way because this gentleman had been with that organization for a little over 20 years and the thing that I always found interesting is that he went around and he said that, but it was very difficult to find him on a friday. Hm interesting on how that works anyways. Just sharing with you some information there for sure. Things to think about. How would you revamp your work is probably one of the most important aspects to think about how you look at work will always depend on how your mood goes when you're interacting with things about work. But what do I know? I'm just a guy behind a microphone. What did she just say? We have safety FM. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of back to real Safety talk on safety FM. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of real safety talk. You are listening to safety FM. We'll be right back. Hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2008. She really likes to be around people. I get out my mat and I'm doing a downward dog and he's underneath. He's quite the pug about town. He gets invited to a lot of parties. He knows he's a pretty big deal. Look at this little face. I do not love him. Hamilton, the pug instagram star and shelter pet. 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A couple of things real quick. Should I mentioned this? Yeah, let's do it. Anyways, um is this swamp, I mean, I don't know is it swamp, I guess it could be swamp swamp fish. Let's say swamp fish, piers. Morgan's criticizing Meghan Markle again. He took to uh he took aim at the duchess of sussex upcoming Children's book, which has been inspired by the relationship between Megan and her husband, Prince Harry and their son Archie in a newspaper column, Morgan wrote that the book is another act of gargantuan hypocrisy. Uh from the Duchess quote, lets we forget Miss Marco has ruthlessly destroy, disowned her father Thomas and refuses to have anything to do with him. Despite the fact that they know that they lived just 70 miles from each other. According to Morgan. Marco's book is now the current short list for the title of world's most ludicrous, inappropriate book for Children. So there you go. That's making the sequences of events as we are talking real quick. Hey, I am just reporting on what's out there. Don't shoot the messenger baby. We at safety. FM are not responsible for what this idiot behind the microphone is saying is trying to be entertaining rated R safety show. Hey, I'll tell you when I see Marco, I always think about Rachel. Yeah. You know Rachel, you know Rachel? Yeah. If you ever watch suits you all know what exactly I'm talking about. So anyway, let's come to the light side. Yeah, let's talk about this. So Tuesday May the fourth. Yes, was Star Wars Day. And now there are some Lucas geeks that have decided that Wednesday was revenge of the fifth. Yeah, not a joke there. And yesterday should have been called May the cyst. Yeah, think about that. What could possibly top that is How about this? Starting sometime next year. Some of the first time ever you'll be able to get your hands on a real retractable working lightsaber in a teaser link. Yeah, not a joke here. Ray from the last Jedi shows it off. The trailer also promotes Disney's new all emerge of Star Wars galactic Star Cruiser Hotel in Florida, which is set to open for two nights stay for two nights day in 2022. Um, around the same time, the Sabres will become available, guests will be the first to experience the real world saber and will be given the opportunity to train in the ancient ways of the Lightsaber among the thematic offering. Uh so there you go. Yeah, there you go. So buddy, So let's see. But it all will cost you an arm or a leg or something along that line. Right, luke. So there you go. Where can I get one at the um, at the Darth Maul. Yeah, I said that out loud. More mortal kombat downgraded up state the show. So, I mean it is supposedly at all immersive experience. And of course you can go to Disney World like what is at Disneyworld dot Disney dot go dot com. Uh and look up the Star Wars galactic star cruiser coming to world Disney World resort. Uh, so there you go. I am just wondering, I mean and I have to be honest here. What is the price point on that bad boy. Hey, I like me some Star Wars as much as the next person. But I can only imagine. I can only imagine. Yeah, so there you go. Um, some stuff going on there. Anyway, let's talk about some of the news of the weird because it is that time of course a farmer in Belgium caused a stir after um inadvertently redrawing the country of the country's border with France. Historic enthusiast was walking in the forest and noticed the stone making the boundary between the two countries had moved 2.29 m or 7.5 ft. The farmer apparently ignored by the stone, his tractors in the bath and had moved them inside the french territory. The news was met with smiles on both sides of the border. The major of the mayor of village was told the news that the crew that he was happy that it was made the town bigger. While he was amused at the mayor's neighboring french village. Said we should be able to avoid a new border war. The stone dates back to 1819 when the border was first marked and the farmer will be asked to return it to the original location. At least someone is able to cross the border these days. Yeah, there you go. Okay. A four year old cartoon fanatic and from Brooklyn new york is a little overboard and buying. We talked about this yesterday, but I have to mention it again. Almost $3000 worth of sponge bob square pants, popsicles on amazon. And the company isn't offering a refund. Fortunately an understanding, an understanding samaritan uh, set up a go fund me over the chilling cost. The truly adorable spongebob, Diehard named Noah managed to purchase $2618.85 worth of popsicles online and have them sent to his auntie's house in case you're wondering, uh there was 51 cases containing 918 popsicles. As of Wednesday, The kind hotter donor had already contributed $3,675 Topping the fundraising goal of more than $1,000. If that kid uses that extra cash to buy more popsicles, you know, you're definitely gonna have a problem. But here's my question. 51 cases 5 1 and you have 918 popsicles. What the hell happened to the popsicles? You can't tell me that kid's gonna eat all those popsicles because that's gonna be a crap storm coming up that way. I think about it in that fashion. You are listening to a radio God. What? This has to be an error. That host is not a radio god. Anyway, this is the rated R safety show on safety air firm. Okay, let's talk about. Did you know? Okay, so this is, should we talk about this? Uh, should we, I don't know. Okay, let's talk about it. You have no doubt heard of the legend that can get uh, get a pretty good idea of the size of a man's well manhood by his by his feet. Uh, that's what is being said while that has been refuted by science. Japanese researchers now say that saying that amends men with big with a big nose tend to be well endowed below the belt. According to scientists. Scientists examined the bodies of 126 recently decreased middle age men, deceased middle aged men and compare them to uh, measurements of the nose is that they had other powdering or you know, for turning organs to, to compare them with. And they found that the men with a 2.2 inch snout have larger penises. Yeah. Clocking in at about 5.3 inches long, corpses with leaks smaller than one point agent inches packed, you know, smaller, measuring up to 4.1 inches and in the middle there was a medium beat to who's a tally whacker were about 4.5 inches, reportedly the average. Yeah, reportedly the average penis size in Japan. There was literally in a fridge and there was of course some shrinkage as we were talking about it. What did he just say? We have safety. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our husband guests. Now, back to real safety Talk on safety. FM. Okay, I just share the news. I don't make the stuff up. So there you go. Some stuff going on inside of there as we are talking for sure. Let's jump back onto the other side after we come out of a story like that. Where the hell do you go? Who the hell goes? Anyway, let's talk about the lottery real quick. Now let's talk about the swamp real quick. Let's go into that former president trump's backs the removal of Representative Liz Cheney as Republican conference uh, conference share and endorses rep uh Elise Stefanik For the job, Liz Cheney is uh warm ongoing. Full who has no business in the Republican Party leadership Trump. Said in a statement Cheney and Trump have been at odds since January six chaos at the capital. So there you go. So you are aware and I guess I should talk about this. The band from trump on facebook is still ongoing. So now he has the Hebron calling it, that he has started his own platform about where he's sending out his own messages. So this is just information purposes of course, but it's really a web site, it's a web page, so I don't know if I would call it a platform and believe me, I understand that when you are building a platform, you have some different levels of how you build that sucker out. But with that being said, this is not a platform, this is a website at its finest, um it's a website, it's nothing else. Um and I understand you know that you have to, you have to do some testing and all that kind of fun stuff when you're developing new portions of a website that could become a platform, but it is definitely not a platform, but you can definitely take a look at what he has to say coming directly from his desk and I did say desk Just in case. Anyways, let's continue talking to winner for Tuesday night's mega million drawing. Tonight's drawing will be for $370 million $254.1 million dollar cash payout. No winner for Wednesday night's powerball drawing, saturday's drawing will be for 100 and $57 million jackpot or 100 and $8.2 million cash payout. So you're more than welcome on doing one or the other if you're so inclined to do so. So there you go, knock yourself out with that fashion. Uh, there you go. There you go. There you go. Okay, so jeopardy fans will soon know who will be replacing Alex Trebek Executive producer Michael Richards told The Wall Street Journal that when the season 38 kicks off in the summer, he will fully expected to do to do, to do so with the new host. Trebek passed away back in november after a lengthy battle with stage four pancreatic cancer. So there you go, There will be some new person taken over if you care to know about that. Also, in some other breaking news is this breaking news? Maybe it's just news, not breaking news. Loki will not be released on Disney. Plus on Friday, they will be moving the new debut of the series two Wednesdays Starting June the 9th of the two day earlier than the initial June 11 days. Uh, News, new episodes will really re release weekly on Wednesdays if you were looking forward to that one. So there you go. Some more information on that. Uh, so I will tell you this news of sports around here, Let's talk about it. Uh, Dale Earnhardt JR is returning to the racetrack. A semi retired driver will take part of the Xfinity series race in Richmond speedway on september the 11th, 20 years to the day of the attacks of September the 11th, back in 2000 and one. His car will pay tribute to those who were lost in the heroes of the day along with the front line workers helping with the coronavirus crisis. So good to see that he is making a comeback for a good cause. Anyways, let's talk about some other things. 10 bets. Pizza states in America. So let's talk about this. Are you ready for this? I'm sure there'll be some debate about this one at number 10 Missouri at number nine Ohio, number eight massachusetts, number seven pennsylvania, number six California At number five Michigan at number four Illinois at number three, new york oh, at number two Connecticut and the number one place for best pizzas in America is allegedly New Jersey. This is courtesy of food and wine. So there you go. If you don't like what I had to say, contact the people at food and wine because I'm just telling you what they had to say. Anyways, it is friday. So let's talk about it because it is that time of the week where we need to talk about this. So if you have any pent up aggression or you've been frustrated throughout the week, let me give you 30 seconds on the clock where you can scream and shout, let it all out. And we're going to get that started in 32 and one maybe. So there you go, that's time. So call it for what it's worth. We'll go from there. So hopefully you're able to get everything out and about and all that kind of fun stuff because it always is important when we are talking here in regards of what you have going on and that is for sure. If not it's, you know, what are we, what are we doing around here? So anyways, let me tell you real quick about this one because if not, I'm gonna forget to do so. Have you ever sat back and ask yourself that question? Who is in your corner? Well, that's what we're all about. On May the 18th at safety Day 2021 presented by the A. C. F. S come to the event on May the 18th at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando florida. There will be world renowned speaker speaking about this all important subject of who is in your corner when it comes to dealing with safety. If you want to learn on how to reduce risk houses aboard safety and be a health champion. This is the event for you. Don't miss out on this event available by the A c f s. Now, the question that always comes up is, what are these events worth? What is the cost? What is it going to cost me? Well, it's not gonna be as much as some of the other events. You will get this great value for $30. Yes, you heard me correctly. $30 that's lunch, that's parking and that's even C e U's For $30. For more information, go to a cfs dot org. That's a cfs dot org and enjoy safety day 2021 an in person event. So there you go. That's an in person event taking place here in good of Orlando florida, we'll be broadcasting live from there. Just F. Y. I. For your information, will be hanging out, doing some different things throughout the day with whatever the hell is going on inside of there. Anyways, let's continue talking. Let me tell you about some birthdays that are going on today, alexander, Ludwig returns 29 Russell Dickerson, 30 for Robbie Jarvis turns 35 matt Helder 35 Shannara Marie turns 36 kevin Owens turns 37 Alex smith turns 37 Michael Rosen turns 75. So there you go, that's a Children's book Arthur, just in case you did not know that. Let's go back a few years and talk about some of the things that happened back on this date. So let's do that. MTV becomes the first major network to adopt gender neutral categories and it's Tv and movie awards. Emma Watson wins for best film actor and Millie bobby Brown wins for best Tv actor not to be said as actress. So there you go. That happened back on this date in 17. Okay, let's talk about the days of the year that you can celebrate if you're so inclined to do so today. National packaging design day, national paste up day, national barrier awareness day, national roast roast leg of lamb day, National military spouse appreciation Day, national provider appreciation day, national space day school lunch, hero day, international tuba day, National Day of Prayer and national Tourism Day. So there you go. So here we go. As we are going into the weekend, it is becoming mothers day that is rolling out here in the US on sunday. So just in case pick up a gift for your mother. If not here you go, I'm gonna do this. So let's pause this for a 2nd. 32 and one. I'll tell you this real quick. I'm gonna tell you this in three seconds or so. Here's a message for your mom. Hi mom. My name is jay Allen. I am here representing the person that is giving you this and I want to say, I'm sorry that I did not buy you a gift. Here is my message to you. You have been a great parent throughout my whole life. I am just a sorry individual for not purchasing your gift or bringing something to you. I want to give you this audio or a clip it or a snippet of this video apologizing through the voice of J Allen. Thanks mom, you're great. You can use that if you need. So if you didn't pick anything up and you're not gonna have time to do. So that's something that you can use. I'm here for you all the time anyway. So let's continue talking about some other things before I let you go real quick. Let me tell you about my friends at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention know that you're not alone, whether you have struggled with suicide or depression or have lost someone to either one know that you're not alone here about people's personal experiences from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide and depression. All you have to do is go to a f sp dot org. For more information. That's a f sp dot org. For more information or call 802 738255 That's 802 738255 Or text. The word talk to 741741 That's the word talk to 741741 There you go. You'll get all the information that you need right there inside of that sequence. Anyways, before I leave you for today, let's give you a couple of different things. If you need a phone starter for today, try this one. What would be the best gag reel of your life If you need a random joke for today? Try this. If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way mom told you to do it from the beginning. See what I did there. Okay, if you need something for the water cooler, try this 160 of women say that they will kiss a man on the first date. If he talks about this, what is it his mother? You see the sequencing that I'm doing. There. There you go. There you go. So, a lot of stuff to talk about real quick. So if I can leave you with a final thought, this would be a mother. A mother is she? Who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take. That's what you should be thinking about during Mother's Day. Anyways, you've been listening to the radio, our safety show exclusively on safety FM dot com and radio big dot FM. Safety FM is the home of real safety talk. If you want to come out and hang out with us, you come over to radio Big and that's what we got going on here. Over the next couple hours anyway, Safety FM is the home of real Safety talk and you are the best part of safety FM. And that is the listener anyways, I know who you are. I hope you enjoy your mother's Day weekend. You know who I am love. You mean it and goodbye. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It should not be utilized in the real world as the only solution available as they are based only on very limited and dated open source information, assumptions made within this analysis are not reflective of the position of the company. No part of this podcast may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the creator of the podcast, jay allen.