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[00:00:00] :  This show is brought to you by safety following program is reading L. S. V. That contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally show with the ball should call it like it is rated R. Safety show on safety FM. Countdown to audio torture decorated. Our safety show starts in 321 lady ear drum pain. Begin forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R. Safety show with your host, dr uh it doesn't matter who the host is. Well. Well, well, is that not the truth or what today is, thursday May the 20th of 2021 day, 140th of the year And only 225 days left to go. Or should I say its return date. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the people who reached out asking all kinds of questions, seeing what the hell was going on. I am still alive. I am still doing what I do. The fun part about the whole thing is we started talking right away. Um I had lost my voice for a period of time so I didn't think it would probably be a good idea to jump on and try to start doing the whole conversation piece. Um If I wasn't able to speak I mean some of some people might have like that um but was not able to pull that off so we're back today so hopefully you were able to hang out with us with some of the stuff that we were doing on Safety Day um from the A. C. F. S. That happened on Tuesday if I remember correctly. Um So we're able to do some events there. Um Some things that were going on live presentation. It was interesting just being there for the first time being around people um at an event. So a lot of fun stuff going on through those days. We're gonna talk about that a little bit more on the J ALLen show. So you'll hear some of that, some of the recordings that we did, and some of the things that were occurring at the event itself. So, thank you for the people that are showing up already inside of the box, people are taking a listen. Yes, I am still alive. This is not the Lazarus moment where I'm back from the dead or anything along those lines. Anyway, so we are broadcasting live from the Safety FM studios in Orlando florida, of course, and of course, streaming across the Multiverse of Safety FM and hanging out with our friends and colleagues, you know, at that other place, you know, what's that place called? You're enough head mix. So I have to tell you, as I was coming back in this morning doing all this stuff, I wasn't sure how the hell we're gonna pull this off. I didn't even know if I remember how to run a board anymore. So that's always fun stuff. Um, So let's get, let's get you started. We're gonna talk about a lot of the stuff that is going on first thing inside of the morning, we're gonna start talking about the news. If you're not familiar with the show, let me going to give you the layout of the land here. What we do is we talk about what's going on inside of the world of the news. We have some professional broadcasters coming, they start talking about that. Then once that's done, I come in, give you some of my nonsense of what's happening and what is occurring inside of the world. Now. We got a lot of stuff to cover because I haven't been here for about a week or so. Um, so let's get that rolling and we'll start getting to our friends and feature story news and have them talking about what they have going on. So let's get that rolling right now. Here is the news on the safety show from feature story news in brussels. I'm Stuart smith India has reported 3870 for daily fatalities from covid 19 a dip from its record tally on Wednesday new infections to have dropped in the past two weeks. But the government estimates 98 of its 1.35 billion population remains susceptible to infection. India saw 276,000 new coronavirus infections over just the past 24 hours. But data from private labs suggests many infections could be going unreported. Ish angered, has more from New Delhi Thyroid care. A chain of private labs says more than 65 of those getting tested have been exposed to the virus, A number that was just under 20 in February. It could mean that just in urban centers, thousands of cases are going unreported every day and in rural centers. The situation could be much worse. A government official had claimed last week that infections in cities might have saturated, causing the virus to move to villages where there's a severe shortage of testing facilities. This is why experts are postulating that real infections in the country could be 10 times higher than official figures. Asian Kirk, 35 us Republicans defied their party leaders and former President Donald Trump to vote to create an independent commission to investigate the attack on the capital. They sided with house democrats in a rare break with their party leadership, but the bill looks unlikely to pass in the Senate. Kate fisher reports from Washington. House speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the bill's passage. The Yays are 252. The Nays are 175. The bill is passed, helped by 35 Republicans joining her party, despite former President Donald trump urging them to vote against the quote democratic trap. But it's unlikely it will also pass the upper house after Senate Republican leader mitch McConnell said he would not support it. The bipartisan commission would be modeled on the one that investigated the 9 11 attacks. Kate fisher Washington and china postponed a planned rocket launch on thursday because of technical reasons. According to state media, the rocket was meant to carry supplies for its new space station. Patrick Faq has more from Beijing. The blast off was due to take place just days after China landed a rover on MArs and what was seen as a huge debt for its ambitions in space. The Tian zhu to cargo craft was expected to carry essentials including food and space suits to china's core module. China's manned space agency didn't provide any details for the postponement, only that a new launch schedule would be determined later. The Tiangong space station will need around 10 missions for it to complete assembly in orbit. China spent billions of dollars on its space program to try and catch up with leaders, the U. S. And Russia Patrick folk Beijing with FsN spotlight. I'm Simon Marks today a report from the ground on the civilian casualties that have arisen out of 10 days of violence between Israel and Hamas. In the Gaza Strip. More than 200 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, at least 63 of them Children, And at least 12 Israelis have died. But the death toll in Gaza is expected to rise over the next few days. Jason Lee is country director for the save the Children fund in East Jerusalem. One out of every three people that have been killed, civilians have been killed have been Children. There's still many Children that are trapped in the rubble that we won't actually know until the ensuing days. Every day, there has been a continuous escalation and the numbers of civilians, particularly Children that are injured or killed, continues to arise. And bear in mind that a lot of these injuries are life changing and life long disabilities that these Children will carry for the rest of their lives. The cost of human life, the collateral damage is astronomical because you're not only talking about the numbers of Children that are being killed and injured, but the absolute Devrespondation, destruction to critical infrastructure, he says at least 70,000 Palestinians have fled their homes in Gaza over the last several days. Many of them now sheltering in schools. It's still unclear what degree of impact the Israeli military strikes have had on Hamas leadership in Gaza with battlefield assessments still underway with FsN spotlight, I'm Simon Marks and to recap the top stories, India reported fewer daily deaths from covid 19 after its record tally on Wednesday. But data from private labs suggest many infections are going unreported 35 republicans to find their party leaders and former president donald trump to vote to create an independent commission to investigate the attack on the capital, but the bill looks unlikely to pass in the Senate and china postponed a planned rocket launch on thursday, which was meant to carry supplies for its new space station. There's more from us on twitter at feature story and that's the latest feature story. News Stuart smith reporting. This show is almost as enjoyable as hearing the sound of the toilet flush rated r safety show on safety. FM. 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Listen at your own risk rated r safety show, wow, that seems long. That seemed like there was a lot of time between the last time that I heard you and everything else that was going on. So anyways, let's get back to it, Start talking about some things that are going on. So I don't know, I have to reference this right away right away. Um, I know since we last spoke there has been some changes to the covid mandate. Um, if you're vaccinated, uh, that you can actually go without a mass now. And it's interesting because if you remember, not so long ago, we probably have that exact same conversation we were talking about, hey, how would it be or how many more people would be vaccinated if they were allowed you to actually not wear a mask. So it's interesting on how that actually changed. That was not that it was like some genius move to figure out that that might be part of the thing that might be coming up. But boy did that change some things and I will tell you. So this, going back for a moment, went to my first person event, um, a few days ago, which was, it was fun, all kinds of, it was fun boxing ring, all kinds of other stuff. But the interesting part was this, it started off with a lot of people in under a mask and then by the time that it was all said and done, there's a lot of people without a mask, I don't know who was vaccinated, who wasn't vaccinated and I don't, I'm not saying, hey, you need to wear a label. Uh somebody was telling me should it actually be similar to like having the scarlet letter. I was like, let's let's not get that far. But it was interesting, just kind of taking a look around saying, okay at what point, you know, is it cool? It's not cool. I can tell you, I didn't feel sick after the event or anything like along those lines. But it's pretty interesting on how that's working now on how this is going to change. But of course being in the state that I'm in, everything has been kind of open for quite some time. It will be interesting to see how some of the other state change going forward. Anyways. I'm sure you're not here to hear that. You want to hear what's going on inside of the world, the news. Because that's what we talk about anyways. I didn't say about what was trending, but I'll tell you real quick. Um, there's a video going around of 1/4 grader in florida who stands up at a school board and fights for his right to breathe freely. At least that's what he says. The board has previously voted to have mass optional on june the first, the day after the last day of school. No words and whether or not they bumped that after this brave 10 year old speech. The video already has over 1.2 million views on twitter. Yes, I did say twitter. Anyways, gun sales are surging, yep, that's something that's going around and about. Gun sales are surging Once again, gun stores nationwide are seeing an increase in customers with over 16 million background checks conducted for firearm purchases so far this year, the increase is 31% compared to the same time last year, according to the FBI one store order North Carolina told Fox News that every time a stimulus check hits the lines go around the corner so there you go. The rights to bear arms. So it's something that's coming out more and more as people are looking into the things that are going on, wow, that cameras dark, that's dark over there. I don't know what that is going on with that camera. Um, so let's continue talking a little bit more about what is going on. A spokesperson for the colonial pipeline confirmed that the company paid $4.4 million dollars to the hackers who took over their computer systems earlier this month. Uh, they needed to do everything in their power to restart, which means paying the ransom, the spokesperson told The Associated Press. Meanwhile, colonial pipeline ceo joseph blunt told The Wall Street Journal that he knows the decision is highly controversial, but it was the right thing to do for the country. The pipeline delivers about 45 of the total gasoline to the east coast. Now, it's interesting because, as you are aware, might not be aware, I am east coaster um, going on right now. But it's been interesting to seeing some of the things that are going on there because some people losing it over the pipeline. Um, and I'm actually in a state that people didn't freak out oddly enough. Um, at least towards the central portion. Uh, but it was interesting to seeing on what people were doing just to get fuel uh, the way that they were actually trying to put fuel and bags. Yeah, I did say that out loud. Um, not probably the best decision, but hey, everybody has to do their own thing and that's definitely your own thing. Especially when you really start thinking about it. You are listening to something, you're listening to the rated R. Safety show. Okay, so as of Wednesday, over 277.2 million Covid vaccine have been administered nationwide. Over 125.4 million americans Have been fully vaccinated, while more than 159.1 have received at least one dose. So I think that I think about that for a moment, worth noting more than 3.5 million teens ages 12 to 17. Whoever wrote that doesn't realize that 12 is not a team have received at least their first dose of the Covid 19 vaccine. Uh, this is according to the CDC reports. Also, new research shows that the number of kids hospitalized for covid 19 grossly over counted by as much as 40% in some instances, one, once again providing unaffected Children really are, uh, from free from this virus. I don't know about that. I don't know about that. I just think that that's uh, you know, that that might be some words to to put together and throw together. So what are you thinking? I have to ask the question. Of course. If you have a child within that age demo of 12-17, are you contemplating about getting them the vaccine? It's a legitimate question. It's something serious to think about. Uh, that's for sure. I don't know. I mean, I don't know what your opinion is. Um, I'm sure that it's controversial. Whichever where you go. I'm sure in some quarters, if you talk about it, they will tell you now. Not a good idea to do it. I'm sure if you're talking to some other corners, not a not a good idea not to do it. So what do you do? How do you how do you know what's what's the right thing? Some things to think about? Uh, one of the top rumors regarding Covid 19 vaccine is that the impact of fertility in women. The missin for the misinformation states that the spike of protein and the same as another spike of protein involved in the growth and attachment of the placenta during pregnancy. Dr Andrew satin from the john Hopkins said that the two spike Proteins are completely different, noting that fighters trial data further evidence during the trial. The 23 volunteers became pregnant. Wow. How many volunteers they have became pregnant and only one to suffer the loss of the in the placebo group. The C. D. C. Concurs the trial data saying that there is no evidence that the vaccine caused fertility problems. What do you think about it? Because you know that that rumor was circulating for some time. That rumor was going around right away uh you know, control the population control that is going on and all that kind of malarkey. So what do you think? Do you think that there's some legitimacy to it? Or do you think that it's just uh some nonsense? I don't know. I'm asking your opinion. Of course, everybody's entitled to their own on what they think about it. I just don't know which one might be considered, right, definitely don't know which ones wrong. Anyway. So this can sentence you going down the path here. Uh that uh the Fame Darwin Arc, have you heard about this? Have you heard about this? Hold on, because I'm losing my voice again. The fame Darwin Arc in the Galapagos islands has partially collapsed. Equator Environmental Ministry reportedly collapsed on facebook page this week blaming natural erosion of the stone. The rock structure was 141 ft high, 230 ft long and about 75 ft wide. It was located about half a mile from the Darwin Island and is not accessible by land. So there you go. Some bad news. They're coming out of the Galapagos. Sorry to hear that going on. Anyways, a former Virginia O. B. G. Y. N. has been sentenced to 60 years in prison for tricking women into ongoing invasive, unnecessary medical procedures so he could cash in on their insurance claim. Javad per watts 71 fraudulently claimed $21 million dollars from insurance companies by telling patients that he needed surgery, such as in reversible hysterectomies and improper sterilization. In some instances, he even told them they needed procedures because they had or to avoid having cancer. According to the Department of Justice. The former doctor was found guilty on 52. Yeah, I did say 52 counts. Yeah. Think about that shit for a moment. You are listening to a radio God. What? This has to be an error. That host is not a radio God. Anyways, this is the rated R safety show on safety. FM. Okay. A 12 year old fisherman from new york reeled in a big fish in a big prize fitting Murphy from pits ford. Yeah, pits ford caught £26.10 ounce chinook salmon last week, making him the grand prize winner of the Spring Lock Derby and the recipient of a $15,000 grand prize Murphy told the new york upstate dot com that he plans to put most of his winning aside for college, but may spend some of it on a nice gift for his parents and or be nerve gun for himself. So there you go. The kid has some plans. So good to hear about the winnings. There have to definitely tie into something positive here on what's going on. Anyways, on some bad news India. Um, India reported more covid deaths yesterday than any other country anytime during the pandemic. The health Ministry reported 4529 deaths on Wednesday. Um, driving up the number of confirmed fatalities to 283,000, 248. The previous record for most daily death from the virus was set on january the 12th in the U. S. When 404 100. Excuse me. 4475 people died. According to john Hopkins, sorry to hear about the news of what's going on inside of their uh, definitely when you start thinking about it, crazy times of things that are still going on inside of this world with covid related issues. The prosecution made its opening statement in the mollie Tibbetts murder trial yesterday, Attorney Mark Claver told the jurors that the defendant, Christiane buying, uh, spotted tablets. Running is one of one evening and circled back a second look when he stopped and got out of his car and began running along her. According to the alleged statement, the investigation. Rivera said that he blacked out when tippet starting to call the police. The next thing that he remembered was driving her bloody was driving her bloody body to a cornfield where he hit her underneath a corn stocks. The defense deferred to its opening statement to it later to later in the trial, which is expected to last two weeks. Rivera's faces life in prison without parole if convicted. What the, what the hell happened there? What kind of story is this? Uh, some things that are going on anyways, Let's talk to our friend john smalls, It's definitely been some time. Uh, let's get him in here and let him tell us about what's going on inside of the markets. Here's your market beat minute for thursday May 20th 2021. Equities tumbled Wednesday as rising fears of inflation and economic headwinds overcame the outlook for the second half gains. The fear was stoked last week by hotter than expected reads on C. P. I. And P. P. I. That have since been compounded by weak data from the housing sector. The combination of weaker than expected data and rising inflation puts the fomc in a precarious position and could lead to higher interest rates much sooner than expected, Wednesday trading took the S. And P. 500 down more than 1% at the low of the session. The market was able to claw back some of the losses before the close of the day. The biggest losses were in the industrial and transportation. names, names that have been leading the market up until now, thursday's action may heat up again with key data from the labor market, the Philly Fed's business outlook survey and the index of leading indicators on tap. You can get the inside track in your inbox at market beat minute dot com. So there you go. That's some information by john smalls. Let's continue with a little bit more of that Markets finished in the red during Wednesday's session. As the Dow slipped about 164 points, The NASDAQ fell about three points and the S&P lost about 12 points. The Feds April meeting minutes indicated their growing support to tap for the purchases of bonds from the its current rate. Such moves could pave the way for interest rate increases, which we kind of knew that was going to happen at one point or another. Oil prices fell more than $2 a barrel on Wednesday as fears that rising virus cases in Asia could lead to a lesson demand worldwide. So there you go from there, there's some additional information of the things that are going on inside of the world. Of course going around and around and around. So let's get to it because you know, it's gonna be close to that time. It is 24 minutes past the top of the hour, just in case you did not know. And of course I'm gonna have to learn my button Assembly one more time and let's get into that other thing that we call our main story here is our main story on the radio safety show. So there you go. Something's going on inside of the world. We talk a little bit about everything going on. So let's not do anything different today. Um as we do make our return here and my throat is so drying out, which just makes it kind of hilarious. So I'm glad that I did not come back any sooner because that would have been even more fun times. So let's talk about this. What do you do when you start going into having conversations with people and you kind of notice that things are not probably going the way that you originally a thought that you that they should go. Um What do you start thinking about? I'm just starting to wonder because here's the thing. I think sometimes when you go to a presentation or you get to see people have speeches or you get to have interactions. We tend to forget to do this important thing. And it is the kind of depends on how important it is to you, which is taking the temperature of the room and what do I mean here, when I started talking about this, it's talking it's really taking that focus for a moment of how people are receiving the information that you're sharing. And I think that sometimes we tend to forget that it's better to have a conversation with people opposed to just talking to people, you know, talking at them. You know, where it's just like, hey, yeah, yeah, you're right there probably not the approach you want to take. So there's some things to think about here. You have to really tailor some of your messaging to whatever the hell is going on inside of that room. Listen, there are sometimes where some information has to be shared that people are not going to be comfortable with. The thing here is when you're having the combo is measuring what is going on. And I talk about this because there's so many different things that that's going to apply to. And I think we've gotten a custom to doing a lot of this virtual stuff so that if I'm having a conversation here in a virtual room and I say something that's off, I can't see the people cringe as I'm saying it, facial expressions are a big deal when you're actually doing it. I mean the way that people normally interact, especially if you're in person makes it a lot easier to understand what's exactly going on where when you're doing it like this, I have no idea what's going on on your end. I mean as we talk about it all the time, I can't see the people on the radio, I can't see the people that are taking listen on their smart devices. I can't see the people that are watching unless I'm doing it in a virtual room configuration where it's like you have to have your camera on. But that's not the case. So that word word starts becoming very interesting. So what do you do to measure the rooms? What do you do to engage with the people that you're conversing with and listen? I don't care what level you are in inside of your organization because it's important regardless, it's important having those conversations and it doesn't even have to apply to work alone. I think sometimes people don't realize how uncomfortable some other people feel by not taking the temperature of the room or the person that you're conversing with. Imagine if you start making that a focal point of what you have going on? Imagine if you started making that a focal point of the conversations that you have on how different some of the outcomes might be. And of course we could go into the whole aspect of talking about, well, this is the impact that it has on somebody's um psyche depending on what's going on. And like I said, there are times that things should feel uncomfortable, but it also you have to keep in mind as when you're doing this, what are you trying to accomplish? Because think about it, there has been times where people have come up and had conversations with you, where they have made you feel uncomfortable and you're like, that person is a jerk, I want nothing to do with them, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You get my point. So what do you do then? You pretty much ignore what they had to say, at least for the most part, that's how most people at least handle it. So what do you think they're going to happen on the other side? So just some stuff to think about. I don't want to bring that up today. It's just been interesting being able to interact with others and saying, hey, if you don't take the the room idea on how things are actually going, it might be a potential issue. So some stuff to talk about. But what do I know? Like I always say, I'm just a guy behind a microphone, so who knows? Oops, What did she just say? We had safety FM. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now, back to real safety talk on safety. FM. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of real safety talk. You are listening to safety FM. We'll be right back. Hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2000 and eight. She really likes to be around people. I get out my mat and I'm doing a downward dog and he's underneath. 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Always say please. Thank you. You're welcome. An excuse me. Sit up straight, hold doors open. I'll speak with your mouth full. Keep your elbows off the table, share your things. Play nice and generally treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Got it, got it and stop picking your nose. Most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes, two minutes twice a day. Making sure they brush their teeth is easier and it could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain visit two men, two x dot org To find out more. A message from the partnership for healthy miles, healthy lives in the ad Council. I'm a retired school psychologist and helping people with my thing after my stroke. When meals on wheels started, I was another mistake, so to speak. My name is Julius, gains creative writer, poet, photographer. 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In the Erica. We're gonna butcher last name. You ready to uh uses the term to describe those born in the early 19 eighties who are considered too old to be regular millennials but younger than gen xers, this age group is often referred to as uh, customers and Xeni als Yeah, Xeni als I did say that zen eels, The piece says that the special micro generation is comfortable with both analog and digital forms of communication and was the first generation to grow up with technology like Pcs in their homes. Although the article is overwhelmingly positive saying this group is um, is effective at communicating across the generation and even through the author as a geriatric millennial herself, The elder millennial crowd took offense of being called geriatric when they haven't even hit 40. Hold on. Very geriatric at 40. Now, that's something one commenter wrote, congrats, I am both insulted and inspired. Another posted as an old millennial. This is a highly offensive, this is ageist. I am literally shaking right now. Delete this. Another call called the term the worst uh generational nickname of all time. Seriously, What the hell is going on? Hold on with a cough. So that's interesting. I mean just take a listen to that. Like geriatric Geriatric like seriously, what the hell are you thinking when it comes to this? But then again when people are, when women are over the age of 35 and they get pregnant in the doctor paperwork. I have seen it where it says they're geriatric. I mean like what the hell? So the last person that had the idea of that um, of what I called my dad would be something that he would say along these lines. Did that term hit too close to their parents home? Is that what the hell happened? I mean I'm so lost at what's going on here. Safety in a way never heard of before rated safety show on safety is in so for years I have been telling you how I sleep so miserably at night. But that has all changed as of recent. 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But that's a whole other story and my wife loves it which is important. So if you're looking for a mattress you just take the quiz. You ordered the mattress and your match to it and the mattress comes right to your door ship for free. You don't even need to go to the mattress store again. Helix is awesome but you don't need my word for it. Helix was awarded the number one overall mattress pick of 2020 by G. Q. And wired magazine. Just go to Helix sleep dot com forward slash safety. That's helix sleep dot com ford slash safety. There take the two minutes sleep quiz and they'll match you up with a customized mattress that will give you the best sleep of your life. They have a 10 year warranty and you get to try the mattress for 100 nights. Risk free. They'll even pick it up if you don't love it. But you will. Helix is offering up to $200 off of all mattress orders and to free pillows for our listeners at helix sleep dot com forward slash safety. That's helix sleep dot com forward slash safety for up to $200 off into free pillows. Don't forget to tell them the J allen sent you. Okay? Hopefully I have my voice back to some extent here. Sorry about that has to definitely keep it liquefied. Uh So let's continue talking a little bit hot. New treatment for depression has come out. A study may have found the key of fighting depression and anxiety a lot. A long hot bubble bath. I'm sure you agree with that. There's nothing more relaxing than to soak in um to soak after a tiresome day. But now a study that carried by the Society of Biology, psychiatric in Atlanta found that dips in a hot in hot water in temperatures of About a 100 to 204° Fahrenheit of course could help boost the mood of those with depression, anxiety and fever. It just works better than antidepressants. And after test participants cooled down, researchers found that 60 of responders or responded to the treatment or responding to the treatment with over 40 feeling less depressed after a single session. I don't want to sound like a, like, you know, like I'm flipping here but there the water is hot and I'd rather be happy if uh if I was inside of hot water too. The other thing is, would your stress levels go down to if you were bathing in front of a bunch of strangers and then it would find it was finally over just joking on that side. But something to think about. I know that my wife says that she likes that she's a lot happier uh that I got her a hot tub, so that's actually worked out best in that particular regard. But anyways, all joking aside about that, you know, that we needed to always talk about this. We will always talk about this on the show because this is the most important part about anything that we do talk about and that is about our friends at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You know that you're not alone, whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or lost a loved one, know that you're not alone here about personal experiences from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide and depression. If you want to find out more information, you can go to a f sp dot org. That's a f sp dot org. Or you can actually call 1 802 738255 That's 1 802 738255 Or text the word talk to 741741 That's no joke whatsoever. As we are talking about this anyways, let's get our friend right now. Inside of here john smalls one more time and tell us what's going on with the motivation minute. The motivation minute is courtesy of better credit cards dot com. Today's quote was submitted by Montel Booker T Washington said you measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals. I can agree with this one. There are many things in life that just really come easy. You don't need to work too hard for them. It's super simple by the way to take these things for granted. I've actually thank God for these little things many times. But the things I'm most thankful for are the things in life that did not come easy. Things that were a true test of me and everything I believe in. I have no idea why, but those things really stand out in my mind and I am truly thankful for those accomplishments. This has been today's motivation minute, courtesy of better credit cards dot com. I'm john Small Thanks for listening. Your favorite motivational quotes can be submitted for upcoming programs at motivation minute dot org. Bringing you information. You never knew you cared about rated on safety show. Okay. Thanks to john Smalls for that one. Let's continue talking a little bit more. Did you know more than 75% want theaters to tell us actually the actual time of the movie start with many cinemas opening up again these days. The vast majority of people would like to see the fresh start, bring actual start times along rather than the housing posting the time of the pre movie and the trailer. Start rolling the L A. D bible. What the hell is L A D? The l A. D bible poll of 7300 brits was sparked by a tweet by money saving expert Founder martin Lewis in 2019. Who called the the disclosure of actual movie start times after he sat through more than half an hour of pre film ads. I have enough trouble showing up on time for most things. So why the hell should I have to be sitting there for all this period of time? I have to tell you there's this little movie theater that I go to. It's kind of like a really off like an off brand movie theater or that I used to go to pre pandemic. And the funny part is that if they say a movie starts like at 3 10, the movie starts at 3 10. They'll run ads prior. But that's kind of one of those interesting things um as we do go about and talk about them. I haven't told you about this because I haven't been around in a hot little bit. Maybe I should tell you about this, talking about some, something's going on and all that kind of fun stuff. We didn't tell you. Let me see if I can get this up. Did we tell you about our event here? I have actually partnered up with Todd Conklin and he is actually putting on this little event is already available. So you can actually go to safety FM dot Io to take a look at it if you're so inclined to do so. But Todd has actually put together a pretty good presentation of information of bouncing forward from Covid and what kind of what everything is going to look like over the next little bit. And if you do get a chance, I would recommend going to safety FM dot Io where you can take a kind of a look see look, see if you may of this itself about exactly what he's talking about. Of bouncing forward inside of the world here because it's interesting on how his perspectives are of what's going to happen over the next little bit. So, if you get a chance, go over to safety FM dot Io, take a look at what Todd Conklin has going on with this whole new clip, sir, of actually called bouncing for it. It's a it's an all new presentation, updated material um from May of this year. So there you go, you can take a look at it, see exactly what Todd and his group has going on right there. Uh So I got a, I got a message from one of my friends, so take a listen to this real quick because we were, we were some say I'm a street fighter or renegade, a courtroom brawler. I'm a trial lawyer and I have a mission to right wrongs to level the playing field to protect victims by doing what I do best win in court. That's the DNA of Feiger law, Feiger law. I was born for this. Oh, that's our friend, Jeffrey Feiger telling us on how he was born for this. And believe me, if you follow any of the stuff that that figure does, it definitely does sound like he is born for this. Anyways, let's talk a little bit more about what's going on inside of the world of the news. Let's jump around real quick. Let's take a look at what do we want to talk about the swamp? I don't even think, no, I haven't missed the swamp. So we're gonna skip it. Uh, no winner for Tuesday night to make a million drawing, Friday's drawing will be for $515 million $346 million dollars cash payout if you're inclined to know anything about that. So there you go. Uh, some rumors circulating. Adam Levine will return to NBC's, the voice for the season finale. The former coach will come back as part of a number of musical performances to set close out to the season. Levin left the show back in 2019 after 16 seasons. He has uh, he and maroon Fine will perform beautiful mistakes featuring Megan, these stallion. So there you go. You want to take a look at that. A new H. B. O. Max series that will start called batman is it will be starting with the animated crusader. If you're looking into anything going on inside of there, let's skip forward a little bit more and talk about some other things that you might deem important. Let's do this real quick. Let's talk about some of the birthdays that are going on today. We'll go through those real quick. Jack Gleeson turns 29 today john party uh, turns 36 busta rhymes, 49 Ted allen 56 Tony, Goldwyn 61 Ron, Ron. Reagan Jr, son of Ron and nancy, Justin K 63. Uh, mary pop. Osborne turned 72. And are you ready for this share Share, turns 75 today. So there you go. Um, let's talk about some things that happened back on this date. So let's take a look at it to do back in 2015. David Letterman hosts the late show with David Letterman for the last time. He hosted the show for 33 years. Stephen Colbert would be announced as his successor a week later. So there you go. That's what was going on inside of that neck of the world um at the time and so on. Let's go through this real quick. Um as we talk about, let's talk about the days of the year that you can celebrate today if you're so inclined to do so International Red sneakers Day, National be a Millionaire Day, we should celebrate that one every day. We should try to be a millionaire everyday, shouldn't we? Uh, you know, National pick strawberries Day, National Rescue Dog Day, National kish Laraine Day. So there you go. Um, some things to think about anyway, thank you for coming back, hanging out. Taking a listen to what the hell we have going on here. Sorry that I've been gone for so long. But as you can see, even the trickery of my voice is trying to do some things on me today as we are speaking. Uh So here we go. Let me give you a couple of things real quick. If you need a phone starter for today to try this. What do you find just playing funny shenanigans, bamboozling canoodling underpants. I mean think about some of those things use that as a phone starter. Uh If you need something that's like a goody from the web today, do we want to give this out? I think we do okay the probably more conservative things to do that you could do at with your time. You can go to tiny rural dot com. Yeah not joking. And you type in X. 58 D. R. Nine. That's X. Five M. M. Eight D. R. Five. You're gonna be surprised on that one. Seriously? You're really going to be surprised if you need a random joke for today. Try this one. A celebrity is someone who works hard in all of his life to become known. Then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. That was not a joke. Let's continue real quick. If you need a question for the water cooler, try this. This happens about 75 times a year in the average household, what is it remote control loss? Not a joke. Think about it for a moment anyway so there you go. A lot of stuff going on inside of there as we are speaking. Um I'm gonna leave you with the thought but then we're gonna go into uh sean paul. Let him play us out for today because we do have the rights before the video so we'll do that. But if I can leave you with a thought here is the one laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. Think about it the next time that you get into it. One of those were difficult situations anyways, I'm gonna hang out on radio big dot FM. If you want to come hang out over there once we're done playing this song so you can come by, that's radio big dot FM and you come hang out with us as we're doing that. Anyway, thank you for coming back. Taking a listen to what we have going on. Sorry that I've been gone for so long. You have been listening to the rated R safety show exclusively on radio Big dot FM and safety FM dot com. Safety FM is the home of real safety talk. I know who you are, you know who I am, love you mean it and goodbye. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guests, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It should not be utilized in the real world as the only solution available as they are based only on very limited in dated open source information, assumptions made within this analysis are not reflective of the position of the company. No part of this podcast may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the creator of the podcast. A.