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[00:00:00] :  This show is brought to you by safety following program contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally show with the balls to call it like it is raining our safety show on safety FM. Countdown to audio torture. Directed our safety show starts in 321 lady ear drum pain begin, forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R. Safety show with your host. Dr uh It doesn't matter who the host is. Well. Well, well, well, well, is that not the truth of what as we do talk about it once again. You know, it is another lovely monday. It is april the 12th Of 2021, day, 102 of the year in only 263 days left to go, baby. So there you go. A lot of stuff going on of course. Already, as we're starting to get into it and all that kind of fun stuff as we are moving and grooving and talking about everything that is going on inside of this lovely world of ours as we are hanging out here on the rated R safety show. Of course we're broadcasting live from the radio Big Studios and the safety FM studios and we're coming to you live from of course Orlando florida because that's where we're going to hang out. And of course we're streaming on both of these sequences which would be safety FM and radio big dot FM. And you know, you know, I do, I do the sounds, I don't know, I never know if I do. The sound effects are not do the sound effects. Some people like it, some people don't I don't know, just do it Rio. So there you go. So let's talk about what was trending over the weekend. If you did not see it, let's talk about it. We'll go through them relatively quick. Hashtag national sibling day was flooded multiple social media platforms on saturday as users shared photos and honor their beloved brothers and sisters will smith was also training on saturday as the top response to one of the users questions who is the most successful rapper turned actor, other contender with Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx and Iced Tea, a national pet day was trending over the weekend as well. Um, at least on sunday, social media users attached the hashtag to post devoted to their four legged pause friends, uh, slightly or their companions, whatever the hell you want to call them, The official twitter page for the national Pet day, sent out tweets, asking people looking for, looking for pets to consider for adoption. So there you go, that was making some trends and of course the big one that was making the sequence of events was hashtag bad bunny. Yeah, that's no joke. There was trending over the weekend after his performance in ring at WrestleMania, the Puerto Rican rafter joined his pal Damien priest to take on the Miz and john Morrison an attack team match fans were surprisingly shot with bunnies athletic ability. It was being known as one of the best, no joke, one of the best performances by a celebrity at WrestleMania. So there you go. That was what was going on according to the plan. So that's it. Anyways. So let's get you two are friends that feature story news. Have them start talking about what they have going on. Um, and we'll get that moving and grooving right now. Here is the news feature story News in London. I'm ali Barrett. There have been clashes with police in Brooklyn center close to Minneapolis after a black man was fatally shot by officers during a traffic stop. 20 year old Dante Wright's name was chanted by protesters, but police used tear gas to disperse demonstrations and a curfew has been imposed. U. S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's warned reopening the U. S. Economy too soon could lead to another jump in coronavirus cases. He also said the Fed was unlikely to raise interest rates this year. A gritty dark reports from Washington, Jerome Powell said the U. S. Economy is at an inflection point. Speaking to CBS's 60 minutes, the Fed Chair said the pandemic is still a major risk to the nation's economic recovery. What we're seeing now is really an economy that seems to be at an inflection point and that's because of widespread vaccination and strong fiscal support, strong monetary policy support. We feel like we're at a place where the economy is about to start growing much more quickly, even though he described an accelerating economy. Mr Powell said the Fed would, for the time being continued to maintain a loose monetary policy, keeping interest rates near zero until there's a stronger rebound in the jobs market. Chinese tech giant Alibaba is playing down the impact of a record $2.8 billion fine from China's antitrust. Regulator, analysts say the fine marks a turning point in Beijing's approach to fast growing chinese tech companies. But Alibaba's bosses say they are unaware of any similar probes taking place into other companies. Richard Kimber reports from Hong kong Alibaba's Hong kong listed shares surged in early trading, following a conference call on which the companies bosses told investors they don't expect any material negative impact as a result of a four month long investigation from China's antitrust regulators. The conclusion of that investigation has been a record high antitrust fine and a long list of changes the company is required to make. Under china's anti monopoly law, analysts say the probe and fine are designed to send a warning shot that Beijing plans to tighten its oversight of china's booming tech sector going forward. In recent months, chinese regulators have showed increasing willingness to step in including putting a sudden halt to the IPO of Alibaba's affiliate ant group, which had been set for the world's largest ever initial public offering, Hideki Matsuyama is claimed victory, the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, becoming the first player from Japan to win a men's major championship Phoebe. Amorosa reports from Tokyo. 10 years after Matsuyama debuted at Augusta National as the best amateur, he has claimed the top title. Donning the green jacket. Matsuyama told onlookers he was really happy to have won and he hoped to be a pioneer for Japanese golf. He is the first Japanese man to win a major golf title to Japanese women won Majors in 1977 and 2019 from Bureaus worldwide. This is FSN. This show is almost as enjoyable as hearing the sound of the toilet flush rated r safety show on safety. I spend a lot of time in the backyard and I'm the center of attention at summer barbecues. In 96 I made some of the tastiest smores and at oh nine it was me your backyard fire pit that accidentally started a wildfire when a summer breeze carried one of my embers into some dry brush spark. A change, not a wildfire visit. Smokey bear dot com brought to you by the U. S. Forest Service, your state Forester in the ad council only you can prevent wildfires, hope you enjoy your meal And I just want to say he's lucky to have a brother like you lucky, caring for my brother is far from easy but he's a part of me like my arms and legs so I'll be his no time for tired. Nothing can disable this love. He needs me. But I'm the lucky one even though I need help now and then if you're caring for a loved one visit AARP dot org slash caregiving for care guides and community support for your strength brought to you by AARP and the AD council. What if I told you that a tornado was going to happen tomorrow? Right where you live? Yeah That it would touch down at exactly 3:17 PM and I told you the exact path it would take. You would of course prepare. You would talk with your loved ones and you make a plan today. It's true. I can't tell you a tornado strike tomorrow, but shouldn't you have a plan anyway? Go to ready dot gov slash communicate and make your emergency plan today. Don't wait communicate brought to you by fema and the ad council. This is Mario Andretti, you know me as a race car driver, but I'm also a meals on wheels volunteer I've raised against the sport's biggest personalities but I've never met more vibrant, amazing people than a senior served by meals on wheels. You can make a difference by dropping off a hot meal and saying a quick hello. So America, let's do lunch, volunteer. Your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels. America and the ad council listen to our host of the rated R safety show. Self implode on our airwaves. Only on safety. FM Oh, so there you go. A lot of stuff going on first thing in the morning as we are always talking, moving and grooving and all that kind of fun stuff because that is what we do here. So there you go. Um So I don't know, I don't know. You know, sometimes we get to the show and we start doing the things that we do. I'm sure that you go through the same thing to where you wake up and you're just not feeling and hey, let's talk about not feeling it. How does work go when you don't feel it? I mean, I'm sure you don't push it on the back burner because those things happen and what is the frequency of it happening? You know, I think it's interesting at least depending on where you're located on how things go from time, two times you adjust, you adapt and all that. But what happens on the mornings that you wake up and you don't feel it? A lot of people um say that that's the case in that particular regards that, you know, when you don't feel it, you still move forward. How do you actually handle it? And yes, to answer your question, yes. I am rocking and a SSP shirt today. If you're kind of curious, I mean it's kind of broad it available on the logo right there. Yeah. Oh, I know why you're asking me, are you asking me? Because I forgot to put up the code. Okay. The codes up and I forgot to put up the note. Okay. I'll put both of those things up real quick. Sorry about the confusion there. So there you go. So we talked about this last week, I guess. Um, we have Richard Nichols that wants me to talk about this again. So last week we did a shirt or we didn't do a shirt, that's what I'm wearing a shirt. Um we did this little sign, I am not speaking at any safety conference or expo September the 13th through the 15th. So here we go. Here is the side once again where you can see it if you want to download it, the QR code is available right there on the screen. So there you go. Is it ironic? No, that's a song by Atlantis. More said I can play it for you if you want, but you'll have to come to radio big to take a listen to it. So there you go. I mean, I'm sure as you probably are aware, I do have a lot of stuff that I do wear. I mean if you want me to I can go have someone get me the safety be shirt and we'll wear that at some point this week. Here's the fun part. What people don't understand is that I do a lot of strange things around here. I mean that's the fun thing. The other portion is a lot of people think that I have this hate relationship towards the american society of safety professionals, it's not that I don't like what they do, I just, there's certain things that I don't agree with and I think I'm perfectly fine, I'm using my platform on saying those things, not that there are bad company, not that they're bad organization, they just do things certainly differently and hey, let's be realistic, they have an event that's going on right now That is coming up and they handed out signs to people that said, Hey I am speaking at X event during the 13th and 15th, Hey, I wanted to help them out and I wanted them to have signs for people that are not speaking, so there you go. So that's that's the fun part. So people get all kind of come get all these kind of misinformation on the things that I like and I don't like now I'm gonna tell you this where people were kind of shocked last year was during the pandemic, which were still going on right now, but people were shocked during the pandemic that I was not happy that certain groups were charging mega bucks to go to a prerecorded virtual events that had somebody inside of a chat box that was speaking for, they could answer my questions and if I don't like something, I'm gonna say something and then here's the fun part. We had people that were on part of our network at the time that we're talking so much shit about that same organization, but the moment that the big organization came about and was saying, hey, let's talk, we're gonna give you marketing and potentially some money. They bowed down and guess what? Don't do that. I will tell you that we only promote stuff here that I like, that I agree with and so on. So you will never hear me talk about a sponsor about something I don't believe in or agree with or something that should be part or that's prevalent to the audience. I mean, you're not gonna hear me go talk a whole bunch of shit about somebody and they'll be like, hey, they got, they got marketing dollars so I'm willing to, you know, change what I believe in. Sorry, not the game that I play because here's the thing at the end of the day, this is your show and we do exactly what you want to see and hear on their within reason, of course, but come on, I mean it's just a bunch of Bs. The funny part is that what you get here is the same person that you'll hear me say the exact same things off the air. It's not a character, it's not oh, I need to be popular now. Sorry, I was in high school many, many years ago. I don't need that. I don't need to, you know, let's be part of the cool club because that's that's what the click wants right now. It makes me want to vomit when I hear stuff like that where people will bow to the master. Yeah, that's exactly what it boils down to. Yeah, you know something I don't I don't like this, I don't like this. Oh, they're coming my way. I love that. They're so great. I wear shit to piss people off sometimes just to do it just to see if I can gather attention of like, you're lucky guy. What did I disagree with this organization? There are certain things I don't like. You'll never see me there, You will never see me. They're presenting, you will never see me there. Because then I have sold out. They would have to be a dynamic, dynamic and gigantic change to certain things. But that's a whole other story for another day. And let's not kind of just sit back and pick on them Because there's more than just one organization that does similar things. 350 designations inside of the safety industry alone. 350. Are they going to help me with keeping other people safe or are they going to help me with in regards of understanding my job better? And tell me that there's certain sequences of things that I do in regards of my employment that are not good enough to get credential. E I mean, come on, anyways, you're gonna put me down a whole tirade of something else that I don't even want to be talking about. Listen to our host of the rated R safety show. Self implode on our airwaves. Only on safety. FM. Okay, anywhere. 12 year old boy is expected to survive after being shot in the chest in Brooklyn On saturday night to two groups of people began shooting at each other and a stray bullet hit the child Who was walking down the street. He stumbled into a nearby liquor store, prompting the owner to call 911. No arrests have been made in the incident, so, that did occur on Saturday. Good to hear that he is expected to survive. But think about that story bullets as we started talking about it right away. Anyways, 18 minutes past the top of the hour. Matter of fact, before I get too far because I know that this is not going to go extremely well. Let's let's just get John in here. Let's just get John in here. Let him do his little motivation thing and we'll go from there. The motivation minute is courtesy of better credit cards dot com. There's a great anonymous quote that says, knowledge is being aware of what you can do, wisdom is knowing when not to do it. I've mentioned it here before, but something I think more of us need to do. We need to create a not to do list. Like today's quote says, just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do that thing. Sometimes we need to make a list of things that we don't like to do or things that were just not very good at. And sometimes it's things we don't want to get better at because they don't bring us joy if you make that list and don't do those things anymore. According to today's quote that will make us a little wiser, which is always a good thing. This has been today's motivation minute courtesy of better credit cards dot com. I'm john small thanks for listening. Your favorite motivational quotes can be submitted for upcoming programs at motivation minute dot org. I'm a trial lawyer. I'm not part of your family and I don't do skits with my mom. I'm a real lawyer. A damn good lawyer. The best lawyer this state has to offer and I built a reputation for standing up for the people of this country righting the wrongs. You may not agree with all of my views, but when it comes to trying cases, there's only one view. Justice and justice is what I get fighter law. That's why we're unstoppable. Mhm. Hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2000 and eight. She really likes to be around people. I get out my mat and I'm doing a downward dog and he's underneath. He's quite the pug about town. He gets invited to a lot of parties. He knows he's a pretty big deal. Look at this little face. I do not love him. Hamilton, the pug instagram store and shelter pet. Amazing adoption stories start in shelters, visit the shelter pet project org to find a pet near you brought to you by Maddie's Fund, the Humane Society of the United States and the Ad Council. You make sure his toys don't have any sharp edges. You taught her what to do when the smoke alarm goes off. You do so much to keep your child safe. But are you using the right car seat for your child? Car crashes are a leading killer of Children. Ages 1-13. Protect your child's future at every stage of life. For information on the right seat for your child visit safer car dot gov slash the right seat. A message from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. So you see son, good manners are important. Should I go through it again? Yes, yes please. Yes, please. Exactly. Always say, please. Thank you. You're welcome. An excuse me, sit up straight, hold doors open. I'll speak with your mouth full. Keep your elbows off the table, share your things. Play nice and generally treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Got it. Got it and stop picking your nose. Most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes, two minutes twice a day. Making sure they brush their teeth is easier and it could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain visit two men two x dot org to find out more. A message from the partnership for healthy mouths, healthy lives in the AD council. I'm a retired school psychologist and helping people with my thing after my stroke. When meals on wheels started, I was on the other end of the stick, so to speak. My name is Julius, gains creative writer, poet, photographer. One and six seniors faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in isolation. Drop off a hotmail and say a quick hello volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels. America and the ad council. Listen at your own risk rated r safety show. Oh, so there you go. We got the feiger in there. Right away. There you go. There you go. Anyways, nearly 40% of U. S. Marines have are declining. Covid 19 vaccines over 75,000 marines have received their shots, but another 48,000 have turned down the offer to get poked. There are another 100 2000 marines that have not yet been offered the vaccine the last last month, CNN reported that a third of the military personnel is declining the vaccine. So there you go. Some information going on inside of there. If you're so inclined to find out Anyways. As of Sunday, over 187 million COVID vaccines have been administered nationwide. Over 72.6 million Americans have been fully vaccinated. While more than 90 119 million have received at least one dose according to the CDC. The total number of comparative cases in the US. is nearing 31 million and with more than 558,000 deaths. So there you go. What do you got going on there? So have you been giving any thought to anything related to the vaccine? Are you getting the vaccine? And let's talk about it because we have mentioned it already. Let's talk about events that are taking place. If you're going to an event here in the next few months, Are any of these events requiring or requesting that you already have the vaccine? I know some job places are requiring that you already be vaccinated if you're returning back into the office. But are any of the events that you're going to requiring? So just some stuff to think about. Of course here's the other thing. When you start taking a look at events that are going on, what do you, what is your general consensus now? I will tell you there was a pretty large live event that occurred over the weekend, kind of kind of like the Super bowl of wrestling known as WrestleMania. And there was people that had mass. But we don't know about the vaccination. I guess that's independent choices as we do talk. But when you start to thinking about safety events, what do you think about because that's going to be a totally different anomaly on how that's looked at. So what do you think when you hear it, like if you go to a safety event that's upcoming? Do you think that people should be vaccinated? What do you think mass requirements are going to be? How do you look at the overall thing, especially if they have any kind of mess hall or anywhere where you can eat as a group that's going to be part of the conversation. Now, I will tell you the more that I look at some of these things, the more I questioned some of the stuff that's going on because I want to understand what is happening, I want to understand what's supposed to take place, but hey, that's my gig in regard to how that goes on. Uh so I know that over in like in the next month or so a little over a month, I was supposed to be attending an event. Yes, I'm planning on going. Um, but I still have tons of questions and you know, when you have your go home session, Pre event before the event supposed to occur. And number one, let's say for instance, you have a meeting tomorrow and it's monday and you haven't even received a confirmation letting you know that they're supposed to be a meeting before your major event the day before you start questioning some things right away because it is the go home addition of your meeting before your big event and you don't know anything that's going on, some stuff to think about on. How are you planning for everything else? Some data and information might be needed. Anyway, let's continue talking. The South African variant of the coronavirus can break through Pfizer vaccine to a certain extent. According to the new study from Israel, a study compared 400 people who had tested positive for covid at least two weeks after receiving one of the two doses of Pfizer vaccine against the same number of on vaccinated patients in with the disease. Uh The South African variant was found to make about 1% of all cases abroad. The the among fully vaccinated patients, the variant its prevalence. How does he make any sense? Was eight times higher than the unvaccinated patients suggesting that the vaccine is less effective against a mutated version of the Strand or strain. Previous studies show that the fires and vaccine offered a robust defense against both South African and british variant. Here you go. So we have a case of 400. I mean I guess it's some kind of modelling when you start taking a look at it, some kind of modelling when it's when it's all said and done. But man, I mean really going down, going down to the three inches there. So really stuff to think about as people are talking more and more about the vaccination. Anyways. Let's continue talking. Staff and guests at the Honolulu reserves were evacuated after shots were fired on saturday night by guess who were, who had barricaded themselves are barricaded himself into a room. The suspect believed to be a high ranking member of the navy fired through the door's against again after officers arrived to try to have going peacefully. The stand, The standoff ended with a sunday morning as suspects were shooting himself. No one of were injured. According to the report. Hold on. If the suspect shot himself, somebody was injured. Officers have not reported what sparked the shooting. Uh, the guy that was behind the door. Sounds like he was the one that sparked the shooting. Anyway, so let's continue talking. A hunter in south Carolina killed a 12 ft £445 nuanced gator, which has also turned out to be a serial dog killer, ned McKinley who killed the gator on his private land, uh took it to the local butcher who opened up the stomach and found five dog tags, one bullet jacket, one spark plug loads of turtle shells and several bobcat claws inside. One of the phone numbers of the dog tags still worked. And the man who answered confirmed that he had lost his dog 24 years earlier while hunting lease property near where the gator was, was killed. Um McNealy. Meanwhile, at the head of the butcher told the local CBS station that they were slightly stunned by what they found. You know, the gator can still uh, can and will eat just about anything. Yeah. Sounds that way. For sure. Um, I don't know should I talk about this one? Because this one is a developing story. This is a developing story at the time that this was pulled. So let's talk about, I guess. Let's talk about it. Um, let's, let's do this. We at safety FM are not responsible for what this idiot behind the microphone is saying is trying to be entertaining rated r safety show. Okay. Reports indicate that a police officer shot and killed a 20 year old Dante right in north Minneapolis suburb. Sunday afternoon Abc five Minneapolis reports that he, that he hold on reports that I'm assuming the victim was stopped by a part of a routine traffic stop. Officers determined that the victim had outstanding warrants and then maybe then they began the arrest of the victim tried to escape and that's what one officer fired shots, right? Was pronounced dead on the scene. His girlfriend was reportedly with him in the car at the time. The shooting comes amid the heightened tension surrounding the ongoing trial of Derek Chavin and the other officials or officers on trial for the death of George Floyd process started after, after the occurrence in the area on sunday afternoon and continued into the evening. Minneapolis area police were trying to diffuse any gathering before turning violent. So what do you think about this? Because here's the thing. So right now, if you're in any part of whatever country you're listening us to, So how does that work when something similar actually ends up occurring? Do people start losing it? Do people start going back and forth for a moment? Because here is the thing. So yes, someone was shot. We do know this. There was protests and started forming. But how do you keep the area safe after the occurrence? Let's not talk about pre occurrence because the occurrence already occurred. But what do you do to keep the surrounding areas safe? So let's talk about it if the protest is occurring next to where your work areas at? How do you go about it? How do you go about solving that whole thing, Lot of stuff to think about, especially when you start looking at it. What did he just say? We have safety? Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Back to real safety talk on safety. F Okay. the sixth person who was shot by former player Phillip Adams last week has died, Robert Shook 38. An air conditioning technician died of injuries sustained in Wednesday's shooting. He was working at the home of dr robert Leslie when Adam showed up and began shooting killed in the shooting spree was dr Leslie, his wife Barbara, two of his grandchildren's Adam and Noah nine and five, and another air conditioning technician, James Lewis Adams 32 shot himself as police officers closed in on him following the massacre. His brain is now being examined for possible degenerative disease, which has been shown to cause violent mood swings and some athletes and members of the military. So, here's the thing, because we're talking about traumatic brain injuries. Again, talking about how that actually works with the NFL and people playing football. Let's let me backtrack. Let me pull the NFL out of it with people playing football in how that occurrence happens. So, what do you think we're going to see as more of these studies and more of these things occur? Now, don't get me wrong, the shooting spree is terrible. There is no justification for what Phillip Adams has done. But what do you think will happen next as we see into the man's brain? And they actually do some kind of studying because of some of the sequences that we saw before, because of traumatic brain injuries. That's going to be some of the questions coming about, because I still don't think that inside of our society, we understand how big a traumatic brain injury has an impact into what the hell is going on with a person. Now, I will tell you traumatic brain injury is something that is near and dear to my heart because of occurrences within my family with it. So that's a whole other story that I'm sure we could get into another day. What did he just say? We had safety? Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now, back to real safety talk on safety. FM. Okay. Here are the states in favour and opposed to using covid 19 passports. Those who favor tracking its residents, like uh, tracking the residents. I guess our new york hawaii and Illinois is allowing residents to be free and free in the land of the free are. While that's, that's cute. Uh, florida, texas, Georgia. Tennessee misery. I mean, I'm sorry Missouri and Nebraska. Meanwhile, the biden administration who are avoiding the crisis at the border at all costs is focused on creating the set of standards for private companies to make their own version of a passport. Really? Really? That's what the hell. What the hell, anyways. So what do you think? How is that going to work? Do you think it's gonna be based? And would you participate in it? And do you think that when you're trying to travel and I'm talking about getting on major means of transportation, is that going to be something that's going to be required? Now? I'm gonna tell you right now I'm taking a look at it and I'm thinking right now this if I have to travel over the next little bit, if I decided to get vaccinated, not vaccinated, whatever. If I'm going to southeast yeah southeast. If I'm seeing in the southeast region, I'm probably going by car that I mean I think that's it. I don't think I want to go jump on a plane and go through all that rigmarole at the moment. Hey, that's my choice. Of course you have your choices on what you want to do. But what are you thinking? What are you thinking about the passport? What do you think about jumping on a plane and all that kind of fun stuff. Now I will tell you, we talked about this last week about people being able to get the vaccination card and I'm talking about the card not the vaccine in the funny part because I'm gonna say funny because it was just funny, funny, funny. I think it was yesterday. Yeah, let's say it was yesterday. I had somebody sent me a link. I don't know if he wants me to call him out by name. I'm sure that if he wants to and he is taking a listen or going through the stream or he can tell you whatever. Send me a link of where you could download the card. So there you go where you could download the card. So legitimately the car took you to a website or the website took you to the card where you can download it and make it yourself. Now I believe me, I'm not condoning this, but it doesn't take a genius to go out there and find this shit in regards of doing so. And I mean it's not like these cards are super as difficult to mimic and not that I would say go do that by any way means or form, but the honest people will be honest. And the people that are not honest, we'll do on honest thing. So that's there you go. It was me, jim puzzle. I'm glad you're saying about me and it was on the Safety Wars podcast. So there you go. So if you want to hear more about it, definitely go to safety wars. But that's the crazy thing. You could legitimately download the card and let's be realistic unless you're properly trained to know what exactly to look for on the card. I'm sure someone could gimmick the thing up and I mean that was the biggest amount of malice possible. So let's, what are we going to do here? And I'm not saying one way shape or for it because whatever you can do on a paper form electronically unless you have some very good encryption. Not that difficult either. Whole other story. But what do you think about it? What do you think about this scenario? I mean there's a lot of weird things that happen in our world. Let's does not lie about it. But this is one of those that really amazed me. Especially when I had somebody contacted me to let me know hey you want to know something. I was able to get into the vaccination line and all of a sudden get the card before I got the vaccine. Still got the vaccine. But was able to wait in line with the vaccination card with the number on it and everything ready to go. Crazy. Crazy times. Crazy times. We at safety FM are not responsible for what this idiot behind the microphone is saying is trying to be entertaining rated R. Safety show. Okay, let's continue talking. 38 minutes past the top of the hour. Stormtroopers statue was stolen from the front of a Long island store last week. Surveillance footage from the, from the blast. There you go. From the past. Video game store shows two women walking off with a three ft Star Wars figure in the middle of the afternoon. On april 1st the statue is worth about $300. The video game of the video game, the video of two women has gone viral on social media. So there is hope the police may soon be able to find the thieves. Yeah, There you go. Women at women and people under the age of 40 are old are more likely to experience side effects from COVID-19 vaccines. Dr William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert from Vanderbilt University, told the post that women and younger people who have more local reactions uh your arm a day of not feeling well or aches and pains. There are um, there has to be some reason for this, but we don't know what they are yet, He added. So there you go. So what are you thinking here? So as we're seeing the country changed the vaccination protocols in regards of age Demo also a new report coming out saying that you're starting to see younger people, 700 new cases. People 12 and younger getting covid. So what are you thinking? What are you thinking right now? And I know that this star is starting to become the rated R. Safety Covid show. Well, what are you thinking here? Are you thinking that it's time that it's time to get it or you still waiting? I mean you can do whatever you want. You have to make the the answer solution to whatever is best for you. I can't tell you this is what you need to do. You have to go based on what is your current situation on what's going to work best. You have to look at what you want to do. What are the side effects and so on? Yeah. Does it apply to the case? Are you in a work environment at a home environment where you're mostly alone? I mean there's so many different sequences on what needs to take place, herd immunity and all that kind of fun stuff. So think about it. You need to make the decision that's going to be what's going on. So a lot of stuff to go I'm watching and waiting. I'm not sure what that means, mr Gray but I would love to know what you're waiting for. That's always that's always cool. So anyways let's continue going and moving and grooving and all that kind of fun stuff because I think we're there at that portion where we started doing what we call, you know that main story thing Here is our main story on the radio safety show. So let's start talking because it is you know it is let's see 41 minutes past the top of the hour. So it definitely means that I am running behind. But can you really run behind on a morning joe? I don't know I guess you can to some extent. So when we start talking this morning and we start looking at what we would consider who's on the team, what do you think about what comes to mind? Because your situation is going to vary to see people turn into zombies? Oh well, I think a lot of us are waiting for the exact same thing, but here's the thing. So let's talk about this real quick. When you say, when you ask that all important question, who's on the team? What comes to mind right away? What comes to mind when we start talking about? Because you envision a team that could be a sports team, that could be the team that you interact with at work. There's so many things that come to your mind or my mind or people's mind when we start talking about this. So when we start looking at teams, what does your all star team for your environment for work look like? Who's on it? What does it consist of? Do you have the Doubter? Do you have the questioner? Do you have the people that know everything? I mean that team, what would it look like if you could build it? And the reason why I'm bringing this up today, and the reason that I'm talking about this is because here's the thing, everybody who's on a team or every individual has their pros and cons, regardless on how you look at it, I'm sorry, we're not all perfect. I don't know really anyone who is perfect. So present company included. Um but here's the thing when you build the team, you have to understand their strengths and their weaknesses. There are people that are on a team for X purpose. Some people are on a team because they want to help build a team. There are some people that are on a team because they're in it for themselves. No joke. All joking aside when we're talking about it. Yeah, but what does this team consist of? Because as long as we understand that there's flaws, can you be cool with moving forward with the team? It's interesting that we always want to look at X, y and Z, especially when we're kind of back, back on the cord, back in the day playing when we're doing, hey, let's pick this person, let's pick that person, but when you do this with your team for safety, if you kind of have a safety department, what does that look like? And let's say that that's not what you have, you just have a whole bunch of operators, but some are safe and some are not, what does the team look like? Are you basing it off a personality or are you basing on off a skill set? Are you basing off of knowledge? Because the interesting part is that when you're building a team, what I and some others look for is, well, let me rephrase that, what some people look for is a knowledge base, Some people look for skills, some people look for personality and that's the interesting part. Me personally, I look more towards the person, I guess more of the individual personality because a lot of other stuff can be trained. What I'm always looking for is people that do things better than I do, people that do things more that are more productive, that are better at doing X. Because I will tell you when it comes to certain aspects, I'm not great at it, we can communicate together, we can hang out and do things, but I am not, you know, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not the all speaker, I am not the gel person, I kind of come in and I am the reality check person. Some people like it, some people don't, but you have to have different players on the team. I will tell you, I read a book about the founding of Pixar which I'm not even sure if we're allowed to talk about Pixar anymore and how it was crucial for the success of Pixar for them to get people around the person who founded Pixar that we're smarter than him and I look at that and I think that there is such a value added there because if you have a whole bunch of people around you that are smarter than you, it's gonna make the work environment better, it's gonna make the team better. I don't want to be the smartest guy in the room. I never have, I always tell people listen, I'm cool With playing 2nd fiddle to certain things. No problem there at all. Listen, I don't need to be the center of attention, even though I'm coming up to you on a screen, on a radio station, on a podcast, because here is the gig. I want to enhance the talent that's around me. I want you enhance the people that are with me. Because here's the thing, I am not going to be able to reach everyone now that people are going to, people are not going to like my approach. Guess what? People are not going to like your approach, You could be to sell. See, you could be too quirky. You can just not be someone's cup of tea and that's okay. That's why that team has to consist of what in who, So what is the driving factors there? What do you look for when you're building a team? I mean, I will tell you if you want to get me out of a conversation right away, be a name dropper, be the person that you sit down, you're having lunch with someone and every other thing is I know joe smith from down the road, he is in charge of blah blah blah blah blah and joe smith and I were hanging out with bob martin and bob martin is in charge of blah blah blah blah blah and you know any time that I called, bob bob will get onto the phone with charlie and charlie and I and gel, it's like, okay dude, you got me going and to them that is astonishing into them, that's great, but you'll lose me and that's what happened. That's a sequence that happens with me. What is a sequence that happens with you? So think about it real quick, What does your team look like This is the conversation we need to start having next. We've been talking now for weeks of what you're going to do next. I've been asking what's driving you, What do you want to change? What do you want to go towards? Are you starting to think about your team? Listen every day that I sit here and come in and hang out? You and I are part of a team. Do we agree with everything? But you say that? I say probably not. But at the end of the day, I'm not holding people down. I want to give people the point of view of what I'm seeing for you in return to tell me what you're seeing and where I'm wrong and you're right or vice versa or where we do this won't agree. And that's okay because it's point of views. Hey, listen last week with the, with the sign thing. Yeah. Wasn't sarcasm. Absolutely. But it's about inclusion right today wearing the shirt. Is it sarcasm? Absolutely. Because I knew I would get a rise out of some people. That's why I did it. But at the end of the day it's about building the team, advancing the community. We'll get to that at some point. But where do you want to go next? What does your team consist of? I will tell you right now. We have some interesting people and definitely inside of the box this morning, we have different people taking a listen. I will tell you I was at an event at this point it has been definitely over a year and terry gray was there and I'll mention him because he's in the box at the moment and he was doing his safety man movement speech as I was hanging out and I think we're in South Dakota, if I remember correctly. And the man was rapping on the stage. Now, could you imagine me trying to wrap that would probably never work. But Terry is part of a team where he can do that. Just kind of how it works. So what is the different structure inside of your team? Do you get it to gel? Anyways. A lot to think about. This morning. It is currently 50 minutes past the top of the hour and we'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of real safety dog. You're listening to safety FM will be right back. 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This is my conditional and Bury Szarkowski. Yeah, very sorry. Kousky and conditional. The songs available on Spotify and Itunes. Oh boy. Did the show fly by today or what? But don't worry about it. I'll be going to over the radio big dot FM. That is what you have to type into the browser just in case it is radio big dot FM. So if you want to go to it, radio big, you know, just do it is one giant word all sequence together dot FM. It's not a dot com. It is at dot FM because radio stations use dot FM. So if you went to safety dot FM, you won't go directly to the radio station. So there you go. A lot of stuff going on inside of the world anyways. Let's see what we got here. Okay. Veterans of the environment management, who can make decisions and who can pay for the improvement of people who are being affected by changes in the definition of someone who questions things to name a few. I like it, I like it. Mr Gray, thank you for giving the input inside of there. Anyways, let's talk about some of the things that occurred back on this date. So back in, let's see 1999, President Bill Clinton has cited for contempt of court of contempt of court, hold on contempt of court for giving intentional false statements and a sexual harassment civil lawsuit. The suit brought forward by Paula jones had previously been thrown out, but it was reinstated after Clinton admitted that he was having an affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. The lives of reference of the famous one. I did not have sexual relations with that woman that happened back in 1999 and 2020. Pope Francis calls out cause the world to be united in the face of Covid 19 in his easter message from the empty ST Peter's Cathedral in Rome. Anyway, let's talk about some, some birthdays that occurred. So let's go from the top, Jenna johnson turns 27 today, Jesse James Decker 33 april rose pigeon goal turns 33 Brendan, yuri 30 for Brooklyn. Decker, 30 for Brooklyn. Decker is only 34 wow, she looks younger but hey, whatever. Uh, jennifer Morrison turns 42. Claire danes turns 42 Christina more turns 48. Claudia Jordan turns 48 Shannen Doherty turns 50 Andy Garcia 65 David Letterman 74. Oh, good old Dave. Uh, let's continue. Ed O'Neill turned 75 so that's there you go. Um, and then of course we heard the heartbreaking news that occurred late last week, but I'm sure by now you've probably heard it and it's terrible to hear, but let's share it one more time. But DMX has died a week after his overdose, virtually no brain function returned. And by thursday his organs started failing as he remained on life support. As the source told the post on friday, the right before his families were deeply saddened to announce that today our loved one, DMX birth name, Earl Simmons passed away at the age of 50 Uh, yeah, 50 years old and white plains hospital with his family by his side after being placed on life support over the past few days, Earl was a warrior who fought to the very end, yep, I'm sure he did. DMX was going to give it to us and I am so glad that ex gave it to us for so many years. Anyways, our thoughts and prayers are definitely with the family. Let's continue talking as we're getting to the end of the show. If you want to hang out on radio big dot FM, you can do so by following along. We will definitely believe pending some DMX today. Don't worry about that. Well, let's talk about the lottery real quick. No winner for friday night's mega million drawing. Today's drawing will be for $220 million jackpot or 100 and $48.9 million cash payout. No winner for saturday night's powerball drawing, Wednesday's drawing will be for $67 million or a $46 million cash payout. Let me give you the top five real quick. In the box office here. You might be surprised once again at number five Voyagers at $1.3 million Ryan, The last dragon. $2.1 million. The Unholy at number three at $2.4 million at number two. Nobody with $2.6 million. And I don't know how the hell it is happening. But Godzilla versus kong is number one again at $13.3 million. So there you go. That is what is going on on that side of the planet. Let me give you some quick stuff on the other side real quick. If you need a random joke for the day, people are like, I will love you unconditionally under one condition. That's so true. Uh, if you need a phone starter for today, what is the dumbest question you've ever been asked at work? Oh, so many good ones. Anyways. We need something for a water cooler today. Try this. For whatever reason. 10 of women say that have done this in the bathroom. What is it Snacked? There you go, having a snack in the bathroom. Kind of a weird place to have it. But hey, whatever, whatever it takes to sneak in a little snack, they're good for you. Anyways. Let's talk about some days of the year that you can celebrate today. National for the 12 day, whatever that means, big win day, grilled cheese sandwich day, National Library worker day, National licorice day. Sorry, why would you want to celebrate that? Uh, Ramadan begins and then walk on your wild side day. There you go. Walking on your wild side for today. Anyways, you've been listening to the rate at our safety show exclusively on radio Big dot FM and Unsafe tfm dot com. Let me tell you the most important part that you'll hear all day throughout the show. This is what we're going to talk about. It is our friends at the a F sp dot org. That is the american Foundation for Suicide Prevention. If you're struggling from depression or suicidal thoughts, give my friends a call at 1 802 73 talk. That's 1 802 73 talk or text the word talk to 741741 Know that you're not alone. Whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or have lost a loved one, know that you're not alone. Hear about personal experience from people in your local communities who have, who have, whose lives have been impacted by suicide or depression. Seriously, don't do anything else if you're struggling with either one until you give them a call attacks or visit their website. All joking aside. Anyway, thank you for always being the best part of safety. FM. And that is the listener safety FM is the home of real Safety talk just in case you forgot if I can leave you with the thought for today, I would like to leave you with this one. Your first child teaches you how long the days are your last child teaches you how short the years are something to think about as you go through it. If you want to come and hang out, I'm going to radio big dot FM Right after this felt less like always. I know who you are, you know who I am love you mean it and goodbye. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It should not be utilized in the real world as the only solution available as they are based only on very limited in dated open source information, assumptions made within this analysis are not reflective of the position of the company. No part of this podcast may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the creator of the podcast, Jay Allen.