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[00:00:00] :  we have got involved. This show is brought to you by safety. The following program is rated M. L. S. V. It contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally show with the ball should call him like it is rated R. Safety show on safety FM. Countdown to audio torture. Directed our safety show starts in 321 levee, ear drum pain, begin. Forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R. Safety show with your host. Dr uh it doesn't matter who the host is. Well. Well, well, well, it really does not matter who the host is. Yes, that is so true. Today is friday april the 30th of 2021 day, 120th of the year and only 245 days left to go. So I guess there is some time for us to do what we still need to do around here. So how are you doing seriously? Like how are you doing? I was giving some thoughts to a lot of things as we were going through the overnight and all that kind of fun stuff. Been up often on roughly. Uh, we'll call it three a.m. My local time. Uh, just kind of giving some thoughts to some things here in, you know, I have to tell you, we're going to probably start this off talking slightly different. It's interesting on how we get so accustomed to formatting and we get so accustomed to just talking and doing the news and playing this and playing that. And maybe sometimes, you know, it's not about the repetitive nous of things, it's not about doing it in that particular format, it's not about doing liner drops at the moment that you expect them. It's not about doing all these other things and maybe we should start doing things differently because that's what we tend not to do in our common life. It seems to be that way. I mean, think about it for a moment, think about how your structure is set up right now, you know, it does make things simple in regards of doing that, but imagine if we didn't do it in that particular format. Yeah, I know what it was like, what the hell are we talking about this morning? Yeah, that's what exactly what we're talking about. You must make time. That's what we're talking about and yeah, you know where I'm on, you know, I'm on safety FM. You know, I'm on radio big, but let's do it different today than any other day. Here is our main story on the right safety show. So yeah, let's go. Main story starting off right out of the bat, because that's where my my mind is at this morning. So, let's start talking about those things. Let's start talking about the things that we tend to forget about. We tend to forget about all this important stuff and let's be realistic, this applies to all of us and don't worry, I'm not gonna drop out all of a sudden in a moments time just in case. But let's think about this for just a brief second. We need to start making time for a lot of things in our life because we tend not to do so and that's the fun part. You regardless of what career you have you regardless of what you're doing. We tend to forget about this luxury that is not truly a luxury that's known as time. Yes, I'm going to talk about it right now. Time stops for no one unless you're dead. Sorry, but that's the reality of the situation and it's not the time stopped for you. You stopped for it because you're done. Let's take the doom and gloom about out of the whole thing. But let's realistically start having a conversation. I know that you have to work. I know that I have to work. But listen, there are other things inside of your life that also needs some of your time. Work is important. Life is important. Your family is important, your significant other is important. So, these things need to be a focal point. We talk about things all the time that are going on inside of the news, things that are happening inside of the world. But look at it from a different standpoint for a moment. Seriously, we don't know when the next gun violence occurrence might occur. We don't know when the next accident might occur. We don't know when the next event might occur. We see news all the time about these things. If you don't start making time right now for things that are important for you, When will you start doing it? I can tell you I have traveled the road up and down the U. S. And I will tell you I have had more failed personal relationships because of that time on the road. Things that I was doing while I was driving down the road and not focusing on other things that needed attention. And I can tell you that during the lockdown and during the pandemic, if you've been locked up for a long period of time, things have changed dramatically. There has been an intersection between your personal life and your work life on how things are combined. In one spot, I mean, and I know that we can go through that whole conversation where people believed in that whole bullshit that you left work at the door when you got home or vice versa, which there's really not a reality to that, but think about this for a moment. Think about you actually taking the time of investing time in the people around you. Do you do that? And I know we can talk about work life balance, which a lot of people used to use this phrasing and this wording and so on. But is that something that's real? Because here's a gig if you don't start making time for where the people around you, someone else will. Yeah, someone else will. And that's the portion that people tend to forget about. It's easy to turn to things that are like the bottle, there is easy for people to turn to drugs when certain things are not being met. And it's kind of a weird conversation a half. Let's be realistic. And yeah, I'm saying this on the air because this is the conversation that you and I always have. It's that open and honest relationship I will tell you, we will always have that you will never have to worry on where I am at or what I am thinking about because you and I will always have that discussion. Don't tend to shy away from things that other people do. That's not the reason I do it. But I think that for us to be able to have a better understanding of each other, we have to be open with each other if we're not, we're kind of wasting our time. Sorry. But it's the truth. You let me in to a personal view of what you have going on. I do the same thing vice versa over here, but let's start talking on how important it is to make time for. Six section planning, it has to be for the different things that are going on. I think that's what we tend to do. We're better saying not tend to do is that we don't focus so much on other things. Present company included. Let's make sure that I'm clear here. If I don't set a priority of spending time with my kids, well that devalues what I bring to the relationship to my kids, then all of a sudden I have to compete with internet television and other things. Not that that competition is not there, but those are the things that will occur. The same thing occurs with relationships that you're building with other people, spouses, relationships that you're building with friends, business colleagues and so on. Think about it. Anything that you want to see grow, you have to actually put time into, You probably went to school for a period of time to learn something that you did not know. You probably started a job and didn't have didn't have certain understandings about portions of the job you took time to get it to grow. The same thing occurs, You have to start making time now listen, let's be real. I don't care if it's time that goes away that you have to put aside from what you listen to on this show, but there has to be a good balance on how you're spending your time. I try to do this early enough where we can spend time together. We also do a recorded format of course that you can listen to on a podcast, but that's the thing I know advertisers are going to hate me for saying shit like that, but hey, whatever, this is not the important part, the important part is what you and I are conversing about right now. If you don't make it a priority right now, what's going to happen down the road? Or should I say value based on if you heard the other show this morning, I think it's such a serious thing to talk about. It really is because I think that we tend to forget the importance of relationship building. We tend to forget the importance on spending time on what is important to you. And if you're only spending time at work, then what don't get me wrong, work normally provides a way of living. But if you're trying to build a structure of life or relationships with others, you have to invest time into it. Listen, you can be a recluse, we talk about that all the time here, but what is it going to do in the long run? That's something I want you to think about today and that's something that we need to start talking about and that's something that we need to start looking at changes as we go down the road, opposed to it just being the whole sequence of well, everything is happy go lucky and let's just continue to work work, work, work, work, work, because that's what some people do when things are not going well, they focus on work. When the chips are down, they focus on work and work is not going to be the solution to everything. Sorry, got to share it with you. Think about it for a moment, invest your time on things that you seem that seem important to you now. Think about this real quick if you've been in a relationship, if you have Children, these kids, this relationship, the people that know you know what you invest your time in. So if you're not investing your time with them or with things that you claim that our priorities, I think some people might have some questions. That's something to think about this morning. Right. What do I know? Should I just say I'm just a psychologist who's behind a microphone? Oh no, no. I should probably just say I'm just a guy behind a microphone. What did he just say? We don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests back to real safety talk on safety. FM. I spend a lot of time in the backyard and I'm the center of attention at summer barbecues. In 96 I made some of the tastiest smores and at oh nine it was me your backyard fire pit that accidentally started a wildfire when a summer breeze carried one of my embers into some dry brush spark a change. Not a wildfire visit. 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But shouldn't you have a plan anyway, go to ready dot gov slash communicate and make your emergency plan today. Don't wait communicate brought to you by fema and the Ad council. This is Mario Andretti, you know me as a race car driver, but I'm also a meals on wheels. Volunteer I've raised against the sport's biggest personalities but I've never met more vibrant, amazing people than a senior served by meals on wheels. You can make a difference by dropping off a hot meal and saying a quick hello, So America, let's do lunch. Volunteer your lunch break at America Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels. America and the Ad council, Here is the news of our safety show from feature story news in London. I'm Ali Barrett authorities in Israel say at least 44 people have been killed and dozens more injured in a stampede at a religious gathering. The crush happened at Mount Meron in the northeast of the country where the lag biomass celebrations were taking place. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called it a great tragedy, Nourish Beagles, a correspondent for the Haaretz newspaper, the horrible morning Here in Israel, huge disaster here in the Marwan Mountain. Thousands of people came back to the mountain to celebrate the holiday and it just ended up in the middle of the night in a horrible disaster. A huge amount of people who was going down the stairs. The crowd was very, very close to each other and there was nowhere to go there. They were just falling on each other. Help from all over the world is arriving in India on friday 400 oxygen cylinder and one million Covid 19 testing kits landed in the country. It's a time when the health care system is crashing in crematoriums are filling up across the nation, which angered reports from New Delhi aboard the flight from the U. S. There are pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators and a million pp kids to the United States says this is one of the many such shipments to arrive here Ireland to has sent 700 oxygen concentrators. Its neighbour, the United Kingdom says it's deploying three oxygen factories. All this help is necessary as India recorded more than 380,000 cases for two days in a row. Municipal officers in Delhi are building makeshift crematoriums as deaths keep mounting due to a severe lack of beds and medical oxygen health experts say the situation could get worse in mid May when India could record more than 800,000 cases in a day session. Gerg New Delhi brazil has passed 400,000 covid 19 deaths. As its vaccination program struggles to accelerate, There's been a slight fall from the highs of deaths and cases, but there were still over 3000 fatalities recorded in the last 24 hours. South Korean, President Moon Jae in is set to meet with us President Joe Biden at the White House on May 12. He'll be the second foreign leader to make such a visit since Mr Biden took office. Geography data reports from Washington. In a statement, press Secretary jen Psaki said President Moon's visit will highlight the ironclad alliance between the United States and the Republic of Korea as well as the broad and deep ties between the governments, people and economies of the two countries. Psaki said President Biden looks forward to working with President Moon to further strengthen their alliance and expand their close cooperation. Japan's Prime minister Yoshida Saga was the first foreign leader Joe Biden invited to the White House for a face to face meeting. The pandemic has meant that many of the president's meetings with foreign dignitaries have had to be held virtually. I'm Jack rooted in Washington from bureaus worldwide. This is this show is almost as enjoyable as hearing the sound of the toilet flush rated R. Safety show on safety. FM. Okay so there you go, 17 minutes past the top of the hour as you and I are hanging out. Of course we're hanging out doing the things that we do together. Yes. Don't take it all personal as I started talking about some craziness As we are, 17 minutes past the top of the hours. I did say, by the way, just in case we did not realize this, we are still broadcasting live from the safety of M studios and or they do Florida. So that's not a doubt. Anyways whatsoever. You know, you know how it goes. Real big streaming, 24 7 real big dot FM. Okay, so let me tell you about what is trending currently. So let's start talking about that. So, new to the video on demand services for this weekend. If you don't have much plan and you're gonna stay home and watch the boob tube. So here we go. Training new to amazon is angels and demons flight Georgia rule jumping the broom. Hey, now rio shattered the indian in the cupboard two for the two for free money. There's also of course probably some other things. I'm just trying to give you the highlights of what's there. Uh New to a hulu. Let's see the age of Adaline betrayed. Dancing dances with wolfs grudge match. Hannibal rising lucky number Slevin. Yes, I did said Slevin, True lies. And we were soldiers knew to netflix will be back to the future. Part one, part two and part three. Due date Fun with dick and jane Mystic River open season. The lovely bones waist deep in zombie land. Boy would I would actually rearrange some of those. Uh, and then of course new to HBO max just in case if you did not know uh 17 again. The cable guy Daddy daycare, magic mike freeze Willie's, I'll hold on, no, no, no, it's magic mike and free willy Tenet Varsity Blue and what mary heads when Harry Met Sally. So there you go. That is what is going on across the video streaming services. If you're so inclined to watch something this weekend, you're listening to something. You're listening to the rated R safety show. Okay, so here you go, Connecticut will no longer allow a religious exemption from childhood immunization requirements for schools, colleges in daycare facilities. Opposing groups say the plan to file a state and federal lawsuit seeking to overturn it, Connecticut is the sixth state to end the policy, The state medical exemption will remain in place. Uh, so there you go. There you go. There you go. Uh, some interesting stuff going on inside of there. For sure. Let's continue talking. As of Tuesday, over 237.3 million covid vaccine have been administered nationwide. Over 99.6 million americans have been fully vaccinated while more than 100 and 43.7 million have received at least one dose according to the C. D. C. The total number of cumulative cases in the U. S. Is over 32 million. With just over 571,000 deaths attributed to the virus. So there you go. Some information for sure. We're starting to see that increase a number of deaths as we continue to talk about it. And of course the total cases continue to grow as we speak. I mean it's not it's still important the number. Let's talk about it but it's not as big as it once was as regards of the jumping from one day to another. So let's make sure that we're clear when we're starting to talk about that stuff. So here's the thing. And as we continue to talk about this because it's going to be an ongoing conversation, at least for the next few months. What do you think about the whole vaccine aspect? Because here's the thing. I've heard people tell me they're against it. I've heard people tell me they're for it. I've heard people tell me that they're against it and then go get the vaccine. I hear people that say that they're for it but they don't want to get the vaccine. So I don't know. It's kind of a weird mix. How much data do you need if you would actually contemplate actually getting it? And then here's the other thing. If you agreed to get it and you go after and get the vaccine, will it be once it is? I guess it meets all the FDA requirements and it's not an emergency release. I'm just asking the question. And do you think that it will end up being something very similar to how the flu shot is? Which means it is optional for you? Just a question and definitely some stuff to think about. Listen to our host of the rated R. Safety show self implode on our airwaves only on safety FM. Uh The officials from the Department of Justice plan to ask the grand jury to indict Derek Chavan um and the three other former officers involved in George Floyd's death on charges of civil rights. The news comes amid reports of the federal officials planned to arrest Derek at the courthouse of hold on Derek at the courthouse if he was found not guilty on all charges last week are really on all charges. Okay federal authorities have been mounting their own police brutality case against the former cops and the better better part yet is that the um for the better part of a year, this is according to what the star tribune has reported. So, I don't know if you have been seeing the sequence of events about that, but there you go. So what do you think about it? As you do hear it? Some questions for sure. Quest come to mind as those things do come about Anyway, as a high school track coach from Oregon is demanding to an end to all. Mass mandate after one of his athletes collapse what he believes was an up due to oxygen deficiency. Summit High School Schooler Maggie Williams broke a school record last Thursday and the 800 m run and the video of the event went viral when the team was seen stumbling across the finish line before collapsing to the ground. In a recent interview with Fox News, Laura Ingraham Williams said that she suffered a temporary loss of consciousness. It believes that the mask is to blame. Coach Dave Turnbull said that is responsible for these athletes and needs to stand up for their health and safety, which is why he is demanding that must be removed while athletes compete. Summit High School has not commented on the incident. So let's talk about this because there are some kind of key indicators here. The coach just said that he is responsible for the health and safety of his athletes. You saw somebody or heard of somebody who lost consciousness after actually breaking a school record. So what do you think here? And I know that we're tying in some other things, but this is becoming the question that a lot of people are having related to mask. So, my question to you goes around this section. If you get vaccinated, do you need a mask if you're outdoors? Do you need a mask? If you are competing with something? Do you need a mask because listen to this, we hear those three sections, but we know that the people that do the work that they do day in and day out are going to start asking these questions more and more Now, what are you doing at your organization when it comes to this? What is the science that you are seeing that you are using? That you're saying? Yes, Cool, let's move forward. Just a question for you, not trying to push the as we're talking about it, just trying to figure out what needs to take place. So do you think the mask had something to do with the girls? Lack of oxygen Begins? Let's talk about it. It's very competitive what she's doing. I mean, I'm sure as hell not running 800 m run unless I'm running away from someone and that's probably gonna be a slow run at this case. But think about it for a moment. Do you think that it was a combination of both? Thinks something to think about for sure. Safety in a way never heard of before. Created a safety show on safety is so have you heard about this? Americans feel more alone than ever since the beginning of the pandemic, 67 of Americans have felt more alone than they ever have before, according to a new study by one poll and med friends. So here we go. The fall of 2003, Americans found that 57 excuse me, 55 feel like they have completely lost their sense of community in the past year. While 62 feel they have that there is no one other they can talk to about their loneliness or feelings of isolation. Another 46 revealed that they cried for the first time in years during the pandemic. The study also found that the average person lost touch with four friends since the pandemic began, the mental health effects of the pandemic has been tremendous, yet it is unclear what it will be properly addressed. Uh So there you go, that's some stuff to think about. Have you seen any of these effects going on with your side? Have you experienced any of this over the last bit? Because here's the thing, I think it is something to talk about and if you're not comfortable talking to me or talking to a close friends, maybe you'll be comfortable talking to the american Foundation of suicide prevention. And let me kind of go a little bit more specific here, know that you are not alone. Whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or depression or have lost a loved one, know that you're not alone here about experiences from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide and depression. You can go to their website a f sp dot org, that's a F sp dot org or call 1 802 738255 That's 1 802 738255 Or text the word talk to 741741 Listen, it's so important that you're here, it's so important to talk about the things that you're going through. And if you are struggling with any of this, it needs to be talked about. And I'm gonna tell you this news story was not a pliant, but we need to start having these conversations. I'm telling you mental health issues are going to be pretty big post pandemic when people are willing to talk. And I will tell you if you have not opened up your locations yet. If you have not opened up different segment of your organization's where people can actually come in and start doing stuff in person, I think you need to start getting prepared for this stuff. I will tell you in some of the companies that I've worked with, I've actually been heavily involved with HR. So I think that if your HR department is not ready for this, this is probably a combo that needs to start taking place. And you know how we talk about safety fixing, of course warning coming from SAn Goodman's show of the hob nerd. I think it's something that we definitely need to consider as we do move forward anyways, let's continue talking a little bit more about some other things new york city will fully open on july the first, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. He has based the timing on the fact that people have gotten vaccinated and extraordinary numbers and start um, in stating that 6.3 million six million vaccinations have been administered with more lining lining up to get the Jab. So does fully open means residents will be able to gather and celebrate independence day. That will be kind of one of the things that first asked and the CDC reports that 2.9 million people in New York City are fully vaccinated at this time. So there you go. There you go. So, some things to think about. So we're still talking a couple of months away regardless on how you look at this. So I know that there's been conversation at least in the US, that by july the force you might be able to, you know, be having a barbecue with people and so on. Is this something that you're planning on doing now? I will tell you in the local community that I live in, they are actually putting on events and I will tell you there are some chores, we'll talk about comedy tours that are taking place that are outdoors. And I remember a few months back we showed you some scaffolding, a picture of some scaffolding. If you're watching on the streamer where you could rent out the top of the scaffold and hang out and watch an event. But you were socially distance. I think it was like a scaffold or they called it a pot or they called it something held about four people. Well in the local community that I'm in there doing it with two. Is it something you start considering? I don't know. That's why I'm asking what she would consider. I think it's pretty interesting. That's for sure. As we are talking about it anyways, let's talk, let's talk about the stock index and let's get our friend, you know, john small come in and help out. Here's your market beat minute for Friday. April 30 2021. The equities market went on a wild ride thursday following a series of blowout reports from the top names on Wall Street. Among them are Apple Microsoft, Ebay and ford, but the mood was dampened by growing indications of doom for the market as robust as the growth outlook is, the estimates may be too high because of global chip shortage. More than a few S and P 500 companies have noted the shortage and its impact on future revenue. In addition, talk of higher taxes continues in Washington and added its cloud to the outlook friday is going to be a make or break moment for the major indices. If the indices can hold their ground at these new highs going into the close of the week. Further upside is more likely than not. If however, the mood on Wall Street's hours in the market moves lower friday. It could mark the beginning of a correction that has been brewing for months. You can get the inside track from Wall Street's brightest minds delivered directly to your inbox every day at market beat minute dot com. So there you go. Some things to think about for sure. So markets around moved higher. On thursday, the Dow search 239 points, The NASDAQ gained 31 points and the S and P. Lifted about 28 points. Both the NASDAQ composite of the S and P 500 finished a new all time records investors responded positively to a new report showing the economic growth An annualized rate of 6.4 during the first three months of the year, analysts were predicting the slightly lower number 6.1 Apple announced that increased dividends and a $90 billion dollar buyback of a chairs during thursday session. So there you go. Some things to think about as we do is listen to both sides of the equation. Let's talk about this. Don't know how this let it here, but let's talk about it. Taco Bell's latest promotion revolves around the moon. Yeah. Not joking there. Moon Moon Edition uh Moon Edition. They either read the recently announced they will be giving away free tacos on May the fourth because it's a lunar event that scheduled to occur which begin being called the Taco moon. Yeah. According to the press release, over 20 markets will participate in the event during the T Bell will give away free tacos from eight PM until 11 59 PM. The period the time period during which the taco the taco mood will be the largest and brightest object in the sky. So mark it down May the fourth between eight PM and 11 59 PM. Taco moon. You know all taco people will celebrate of this particular gathering. I am a taco lover. The more tacos I can get, the more I love things you are listening to a radio God. What? This has to be an error. That host is not a radio god. Anyway, this is the rated r safety show on safety F. Firm. Okay. Two deputies in north Carolina's have died from injuries sustained during more than a 13 hour long standoff at a home in Watauga County. There, um, three others, including a suspected shooter is also did a canine deputy Logan Fox died. Hold on Canine. Deputy Logan Fox died in the scene. Sergeant chris ward died after being flown to a hospital for medical treatment and the two other victims as well as the suspected shooter have not yet been identified, but also local news station said they were a step father, mother and son. What started off as a welfare check Wednesday morning turned into a violent as soon as the deputies entered the home, the standoff between the armed individuals and the officers ended late Wednesday night. So there you go. What can you say when you hear stuff like that? Not much you can say. Initial jobless claims totaled 553,000 last week. While the number is higher than the 528,000 expected by economists, it is a slight drop from the previous week's claims of 566,000. The Labor Department said that four weeks moving average of news claims has reached the lowest point since March 2020 when the coronavirus took hold of the U. S. The total number of people receiving some unemployment assistance um still is about 16.6 million people. Funny how it changed from how many people were doing it before. That's for sure. Uh So let's continue, continue, continue. Let's get let's get john back in here and let's talk about what is going on with the motivation minute, the motivation minute is courtesy of better credit cards dot com. Vince Lombardi said, a man can be as great as he wants to be if you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you're willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done. What a great quote. I'm not even a sports fan but I know Lombardi was one heck of a coach and with quotes like this, I can see why that is some excellent advice and it still holds up today, Be as great as you want to be, believe in yourself, have courage, be determined, be dedicated and be ready to sacrifice the little things. This has been today's motivation minute, courtesy of better credit cards dot com. I'm john small, thanks for listening. Your favorite motivational quotes can be submitted for upcoming programs at motivation minute dot org. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of real safety talk. You are listening to safety FM will be right back. Hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2008. She really likes to be around people. I get out my mat and I'm doing a downward dog and he's underneath. He's quite the pug about town. He gets invited to a lot of parties, you know, he's a pretty big deal. Look at this little face, you know, I love them. Hamilton, the pug instagram star and shelter pet. Amazing adoption stories start in shelters visit the shelter pet project org to find a pet near you brought to you by Maddie's Fund, the Humane Society of the United States and the ad Council. You make sure his toys don't have any sharp edges. You taught her what to do when the smoke alarm goes off. You do so much to keep your child safe. But are you using the right car seat for your child? Car crashes are a leading killer of Children, ages 1 to 13. Protect your child's future at every stage of life. For information on the right seat for your child visit safer car dot gov slash the right seat. A message from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the ad Council. So you see son. Good manners are important. Should I go through it again? Yes, yes, please. Yes, please. Exactly. Always say please. Thank you. You're welcome An excuse me. Sit up straight, hold doors open. I'll speak with your mouth full. Keep your elbows off the table, share your things. Play nice and generally treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Got it, got it and stop picking your nose. Most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes, two minutes twice a day. Making sure they brush their teeth is easier and it could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain visit two men, two x dot org To find out more. A message from the partnership for healthy miles, healthy lives in the AD council. I'm a retired school psychologist and helping people with my thing after my stroke. When meals on wheels started, I was on the other end of the stick, so to speak. My name is Julius, gains creative writer, poet, photographer. One in six seniors faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in isolation. Drop off a hotmail and say a quick hello volunteer for meals on wheels By donating your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels. America and the AD council living and part of it. Hello! I must come find yourself with lift. Well your hands. What the hell you kept him? They were so long. How through the phone down for weeper. Yeah. Time's up to say goodbye to all the hairs down. Some believers trying to bring you down in a blink of an eye, roll your eyes. What do you want? Finally the ability to live a live You love living instead of the lives. You think other people want you to live? Remember you're the highest authority. Mhm. What? You love yourself, improve brothers, gentlemen, weirdo. Thinking, repeat after me. I don't give a fuck What? Okay, so there you go. That's deaf Lev. Yeah. The song is titled I don't give a dot dot dot So you take it for what it's worth. It is available on Spotify and Itunes. Mhm. Hey, now, Okay, so there you go. There you go. It is 40 minutes past the top of the hour. You are still hanging out with us truly here. Um as we are talking a little bit about everything going on inside of the news, I have to tell you, I don't know. Have you been hanging out in the swamp taking a look at what's going on over there? I think I want to jump to this real quick Former President Trump told Fox Business Network on Thursday that he is 100 thinking about a run again in 2024 and that florida governor Ron de Santis would be the top of mind as a running mate. I endorse Ron and after I endorsed him, he took he took off like a rocket ship trump said of the governor. Meanwhile, insiders say that trump is considering a return to regular mogg a rallies and particularly to support republican primary challengers of, to his foes. Um, within the party, like Alaska's lisa Borovsky, according to the hill, uh, ever, ever the businessman to trump Insider told CNN that we, we really got a good planning for these events in 2020. So we will probably use a lot of the same vendors again. So there you go. There you go. So that's going on inside of the world. The swamp. I guess that's going to change some things as we are talking here. Um, for sure. Uh, so there you go. I don't even know what to say after that. What did he just say? We have safety. FM. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our husband guests. Now, back to real safety talk on safety. FM. Okay. If you're familiar with the nighttime routine of scrolling through your social media feeds one more time before bed, you might be aware of the night mode function that turns your screen from a colder blue lighted to a warmer yellow hue. The idea is that the blue light appears inhibits the production of melatonin, the hormone associated with deep sleep sleep wake cycle, yellow orange lights is supposed to promote a better night's sleep. But does it work, nope. According to new research from Brigham Young University in Cincinnati, Children Medical or excuse me, Children sincerity Hospital Medical Center, they asked 167 college students who spend at least eight hours in bed while wearing a risk sleep monitor. Researchers found that the largely irrelevant whether whether you're phone is beaming out with harsh blue lights or softer yellow light, it appears that the mental Car of messaging and engaging with what content and social media is actually the thing that keeps your brain buzzing and can affect your sleep quality. In other words if you want to sleep better. Do you have to? It's suggested since you've gotten the first iPhone 3G. Stop using your device and hours before you hit the sack and then do white. I will tell you I know of people that have that thing in their hand all the time. You can't have a conversation with them. They sleep with the damn thing. They wake up with the damn thing. I don't even know what to think about it anyways and when it comes to that particular regard, I know of people that I can text at any point in their life and within seconds not minutes. Not hours. Within seconds I have a response back because they're always glued to the machine. Unless they're related to me that if they're related to me they respond to everybody quickly then they don't have anything to do with me. But that's a whole other conversation that we could have for another day anyways. The biggest problem is online security just might be remembering how your how you security your accounts. A new study has found that the average internet users has been locked out 10 out of 10 online accounts in the past month alone. The survey of over 2000 people found that the password reset isn't likely to be the permanent fix either because 57% admit that they forgot their new password immediately after resetting it. Memorizing passwords is so difficult that two thirds of us say that we'll forget it unless we write it down. As a result, 58 say they struggle to feel productive while working remotely. Two thirds also admit that they have actually avoid visiting certain websites or accounts where they have forgotten their passwords account with lost passwords. We most often avoid include personal email, bank accounts and utility bill accounts and some version of hubs. Uh leave that one out. Normally people use their Children's names for their, for their computer passwords. Elon musk, uh, Elon musk uses his computer password to name his baby. Well that's the one thing that's possibly true as well. Safety in a way. Never heard of before rated R. Safety show on safety S. M. A. He's a man awesome. Funny random doesn't make any sense, but it's good. J. Allen in the morning on radio. Okay. So if you want to come and hang out here in the next 15 minutes or so, I will be hanging out on radio doing the things that we do over there. Uh, talking a little bit about what's going on, inside of the world of music, side of the world of news and we'll play some of that music across the lines there if you want to do that as well. Anyway, let's talk about some news of the weird as we continue on this lovely Friday as we are 46 minutes past the top of the hour. It was a great gig. But now the gig is up. Police in Italy say that the slacker didn't show up for work at the Polygraphs couple policy for 15 years, just got paid the entire time Netting a total of nearly $647,000. An unidentified 67 year old has been charged with abuse of office forgery, aggravated extortion. Police are also probing six managers for allegedly helping him carry out the plot. He was caught when he complained that no one came to his retirement party. Really, really is that really how you got caught? A man has been arrested after faking being in 30 and 35 relationships at the same time. In order to get lots of birthday gifts, 39 year old, toxic cheeky Begala of Japan was detained for defrauding 35 women. He had been told he had told them all that he had different birthdays. We talked about this before in order to ensure a constant supply of presence. He um he met with his victims while working for a company selling hydrogen, hydrogen water, shower heads for and other products. Also, he um he has been accused of swindling the women out of $100,000 japanese, yang or $921 U. S. Worth of birthday presents, clothes in cash. He also managed to sell showerheads to some of them. Eventually the women teamed up and reported him to the police. That's a lot of dates to remember in the more than one way. So think about it in that particular fashion. I don't know how the dude did it. I couldn't keep up with all that stuff. That's a lot of stuff going on for sure. As we do talk about it anyways before I forget some important stuff. Don't forget about our QR code that will lead you to this sign right here because that's always important. If you're not speaking at any safety events during September the 13th through the 15th, you're more than welcome on picking up our little sign that will actually uh get you to that to that portion right there. So there you go. You posted on your social media have that hang out uh, will be actually taking place at the same time. To. That's a good question that comes in right here. What about the presence that he had to give to the 45 women? That's a good point. Maybe the relationship didn't last that long, that he didn't have the time to do that. So maybe that's something to think about, that's for sure. Uh, so let's continue talking about some other things as we're taking a look around. It is roughly that time that we should do this because it is friday. So every Friday, we tend to do this as I tend to remember or not remember, but let's talk about it. So let's say for instance, you've been aggravated at some point during this week or you had a lot of pent up frustration and you'd like to take it out. I would like to give you 30 seconds on the screen For you to scream and shout and let it all out. I'll give you a 32nd countdown, make sure you don't do it with the tons of people around you. They might think you're a little cray cray. Um if you decided to do this, but let's go ahead and do this right now, I'm gonna give you a 32nd timer. We will come back after those 30 seconds and hopefully you'll be able to get it all out of your system before we go. So here we go. Let's start off in 32 and one. Okay, so that's time. Hopefully you were able to get it all out and be able to move forward with the things that are going on In your life. So there you go, let's talk about the lottery. No winner for Tuesday night's mega million drawing. Tonight's drawing will be for $319 million $218.7 million dollars cash payout cell be on the lookout for that my friends, just in case if you're interested in playing, if not then don't worry about it. What else do we have going on? Uh that albums being released today. Let's talk about him real quick because it is important if you want to take a listen to some music, Ashley Monroe releases, rose gold crumb with ice belt dropkick Murphys released, turn up that dial, is that even a thing anymore? Leon Van Hall turns right, turns out rare, forever. Royal blood with typhoon teenage fan club, endless arcade and Tony allen. There is no end. So there you go. Uh did you hear about this one, scott Patterson is teaming up with I heart radio for a brand new podcast titled I am All In For the, for his podcast Patterson who is best known for his role as diner owner luke danes from Gilmore Girls. Said that he will watch the entirety of the show consisting of 154 episodes and recap them all to the listeners. Is that something that should be interested in? Don't know. I just wanted to make sure that I did share it. Okay, so let's continue talking about some other other other other things. Here we go. Uh, did you hear about this 10 of the strangest liquor laws in America? This is courtesy to reader's digest. So I'm going to share this with you. Jack Daniels is produced in Monroe County Tennessee, which is a drag county. Yeah, you heard me correctly, there alcohol is not allowed to be served or sold in new york city before 10 a.m. On Sundays in indiana, you must be able to order food with your drink. Mixed drinks cannot contain more than 2.5 oz of alcohol per drink. In park city, Utah Wyoming was the last state to set a 21. Yeah, it says said 21 as a minimum drinking age which occurred back in 1988. It is okay to be drunk in public in las Vegas. I think that's much needed. Bartenders are not allowed to give out free drinks in Alaska Liquor can be served 24 7 in New Orleans in Alabama. Provocative images cannot be shown on labels of alcoholic beverages and the last but not least the F. A. A preference passengers to pour their own liquor while flying. So there you go. Some news of the strange. For sure. Okay, so let's continue talking a little bit more about some other things. Let's talk about some things that happened back on this date. Let's go pretty recent back in 2020 U. K. Prime Minister states that the Britain's past the peak of Covid 19. Little did he know that the true peak wouldn't occurred nearly for another year. So there you go. Anyway let's talk about some birthdays going on today. Travis scott rapper turns 29 the Armas turns 33 33. Dianna Agron turns 35 gal cadet. Yeah wonder woman turns 36 christian dunce turns 39 johnny Galitzki turns 46. Large von Atraer turned 65. So there you go. There's some birthdays going on today. If you're so inclined to look at them anyways if you need some reason to celebrate today. I got a lot of them for you. So national adopt a shelter pet day. National bubble tea day. National bugs bunny day. National honesty day. National oatmeal cookie day. National prepare a thon day, National raisin day. National military brats day. National hairstylist appreciation day. National arbor day, National Hairball awareness day, an international Jazz Day. Okay, there you go. Quite a few things to talk about if you're so inclined. Do you find out? Anyway? Let's talk about a couple more things before I get you the hell out of here? Um, uh did you know, did you know, did you know? Let's not dude, let's not do, did you know? Let's go into some wack fax. Here you go. Blue eyed people tend to have a higher tolerance to alcohol than those with darker eyes. There you go. Kind of continues on to what we were talking about. A statistic. A static electricity, shocks, zaps your finger when you touch a door knob is usually between 10,000 and 30,000 volts. There you go. The human body gives off enough heat for 30 minutes to bring a gallon of water to boil. Um, mice can fit through a hole the size of a, of a ball pen, a ballpoint pen. Think about that for a moment. A dragon fly has a lifespan of 24 hours and coyotes can outpace roadrunners by 23 MPH. So there you go. Some things that you probably did not know. Um, so here you go. Let's talk about some other things real quick. If you need a random joke for today, try this one. I'm writing a letter to santa today because I don't want to be one of those our friends who only reaches out when they, when they want something. That's a good one. If you need a phone starter for today, try this one. Your rap name is little then. the last thing that you spent money on now go, I'm not sure how much street cred will give me, but mine is little credit card bill. Okay. If you need something for the water cooler, try this one Question 14 of kids want to do this when they grow up. What is it become a zookeeper? So there you go. Some things to think about for sure. Anyways, you have been listening to the rated R safety show exclusively on radio big dot FM and on safety FM dot com or the apps or the streamers. Anyways, safety FM is the home of real safety talk. We definitely could not do what we do without you. The most important part, the listener blessed. I appreciate you guys coming out, hanging out, taking a listen to what we have going on. It's always so crucial when I get to spend time with you. There's anything that we could ever do to help. Don't don't hesitate to contact us. 866930 SfM one or go to the website safety FM dot com. Anyways, if I can leave you with a thought for today, I would love to leave you with this one. Happiness is a place between too much and too little. Think about it real quick and you know that we're on to something anyways, thank you for always being the best part, enjoy your weekend. If you're not going to come and hang out here over the next couple hours with me, I know who you are, you know who I am love, you mean it and goodbye. The the views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It should not be utilized in the real world as the only solution available as they are based only on very limited in dated open source information, assumptions made within this analysis are not reflective of the position of the company. No part of this podcast may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the creator of the podcast jay title. Fuck. Mhm I don't feel a fuck. I don't care what the fuck. I don't give a fuck. Mm hmm. I don't give a fuck. Mm It's now start to do the right thing. So trust. No, we still wouldn't do battle here. Sure. Yeah. Dan land. You did now start cleaning this time. I mean by four they love where? Fuck! I don't give a fuck! What? Mhm. I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. I don't care what the fuck. Yeah, we at safety. FM are not responsible for what this idiot behind the microphone is saying is trying to be entertaining rated R safety show.