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[00:00:00] :  Yeah. I can't seem to get away from. I would not. Um Miley, I'm trying to be. This show is brought to you by safety. The following program is rated M. L. S. V. It contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally show with the ball should call it like it is rated R. Safety show on safety. FM. Countdown to audio torture decorated. Our safety show starts in 321 Levee ear drum pain. But again, forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R. Safety show with your host dr uh It doesn't matter who the host is. Well. Well, well, is that not the truth or what? It does not matter who the host is today is. Monday april the 19th. Tomorrow should be a fun one, april the 19th of 2021. Uh let's see what what day is it again? Day 109th of the year and only 256 days left to go. Anyways, we're broadcasting live from the safety FM Studios in Orlando florida and coming across the Multiverse known as safety FM. And then we're of course streaming on our sister station. You know, that other place that we go and hang, you know, always streaming radio, yep, coming across the radio big dot F M also at the same time too. So there you go, that's what we have going on and that's it. That's the show. No, just joking. Anyway, so there you go, a lot of stuff going on. First things inside of the Manana as we're coming to you. Uh, so hopefully you had a fantastic weekend, did all kinds of fun stuff, you know, stuff that was worth your while, all kinds of fun things, you know, whatever you normally planned your weekend to be, I guess, you know, however you want to take a look at that, wow, we really need to adjust that camera. So there you go, a lot of stuff, a lot of things and some things to talk about for sure. So let's talk about some of the trends that we were seeing over the weekend of what was trending according to the social media hashtags, let's talk about it. Twitter account, hangover tags created by craft beer, beer in forwards. Yeah, beer in four words which began trending on saturday morning tweets include hipster personality substitute. Um it's twice the price. Uh definitely not malt liquor. It's still mostly water alcohol for man's buns. Yeah, a bunch of hipsters nonsense and dumped down the drain. So there you go. That's what was part of the hashtag that was taking place. Another hashtag that was going on was Prince Philip's funeral. What's trending on saturday as Queen Elizabeth's husband was laid to rest. Social media users attach the hashtag to pose expressing their sympathies for the queen and the entire royal family. More details, you know, we'll talk about that probably later joe buck landed in the top trending tweets after news broke that the sportscaster will be guest host on jeopardy more. There'll probably be some more information about that to kennesaw. What's trending on on sunday morning after the news broke that a gunman opened, fired in Wisconsin. Town officers were called to the summer house tavern just before one a.m. After reports of shots fired. So there you go, twitter was also flooded with tweets of Maxine waters sunday after she called on people to get confrontational. If a former police officer, Derek chauvin was acquitted her saying not mine. Uh many, many called her out for inciting and promoting violence, heavily noting the huge, huge double standard democrats constantly promote just saying what's there. Doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with any of it or I'm promoting any of it. So there you go, that's some information going on on top of the trends as we are talking right away. So let's talk to our friends at the feature of the story of the news because you know, they talk about stories that are going on in the news that should be featured. So maybe we should talk about them. Here is the news of our safety show from feature story news in London. I'm Chris Jones. More than 273,000 people have tested positive in India in the last 24 hours. The biggest single day surge anywhere in the world. This has taken the country's overall Caseload past 15 million. Several parts of the country are grappling with an acute shortage of beds and oxygen with India's capital, New Delhi, describing the current situation as an emergency near her pina has more. The Delhi government says 1500 beds will become available at newly made facilities by Tuesday. But as of Sunday the capital had less than 100 critical care beds left. Indians are now taking to social media to request help for their family members as hospitals. And some of the worst hit regions, including Delhi say they've reached capacity. The government has now ordered oxygen meant for industrial use to be diverted to hospitals as cases rise across the country, criticism is mounting over how Prime Minister modi's government has handled this health crisis. Opposition parties have either suspended or curtailed their campaign for the poll bound state of West Bengal. But Prime Minister modi's party, the BJP, is still holding an extensive campaign there, Hong Kong is banning flights from countries like India Pakistan and the Philippines for two weeks after health officials say they found multiple cases of a mutant COVID-19 strain carried by travelers from those countries. Russia has given 20 Czech diplomats 24 hours to leave the country. The move is a response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats after Prague accused Russian spies of carrying out an explosion that killed two people, Julia Chapman has more. The Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the expulsion of 18 diplomats as anti Russian. The Czech Republic alleges that the Russian spies were behind a 2014 explosion at an ammunition depot. It believes that the men are the same ones accused of carrying out the salisbury poisonings. In the U. K. In 2018, the Kremlin has denied any involvement in either incident. Julia chapman Moscow and UK. Prime Minister Boris johnson has joined condemnation of plans for a new european Super League in football. 12 major clubs in England Spain and Italy, including Manchester, United, Chelsea and Tottenham have announced a new breakaway competition. They claim it will help the sport at every level, but fans are accusing them of greed. And Boris johnson's warned it could be very damaging. The Guardian's chief sports writer Sean Ingle says it's about money and control in effect, that very big clubs want to control what is now the Champions League. What would become the european Super League for your way for? It's almost an existentialist threat. If they were to lose the Champions League. If they say to the big clubs, you take control of this. I mean they wouldn't have much much left. There could be a compromise, but I think it's tricky to see how it would satisfy all clubs from euros worldwide. This is fsN listen to our host of the rated R. Safety self implode on our airwaves. Only on safety FM. I spend a lot of time in the backyard and I'm the center of attention at summer barbecues in 96 I made some of the tastiest smores and at oh nine it was me your backyard fire pit that accidentally started a wildfire when a summer breeze carried one of my embers into some dry brush spark a change. Not a wildfire visit. Smokey bear dot com brought to you by the U. S. Forest Service, your state forester in the ad council only. You can prevent wildfires. Hope you enjoy your meal. And I just want to say he's lucky to have a blood that like you lucky, caring for my brother is far from easy, but he's a part of me like my arms and legs so I'll be his no time for tired. Nothing can disable this love. He needs me. But I'm the lucky one even though I need help now and then if you're caring for a loved one visit AARP dot org slash caregiving for care guides and community support for your strength brought to you by AARP and the ad council. What if I told you that a tornado was going to happen tomorrow, right where you live That it would touch down at exactly 3:17 PM and I told you the exact path it would take, you would of course prepare. You would talk with your loved ones and you make a plan today. It's true. I can't tell you a tornado strike tomorrow. But shouldn't you have a plan anyway? Go to ready dot gov slash communicate and make your emergency plan today. Don't wait communicate brought to you by fema and the AD council. This is Mario andretti, you know me as a race car driver, but I'm also a meals on wheels volunteer. I've raised against the sport's biggest personalities, but I've never met more vibrant, amazing people than a senior served by meals on wheels. You can make a difference. But dropping off a hot meal and saying a quick hello. So America, let's do lunch. Volunteer, your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels. America and the AD council. You are listening to something. You're listening to the rate at our safety show. All right. You're listening to something. All right. So anyways, hopefully everything is good. By the way, if you forgot what that's about you to see that if you're hanging out in the in the chat or hanging out inside of the room where there is the video. Yeah, the QR code is right there. You can find out what it's all about if you're so inclined to do so. Uh, so there you go. A lot of stuff going on first thing in the, in the morning. So how is your weaken? I mean, I always think it's interesting on what happens after the weekend when we come back and all that kind of fun stuff. Some people have all kinds of bland's um, people don't, I will tell you, I actually, with hanging out, hanging around, taking a look at some of the beaches over the weekend. Um, not a lot of stuff going on over there. I was kind of shocked. I was slightly surprised. Uh, so, we'll talk about that here in a bit. Anyway, let's continue talking. Um, let's talk about what's going on inside of the world of the news because that's always important to talk about. Uh, we need to go down the different sectors of what is going on inside of the world of the news. So let's take that from the very top. So, um, glistened Excel will face to criminal trials in Manhattan federal court after judge rules to separate choosing, hold on rules to separate her perjury charges from her sexual misconduct. Don't know if you heard about this one. Judge Allison Nathan uh, stated that the charges were try, um, were tried together. It would risk an unfair trial on each set of the count. So there you go, that was something that was discussed. Of course, Maxwell is, is accused were Procuring underage girls to be to be abused by millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in the 1990s and early 2000. She was also charged with lying under oath in a civil suit deposition unrelated to the sexual misconduct charges. So there you go. That's what's circulating inside of the world of the news right now. So just so you know, it's the information of what I got also some other things if you've probably heard about this, but let's talk about it. As of Sunday. Over 209.4 million COVID vaccine have been administered nationwide. Over 84.2 Americans have been fully vaccinated while under or more than 131.2 million have received at least their first dose, according to the CDC. The total number of cognitive cases, um, are just over 31.4 million with more than 563,000 deaths attributed to it. Uh, so worth noting the CDC reports that 25.4 of the total population are fully vaccinated and as of those 18 and older can currently receive the vaccine. In most states, a percentage of the eligible population who are fully vaccinated is now closer to 33%. I know we can go down the path again that we talk about about the vaccine. But here's the funny part. I was listening to something over the weekend as well. Um, that was related about how we get our information about Covid. And where does a lot of the info come from? And of course, most of us get our information related from some kind of new source of media where it comes worth. And the question came about on this program that I was watching about, Is there a spin on it? Is there a political agenda when you start hearing about Covid? And is there a political agenda when people are talking about it from wherever you're gathering the information? And I thought it was a pretty interesting question because when you really start taking a look at it, the answer will definitely be yes. I still have not found any new source that doesn't have some kind of spin a rama on it because all of them do it. I don't think we're back into how the news stories used to be, where it was just news. It wasn't that it was an infotainment. I mean I can talk about a court case that occurs with Fox News. Fox News many, many years ago in the Sean Hannity Show, but I think a lot of people already know about that. I don't want to bore you too much, but think about it for a moment, think about how we receive the information and what our thoughts normally are. And if there is a spin and I would have to say yes, there definitely is. Because here's the thing when you come and hang out with me in the morning or in the afternoon or wherever you take a listen to this to an extent. You know, there's going to be some sarcasm on the stuff that I have to say. So I would say to an extent there is a spin. You're also going to hear me talk about how I'm not in love with big safety. So I guess that's a spin. But that's the thing. Regardless of where you get info, there will always be a bias on there. That's that's unfortunate. But it's the truth thing. It is the true words there. You will always have a bias on it. Why? Because that's how people are. We're all just human. So yes, there will always be a bias. Even when you do incidents investigations, think about it for a moment and you'll know that we're on the same page anyways to continue talking, authorities have released the names of the eight people who were killed in the Indianapolis Fedex facility shooting massacre on thursday. They were identified as Matthew alexander 30 to Samarra. Samaria Blackwell 19 Amateur Darryl 66 Jackson Darker 64, Jazz Wonder sign 68 Emirate crone 48 Carly smith 19 and john Wizard 74 4 were injured in the shooting. The gunman identified as a former Fedex employee, not going to say his name. He was 19 19, took his own life after being confronted by cops. So we can talk about run hide fight. We can talk about gun control. We can talk about mental illness. We can talk about a lot of things when we start getting into stories like this, there's so much that can be addressed, but that's the thing. Do you want to address it? Do you want to have the conversation on what's going on? And then we start talking again, metal detectors inside of jobs, metal detectors. Because here's the thing, you don't know what's going to happen and when it's going to happen and who even knows about ghost guns nowadays. That's the other question behind the whole thing. So, a lot of stuff to think about for sure. What did he just say? We had safety. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now back to real safety talk on safety. FM. Okay, three people were killed and two others were injured in a shooting early sunday morning at the summer's house tavern in Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Michigan. Two victims were taken into the hospital with um, with serious injuries. While a motive has not been established, officials believe that the shooting was a targeted attack. The gunman has not yet been located. This is a developing story. So there you go, you've probably heard about some of that yesterday as it was being discussed on some of the news outlets. If you were watching, let's continue talking about their new Ceo Stefan Bansal said that the booster shots for the coronavirus vaccine will be necessary at some point, but it's too early to tell how often they will be needed. He emphasized that there are two dose vaccine has an efficiency north of 90 and seems to be doing well in the real world. Not the MTV show, but only the only time will tell if it works against the variance In under 30 days, well that have been developed ovarian boost for the South African strain with recently published the data showing that it works well in animals. Human data will be available soon according to the ceo So there you go. What do you think about this? You know there's going to be so many mutations on things as we talk, there's going to be so many mutations on things as things come about. I mean this was to be realistic about this. I don't know. I think that when we start not talking about what we need to start taking a look at, it's gonna be a little bit difficult for some. So when you hear this and you start thinking about what comes to mind, Are you prepared to see more variance? Because I think that that's gonna be the other thing about mutation. I mean and I think we're kind of aware of these things. At least one would hope anyways. NASA announced on Friday that it is awarded SpaceX a $2.9 billion dollar contract to build a spacecraft to bring astronauts to the moon as early As 2020 for the private space company. Elon Musk was selected over Jeff Bezos Blue origin and defence contractor diabetics. I wonder where that belongs to. Uh really diabetics. That's interesting. Somebody else uses something called dianetics. You might be familiar A test flight to the moon will occur before humans make the flight. So there you go. Some interesting things. That's somebody pull that up. Defense contractor dynamics. I wonder what they're tied into or who they're tied into. Did you say? L. R. H. Okay, Whatever. Okay. A New Jersey man was, who was hospitalized with covid 19 despite getting the johnson and johnson vaccine was placed on a ventilator friday. As his conditions worsen Francisco. Cosma 52 fell, uh, fell ill five weeks after receiving one shot vaccine. His daughter told the post that she is not, she is not allowed to see him. And the last time that she tried to facetime he was unconscious, she is now begging johnson and johnson to do more research to revise the statement to make it clear that people still can be hospitalized with the virus. Even after getting the shot. I think that people are getting slightly confused on vaccines here. I don't think there's been a statement yet. Now I, I am no, um, no medical scientists see what I did there. Um, that has said that you are immune, that you are immune to. Once you take this, that you can just go roam the roam the planet and be perfectly fine. And hey, I'm not picking here. I'm not picking on Francisco by no means, but there has not been anything that said, okay, you are fully immune to this thing. So I just don't get it. I don't get where the misunderstanding is. I mean, are you under the, the understanding that you're going to get the shot if you opt to do so and all of a sudden you're going to be free to roam the world. Because I don't think that's the case. At least there's no study showing that because we are starting to see other people getting it, getting the, getting the actual illness still, because I think what's taking place is that some people are still thinking that the moment you get the thing you can throw your mask away, throw away all precautions and run, run like the wind. And I don't think that that's what's supposed to be taking place. But what do I know? I don't know. Listen at your own risk rated r safety show. Okay. Federal officials are warning parents to stop using pellet on treads and after dozens of incidents of Children being sucked beneath the treadmill um, including the incident which a child died have been reported. White ceo john folly called the incident tragic and said the company is aware of the small handful of incidents. Meanwhile, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that they are aware of nearly 40 incidents including the death. The CPSC released a statement on their findings on twitter advising those with Children at home to stop using the product immediately. The response. The response. Uh, let's see, John Foley said that were disappointed that despite offers of collaboration and despite the fact that the tread plus complies with all applicable safety standards, the CPSC was unwilling to engage in any meaningful discussion, oh, profits and loss. You know, it's just something to think about it. You start seeing some of these incidents, you have to definitely take a look at the numbers and then at what point you start going okay. What is the incident rate? Is it is it worth it? Oh isn't that what standard safety is normally tells you about? I'm just trying to figure it out. Anyway. There are people that are dead after a shooting that occurred in an apartment complex in downtown Austin late sunday. A press release off at in a press release officers called the incident a domestic situation saying that the public is not in danger but should remain vigilant. Oh that's that's um rather promising. The FBI and U. S. Marshals are tag teaming the hunt for the shooter who believed to be a former law enforcement enforcement officer and then they named the person. So hold on. So it's definitely more than a person of interest. The person was charged with sexual assault of 16 year old last summer. Is what it's saying. As of Sunday evening, he was still on the run. This story is developing. Oh, there you go. There you go. Uh, so there there's more information. Anyway, let's get into some more things that is 23 minutes past the hour. You are listening to rated R safety show on safety FM. And radio picked out. FM. Anyways, health officials in Oregon want to require masks and social distancing indefinitely. We are not out of the woods yet. According to Michael would Interesting administered for the Department of Occupational Safety and Health Department said since the announcement, the agency has gotten a record number of public complaints of nearly 60,000 people have signed a petition rejecting the proposal. Would said that it will uh, that he will make the final decision by May IV. So let's talk about this. Meanwhile, Senator Kim Thatcher is calling the proposal unnecessary and questioning the science behind it, especially as vaccines are only days away from being available to everyone. So here you go again. Are we doing? Are we like even looking at some of these vaccine things? I mean, are we truly understanding what some of this means? I guess that's the other. That's the other question. That's the thing to think about. So this is why I keep on telling people or I will mention it on the show from time to time that hey, you need to do what is in your best interest, what is going to work for your situation? I think it's, it's getting kind of weird out there. It's getting weird out there. But then again, um, I guess I'm a recluse when it comes to all this stuff, you barely ever see me out in the wild. That's not a joke. That's for sure. Mortal kombat beat down our safety show. Here is our main story on a radio show. Okay, so let's talk about it. Let's talk about the world. Let's talk about what is going on. It is 25 minutes past the top of the hour and you are hanging out here with me. So let's talk about all these things that we, that we always want to talk about. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. But let's say for a moment in time you were involved in the world of operation. So let's say that before you got into safety, let's say for instance, you fell into safety by accident. You did something else. You were an operator, You were an operations. You played that game, you did some other things that were not related to safety because that seems to happen quite a bit. And you know that when you sit back and you think about it for a moment, you think about recluse safety and what do I mean about that? You hear about that position that sits on high, at least when you're in operations, you think about it, you think about the safety cop, you think about the department that rides all these standards and regulations that are out and about and this don't make sense to what is going on inside of your organization. And you always hear or might have heard the term at some point or another, that there's the powers that be or that they are the person that sits behind there and you never have seen them. And you've never seen safety out in the field. And that's the interesting part when we start talking about organizations in some style of safety now, I'm not talking about all organizations do this, but there is a good chunk of these that you'll see out there, that they have recluse safety and you never see the person, you don't know what they look like. You have never seen the person in your life, You wouldn't know the difference between them or Adam and Eve. So that's the stuff. So how do you go from having recluse safety and changing it to be something that is part of the culture in your organization? Not the reckless part of course, but safety being part of the culture. And I think that this is a conversation that we need to look at where we're at inside of our journey. This be a personal journey, This be a journey inside of the organization because that's the thing. You could be the best safety person on the planet and be a recluse and nobody know a damn thing about you. A damn thing about your format, a damn thing about anything that's going on with what you're doing and it doesn't advance what you're trying to promote Gardner and move forward with. So what can you do today for safety inside of your organization? Not to be a red clues. Now, that's the fun part. That's the fun part. We talked about this before, we talked about the marketing, we talked about going out there and driving safety, have you heard about the safety blitz? This is not a joke and some people will go, well that's not me. How am I going to drive? We have so many pieces of technologies now today that we could help promote, I will tell you what I used to be in the transportation world working that day in and day out. I would love to tell you that it was you know, it was an eight hour job now I used to probably stay at that place. I remember when taste one time staying there, 72 hours straight because I wanted to take a look at what was going on and seeing the different components and the safety blitz seemed to help so much. So in the morning when people actually take out the buses or take out their trucks or load their vehicles, we would do safety blitz. It would be anything from giving them bars of like protein bars, It would be anything like giving them water with maybe a safety slogan on and not saying that that's going to change the world, but it's all of a sudden them seeing that you're there and having conversations and you're seeing enough front. I will tell you, I probably have given away more of these damn things in my life than probably have been sold um at the store that I was buying that because that was the only place that we, that were scaring them at the time, at least luckily now you can get them through amazon, not a sponsored by the show, just in case, but that was a colossal super cookie is what it was provided by the great people that met Rx Yeah, 400 calories of fun there. And a lot of people talked about it, especially when we first started doing it. But that's the thing, that is the thing when you start doing stuff that you're not behind the scenes and now you become in the forefront, people want to know exactly what it's all about. I'm not saying you have to have a board that says we have been this 70 days injury free or you need to have something that references something along the lines that has something related to how, how great everything is. And we're going to give away a gift. That's not the thing, but it's something where you can in turn come to the organization and show them that you care. Because that's the interesting part. We talk about marketing, that's essentially a good chunk of what safety is. Yes, you have to have some kind of knowledge base, but think about it, you get some of the people within the organization that know quite a bit of what's going on and you talk to them about their problems and maybe you start bringing some forward some of the problems that they're seeing. Maybe you bring in the new person that started and maybe you start having some of those conversations of problems of what they're seeing. And that's the thing. You want to make sure that people just doesn't think that safety is something behind a closed door. You don't want people to think that safety is something that only talk is talking about in the darkness of the rooms and that it's never brought to the forefront. Because I can tell you, I had a guy that I worked for, he had 40, some odd locations. I believe it was inside of this organization that we were in and his commitment to his team was to make it out to them once every two months. And this was across the country and it's a difficult thing to do. This guy lived out of a suitcase, but was trying to make sure that people knew that he was there because he never wanted to be the behind the scenes person. I also worked at an organization that the general manager of the organization, this is a transportation place and they had three shifts like most companies do on when they loaded their buses and that general manager would be there at the beginning of the shift first thing in the morning when the shift change occurred and then when the new shift people came in to make sure they had someone to talk to. Now if the general manager wasn't there, one of their assistant general managers was to be there for just in case people had something to talk about. That. General manager normally was talking about safety related issues to make sure that it was something that was in the forefront. Here's the thing, If you don't make it a priority, other people won't make it a priority. If it's something that you're throwing the long bomb, like they like to say, instead of football, that's all it is. It's the long bond from a distance, they're not running from you, you're just throwing it doing the hail mary and praying that something occurs, you have to do something to be able to change this inside of the organization. If you don't, what's going to happen, what's going to change? Because every time that you get a new policy procedure from behind a closed door, do you really care? Do you really give a shit about it? No? Oh my God, here's a new regulation. Oh, here's a new rule. Oh, here's something we have to do. No. Make it different. And yes, I know it is difficult to do from time to time, especially when you're dealing with a larger organization. And listen, it's sometimes great to be able to explain to people the reasoning on why some of these things that were occurring. It's not just another safety policy, it's not just another safety, It's so tiring doing that. And here's the interesting part I get to sit here, Yes, because I am sitting right now and talk about this stuff. But the funny part is I spent a good 15 years out of my career out there doing this stuff. And let me tell you, I failed miserably at certain points because I didn't understand how important the relationship building was When I first started my career, it was dictate and watch the people do. But when I started hitting the road, when I started going out and showing people how important they were and how important certain things inside of the organization that needed to change to move forward. That's when I started to see it now. The unfortunate portion that occurred. Of course there was a death, There was a fatality that had to occur before. I actually got to that point. Think about that for a moment, your organization should not have to get that far before a change occurs on how people do things for the organization or the other part is you can just be a recluse And boy doesn't that sound great when it comes to safety? But what do I know? Just a guy behind a microphone? What did she just say? We have safety FM. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now, back to real Safety Talk on safety FM. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of Real Safety Talk. You are listening to safety FM. We'll be right back. 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My name is Julius, gains creative writer, poet, photographer. One in six seniors faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in isolation. Drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels America and the ad council. Yeah, yeah. Okay. There you go. That's in my head by two. Didn't park. Yeah. We like him quite a bit around here. Ah there you go. That song is readily available on Itunes and Spotify. Okay. Lynn Park, like I said, you can download it and that one's called in my head. Anyways, 39 minutes past the top of the hour as we are hanging out here, radio big dot FM and safety of them. Okay, So anyways, there you go. There you go. There you go. Anyway, thank you for the messaging inside of the box there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Some good points being brought up of course on value added inside of what you can do. Uh So anyways, let's start talking about some other things going on inside of the world of the news. Um uh I don't know, there's so many times, I just don't know so many different ways to go. Let's talk about this. A couple of different things. By the way, Tomorrow, tomorrow evening I will be hanging out at the Aaron Lewis concert that will be available on Livestream. Yes, I did say that correctly. Can go to Aaron Lewis dot, what is it? Aaron Lewis music dot com. Uh Going out tomorrow. Yeah, so tomorrow's the big day for some uh it is april the 20th. So big concert tomorrow, Tuesday night, Livestream only. There you go. So you go to Aaron Lewis dot com or Aaron Lewis music dot com to get tickets for the event if you're so inclined to do so. Uh So there you go. There. Is that going on Anyways, let's talk about some other things. Let's talk about some crowdsourcing for Covid. Yes. Not a joke. Living in a crowded area. Such densely populated city does not mean that you are more likely to get Covid 19. That's according to the data at the health out basin Tehran Iran, which has uh the epicenter in the early days of the pandemic. In the study of the debt of researchers wrote that the population density alone cannot be considered a risk factor. They point out, however, that the difference between the high density and overcrowding. When a place is overcrowded, it becomes difficult to achieve a safe social distance. Scientists have found the most critical factors affecting someone's likelihood of getting COVID-19 our age, wealth and health care access. Not a joke as well as behavioral vulnerabilities such as the likelihood of some residents to follow public health recommendations. Ah You mean intelligence, some things to think about. Uh That may be true, but a year ago I'm pretty sure that, but I'm pretty sure. But all depended on how much toilet paper you had. Wasn't that kind of a factor. At one point you had to rush out and get a whole bunch of toilet better for. Um, I'd finish this with the coronavirus joke, but you've had to wait two weeks. Um, to know if you got it or not. So probably not a good coronavirus joke time, um, for that whatsoever. But think about it real quick. Think about a lot of these things as we do talk about Covid. Um, and a lot of the stuff that is going on and what is safe and what is not safe. But at one point, I think it's interesting on how people who are going well based on what I see on social media, I am a lot safer than other people that are out there. What I have to tell you if you pull up anything in florida of anything that's going on here, especially the further south you go in and I'm not picking on the people that live in the southern portion of the state. The crazier it gets. I mean you did hear about, you know the pepper spray ball on bombs that were taking place down there uh during spring break weeks Because people wouldn't go back in and then they did a curfew at eight p.m. and I don't like to go local. But it's just kind of weird when you start pulling off the state here. Then you look at some other states and everything is locked down and then you look at some other, so it's like what's what's the right, what's the wrong? Who knows? Who knows anymore. I think we're all still trying to figure it out. We are now video streaming the rated R. Safety show. I don't know why our host has a face for radio rated R safety show. Okay, so let's continue talking. No paint, no gain. Yeah, that's not a joke. Engineers at Purdue University have created what they are calling the whitest paint ever. They say that the innovation could help, could help cool buildings. Yeah, reduce the energy demands of air conditioning and even help mitigate climate change. The new ultra white paint reflects 98.1% of the sunlight, essentially making the opposite of the ultra dark materials such as Van to black. Yeah. Van to black, lovely color, which absorbs 99.9% of visible light in a test. The paint made building services, uh, eight degrees or 4.5 Celsius cooler than the ambient temperatures at noon at a sunny day and about 19 F or 10.5 Celsius cooler at night. This means that the team has developed has been developing this paint for years and an experiment with wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques, eventually settling on paint pigment of barium sulfate, a white powder which reflects across the wavelengths of sunlight. Yeah, I'm not a joking here. They hope to make it commercially available within the next two years. So there you go. Reportedly, the stuff is also awesome when used on as white out, just throwing that out there. And the only thing wider than that is I think Conan O'brien. So something to think about except you need about 37 coats for it to cover anything dark. And that's not a joke. As I do say that what did he just say? We had safety. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now back to real safety talk on safety. FM. Okay, so let's talk about some other things because sometimes we tend to forget about some things that are extremely important as we are hanging out here on The rated R safety show. It is 44 minutes past the top of the hour. But do you need some tricks to make yourself feel more confident? Yeah, I'm not joking. I'm going to tell you something. I'm gonna tell you some tricks real quick as where you are starting off on this monday. Some things you can do to move forward and so on, adjust your parts, your posture and straighten your spine while in a meeting or stand tall with your chest out when meeting someone. The simple adjustment works wonders to boost your self confidence because of the relationship between our mind and our body. This is not a joke. This is all serious stuff. Listen to uplifting music. If you're nervous about giving a big presentation, are listening to high energy songs with positive messages can boost your self esteem. Workers who feel more confident after listening to an upbeat song also tend to to be more productive. Everybody hurts isn't going to cut it here. Just just in case nothing against R. E. M. Butler, see a mantra to yourself in the mirror. What you start your day right with the right mindset by creating a positive messages message to stay to say out loud to yourself. This can encourage an optimistic outlook which creates confidence. Examples, I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness, I have the power to create change or chances are I won't be fired today. Exercise regularly working out has numerous mental health benefits and those who do feel less anxious and depressed. And when you and when you see results, you'd actually carry yourself more confidently. Maybe it's uh, it's not uh, it's not about the rest of that you're willing to take. It's about feeling more confident here and then last, but not least, keep a list of obstacles you've overcome in the past. Think of them. When you're confronted by the hardship that you're feeling overwhelmed, it helps remember perhaps accomplishments and draw from the past victories, like the time I was voted most likely not to succeed. But seriously, you have to think about stuff. You have to think about stuff that brings you confidence because here's the thing. Some people have that trigger issue where they won't pull the trigger on something. Hopefully it's not a gun we're talking about, but they won't do something because they don't feel confident about it. Well, guess what? You need to go out there today and feel confident and knock it out of the park. It's not a joke because I would hate for you to sit back later in life and tell me the shit I could have with a story. Yeah, I should have, I could have, I would have, but I did not. Yeah, that's what I said. I didn't know. Let's get John in here, let's get John in here and have him give us some motivation because it is that time is 747, eastern standard time or 47 minutes past the top of the hour, wherever the hell you're at. It's time right now for the motivation minute, courtesy of better credit cards dot com steve jobs set. You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something, your gut destiny life, karma, whatever this approach has never let me down and it has made all the difference in my life. Very nice quote there from steve jobs, think of the times in your life that you look back and it all makes sense. It reminds me of a trick that I have for you. If you ever doing a little puzzle, it's like a maze start at the end and it's easy to find your way to the starting point. Don't believe me try it. It's pretty cool. This has been today's motivation minute, courtesy of better credit cards dot com. I'm john small. Thanks for listening. Your favorite motivational quotes can be submitted for upcoming programs at motivation minute dot org, bringing you information you never knew you cared about Bridget on safety show. Okay, so let's talk about it real quick. I'm going to bring you this from the swamp. Actor Matthew McConaughey has publicly hinted at his aspiration for public office and there is uh, an appetite for his candidacy in texas. A poll published by the Dallas morning news, giving him a 12 point lead over incumbent governor Greg Abbott 45 to 33%. The general election would be november the 20 seconds. So don't be surprised. As you see McConaughey, I'm going on there. I I have a funny feeling. A lot of people will move there. Uh, if he does, if he does go for it, just say anyways, let's talk about some other things. No winner for friday night's mega million drawing for Tuesday. Uh, Tuesdays will be drawing for $257 million jackpot or 100 and 79 $775.9 million cash payout. No winner for saturday night's powerball drawing, Wednesday's drawing will be for $90 million jackpot or a $62.3 million cash payout. So there you go. Some interesting things going on there. If you like to play the game, baby. Okay, so let's continue talking weekend box office numbers. Let's give you from number 10 to number one. And let's go right now as the number 10 spot at $310,000. That was the cruise at a New age at number nine. The Courier, $462,000. Number eight in the Earth. $506,000. And number seven. The girl who believes in miracles. $561,000 and number six Voyager $790,000. Tom and jerry at $1.1 million took up on the number five spot at number four. Raya and the Dragon in the last Dragon. Excuse me at $1.9 million at number four. Number three. The Unholy $2.1 million at number two. Nobody at $2.5 million. And still at the number one spot, Godzilla versus kong At $7.7 million. So that movie continues to rake it in if that's something you're interested in, knock yourself out with it because it's definitely something going on for sure. Uh there you go. There you go. Some some some some interesting stuff going on inside of that particular side of the world. Okay, let's continue talking about some other things going on. Um, as we do talk real quick, the W. N. B. A. And Nike have pulled the Dallas Wing special edition Jersey meant to honor female empowerment. After learning that the historic group that inspired the design excluded black women. The league issued a statement to time magazine saying that no that they would no longer be selling the wings label uniform modeled after the P 40 Warhawk plane flown by women, Air Force Service pilots from World War II. After learning that black women were not accepted into the program. The uniform was released on april the eight as part as the three new game edition jersey. For each leaks 12 team to honor the 25th season. Nike also said they will remove the jersey from their retail locations. So that's what's going on right now. It is 52 minutes past the top of the hour. We're gonna get you out of here in the next eight. As we do move along after this show, I go and hang out at radio big dot FM. You're more than welcome to hang out with me. If you don't normally do that, it is go to radio big dot F. M. On your web browser and that will take you there and then we get to hang out. Do some other things. We'll talk about some other stuff going on at the same time as well. Anyways, if you need to know what what happened back on this date, let's talk about it Um back in 2020. Yeah 2020. I know it doesn't seem that long ago. Or does it? Let's talk about it. Us Covid 19 death tolls passes about 40,000 with more than 740,000 cases reported according to john Hopkins. Also on this day the U. K. Covid death toll reaches 16,060 deaths. The Sunday times criticizes Prime Minister Boris Johnson response to the virus saying that they sleep walked into this disaster. So that was back in 2020. We go back a little bit further, 1995 1995, Timothy McVhigh aid uh, do note, can't even speak. Hold on. There was the rented a Ryder truck outside of the Alfred P murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. The terrorist attack killed about 100 about 100 people and trapped dozens more. It was the worst case of domestic terror in american history. McVeigh and his accomplices were swiftly captured and put on trial. McKay was eventually put to death. Is um, His comparator, Terry Nichols received a life in prison. That was back in 1995. I was actually, I was still remember that. I still remember that pretty vividly. Anyways, let's talk about some things going on today. Right after this little lovely message from our friend, uh, you know Jeffrey, I'm a trial lawyer. I'm not part of your family and I don't do skits with my mom. I'm a real lawyer. A damn good lawyer. The best lawyer this state has to offer and I've built a reputation for standing up for the people of this country righting the wrongs. You may not agree with all of my views, but when it comes to try in cases, there's only one view, justice and justice is what I get fighter law. That's why we're unstoppable. We at safety FM are not responsible for what this idiot behind the microphone is saying is trying to be entertaining rated R safety show. Okay, let's talk about some birthdays for today. Lauren Gray turns 19 Maria sharapova turns 34. Oh Maria sharapova, Ali Wong turns 39 Hayden Christiansen turns 40 Kate Hudson 42, Joan, Joanne Gaines 43. Really? Uh, James franco 43 jesse. James 52 Ashley Judd 53. Soon night 56 tim curry turned 75. All happening on today's lovely day. If you need some reasons to celebrate today, let's talk about the reason to do now to do so. National Albarado day. National garlic day. National well, hang it out day. Oh yeah, let's hang it out. Uh, National North Dakota Day. I wish I would have known that National Oklahoma City bombing commemoration day and then Patriot's Day is the other day that you can celebrate today if you're so inclined to do so. Anyway, let me tell you about the most important part that I will tell you during the whole thing known as this little program known as the rated R safety show. And that's for you to know that you are not alone. Whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or have lost a loved one, know that you're not alone here. About personal experiences from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide and depression. All you'll need to do is go to a f sp dot org. That's a f sp dot org. Or you can actually go and call 1 802 738255 That's 1 802 738255 Or or or or or or text the word talk to 741741 That's 741741 So just for information purposes anyways, before I forget if you have not picked up our lovely sign, you can use the U. P. The QR code that's right here in this particular corner. Um, and you can go right there right there and it will bring up this little sign, there's a reason for the sign, I am not speaking at any safety conference or expo seven, the september the 13th through the 15th. Just so you know, you can actually get it and put it on your social media platform or you can go to safety FM dot com forward slash I am not. Yes, that is safety FM dot com forward slash I am not. And you can download it right there. You have a little video that will play right there to um, just in case if you're so inclined to come out, hang out and see the things that we do on that side of the sector. Uh, so let's talk about it. If you need some wack fax for today. Here is this greek Yogurt is actually Turkish just throwing that out there. Jim, Prank Dwight 114 times into the entire entirety of the us version of the office just saying, uh, post posted notes should be peeled horizontally, not upward motion, which causes the paper to cut. Nearly all spiders are venomous men and women who listen to similar music tend to be better communicators. Um, and have longer lasting relationships. There you go. Let's see how many people will jump on board on that one now. And according to a poll, doctors and lawyers are the worst tippers. Okay now. Good to know. Um, so there you go. If you need a phone starter for today, try this one. Which celebrity would you most likely sit next to on a long flight. Um, I have some in mind. Uh, if you need a random joke for today, try this one. There isn't much to see in a small town, but what you, but what you hear sure makes up for it. If you need something for the water cooler. Try this one. According to a scientific study, humans are not biologically equipped to do this Before 10. a.m. What is it work? That's interesting. Something to really think about anyways. You've been listening to the radar safety show exclusively on safety. FM dot com and radio big dot FM. Anyways, safety FM is the home of real safety talk. Thank you for always being the best part of safety. FM. And that is the listener without you. We definitely could not do what we do here. That is for sure. Anyways, if I can leave you with a thought for today, I would love to leave you with this one. Nobody plans to fail. They just fail to plan. If you want to succeed in this game that we call life, you have to have a plan. You can't just have a goal. The goal is like a wish and you really can't plan for those anyways. I know who you are, you know who I am love, you mean it and goodbye. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It should not be utilized in the real world as the only solution available as they are based only on very limited and dated open source information, assumptions made within this analysis are not reflective of the position of the company. No part of this podcast may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the creator of the podcast jay.