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[00:00:00] :  This show is brought to you by safety. The following program is rated M. L. S. V. It contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally show with the ball should call it like it is rated R. Safety show on safety ff. Come down to audio torture. Directed. Our safety show starts in 321 Begin, forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R. Safety show with your host. Dr uh, it doesn't matter who the host is. Well, tell me about it. It does not matter who the host is. Today's thursday, april 15th, most known for here as Tax Day, uh, of 2021. Let's see. It's day 105 of the year in only 260 days remaining before it is all over. With how exciting is that? I I guess. I don't know. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not, don't worry the dog parking in the background. That was not my dog. Well, I'll explain here in just a moment of what the hell was going on there anyways, we're broadcasting live from the safety FM studios in Orlando florida, so don't worry about that. And we're streaming across the multiverse of Safety FM and of course we're hanging out here, maybe, maybe Hinggan, maybe somewhere somehow, someday you're being infiltrated radio Big. You know, sometimes I feel like I have this ongoing love hate relationship with my computer, but hey, that those things happen anyways, so there you go, some interesting stuff, Aguado going on right away out of the bat. So let's start talking, let's start talking about what exactly was going on. I'm gonna pull something up onto the screen if you're on the screener and like, I always tell people, we are a radio show first followed by a podcast following about a streaming service. So I'm gonna do this against my better judgment because you know, I do a lot of things against my better judgment, but that's okay. Um, so I'm gonna bring this up. Let me see if I can move this around. So if you're hanging out on the streaming this morning, you'll see this. If not, I'll kind of give you a per bait. Um, so let's take a look real quick of what the hell was going on here. So this was a California woman was taking a nap over the weekend when her dog suddenly ran out of the room and started barking unaware at the time, but a brown bear had wandered into their house through an open door, fortunately the dogs, the two dogs were able to scare it off. Here is portion of the incidents, as you can see if you're watching on the stream. Uh, here's what's going on. This is the sequence of events. You kind of see this was picked up by their security cameras as the nmL decides to walk into the house and as you can see it hanging out inside of the kitchen, uh, right here and this didn't like I said, it did happen over the weekend. Um, as you can see quite a few views already, almost A little over 234,000 at the moment of this particular one. So you see the bears hanging out in front of the fridge, you know, just taking a stroll. I wonder if people watched Yogi bear once too many times or something along those lines. Uh, so there you go, him hanging, just doing the things that he does inside of there, doing the gimmick here, just, let's just hang out at the doorway. Have no problem with it. As you see it kind of occurring and the bear is just kind of wobbling around there, checking out what the hell's going on, continues walking inside through the kitchen area. I mean, it's kind of interesting and how he's able to pull this off and all of a sudden, hey, now we got, we got some dogs going cray cray. Those were the dogs you heard barking earlier by the way. And then you can see, you know, the marriage says, hey, maybe it's time to say peace out and he takes off running as the two dogs come after him. So I mean that had to be kind of uh, an interesting event is that was occurring for sure as we are talking about it this morning. So there you go. That was, that was pretty interesting. I don't know if that's gonna be the motivated story of the day or when we start off here first thing in the morning, but hey, it did seem to bring some motivation, at least for the dogs. Anyways. Let's get you to our friends at feature story news and I hope you're having a great day so far. I mean that's gonna be important anyways. Let's get you to some feed your story and we'll get that moving and grooving. Here is the news on the safety show from feature story news in London. I'm Ali Barrett India's recorded 200,000 new cases of Covid 19 in the last 24 hours. The highest daily tally ever. The second wave is taking a toll on the country's health infrastructure. Ish angered reports from New Delhi Long queues of ambulances in front of hospitals in New Delhi is increasingly becoming a common sight and there are still others who are struggling to find even primary care COVID-19 testing labs are overworked and hospitals are reporting a shortage of oxygen and potentially life saving drugs such as remdesivir For the second day. India reported more than 1000 deaths in a 24 hour period, but experts believe the real death toll could be much higher. One of the biggest burial grounds in New Delhi says it could soon run out of space as dead bodies continue to pile on. The government is attributing the significant rise in infections to a new variant, as well as precaution fatigue in the general public. The U. S. Is expected to slap wide ranging sanctions on Russia over allegations of cyber attacks on America confirmation could come as soon as thursday Taiwan's president, saying one says the chinese military's activities are threatening regional peace and stability. She was speaking with the visiting delegation of former US. officials to mark the 42nd anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act. Patrick Fox reports from Beijing. It's cast as a high level unofficial visit by the delegation includes former U. S. Senator chris Dodd and former secretaries of state, Richard, Armitage and James Steinberg. And come as tensions have escalated with china in the Taiwanese trade on thursday. President tying when warned china's incursions into Taiwan's airspace and military drills and waters nearby threatened peace and stability, China accuses Taiwan of colluding with Washington to promote independence. Beijing considers the island part of china's sovereign territory. The U. S. Has banned by treaty to protect Taiwan in the event of an attack and stepped up its relationship with the territory. Patrick folk Beijing, Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron suggested he will cooperate with a series of inquiries taking place into lobbying the former Prime Ministers faced criticism over his contact with ministers when he was working for Green Syl Capital prior to its collapse. An ex senior civil servants also caught up in the row after it emerged, he was still working for Government when he took up a role with Green Syl in 2015. Former House of Commons Clark, Elliott Wilson believes the issues need to be looked at separately. Did individuals break the rules? We don't know, but that's being looked into as far as we can see. David Cameron did not. Are the rules the right rules. And the third question is, how in general do we want ex ministers and civil servants to conduct themselves personally professionally financially, once they leave office? 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You can make a difference by dropping off a hot meal and saying a quick hello. So America, let's do lunch, volunteer, your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels. America and the ad council. You are listening to something, you're listening to the rate at our safety show. Oh yes, magical morning as we are starting off, There you go, tim and his past the top of the hour. Uh, yeah, so some Yogi bear there, that's for sure. Uh, so anyways, what do you think, listening to all the different news that is going around inside of the sequence of events anyways, by the way before I forget, Thanks for all the people that reached out yesterday about Dr I. P. Yeah you know Doctor I. P. Uh all kinds of fun times having conversations in regard to that nonsense that did occur uh kind of fun yesterday talking about it. She ended up texting me directly or messaging me directly, told her to see you next Tuesday was pretty simple. Um the whole conversation that we ended up having. So there you go. So a lot of stuff going on inside of the world right now, let's talk about the hit list of what exactly was going on inside of here. So here you go. Taking it from the top the death of a woman who received the johnson and johnson vaccine is under investigation by federal health authorities as part of a larger probe into the potential adverse side effects of a single dose vaccine. The CDC is taking over the investigation into the death that occurred in Virginia last month. Johnson and johnson, meanwhile has paused, has paused its clinical trials and delayed the rollout of its first shot in europe until the probe is the is um in the in the U. S. And ironed out. So what do you think? So, here's my question to you because if you are deciding to get the vaccine With the three that are available are too now that are available. Let's but let's go and go back to the words of three when you were thinking about this and talking about that there was three potentially available. Were you looking at johnson and johnson is the best solution because it was one and done so now that this has changed. What are you ranking? Are you ranking it as Fizer first or more than enough first? Because those are the two that are available. Like if you had a choice, which one would you pick now? What I think is interesting is a lot of conversations are still rolling out about both of these and keep in mind that these are emergency release. But I kind of have a question here and this can kind of get me in some in some heat. But let me kinda asked the question of course when Pfizer rolled out Viagra many, many moons ago, do you think a lot of people really cared a lot about what the packaging said on what the side effects were or they just kind of rolled What they didn't see what would happen next. Safety in a way. Never heard of before. Okay. Uh, safety show safety is okay, let's continue talking. As of Wednesday, Over 194.7 million Covid vaccines have been administered nationwide and over 76.6 million americans have been fully vaccinated. Well, more than 100 and 23.9 million have received at least windows according to the CDC. The total number of comparative cases and the US are just over 31 million. And now we have a total death toll of 560,000 $60,000. Listen to me, Oh my God, my my mind's on money. Apparently this morning deaths attributed to the virus. So let me ask the question real quick or let me say the statement. And let's go through that you're seeing now that it's almost taking three days before you see the 1st 1000. that that number increasing where last or two weeks ago, we were seeing 1000 increments a day in the death toll. So this is a good thing that it is slowing down to some extent. But as you're taking a look at this now, are you giving consideration and getting the virus if you haven't done getting the virus, getting the vaccine? If you haven't done so already? And if so what is changing your mind and if you're not doing it, what is your thought process on it? As we have spoken about several different times on this show? It is definitely a personal decision that you have to make on what you want to do based on your circumstance. That's for sure. I mean we are we are realizing that it is widely available for people to take. But what do you want to do now? There's a list of depending on the state that you're actually located in. If you're in the U. S. Where you can pretty much put yourself on a waiting list or you can just call a normal pharmacy. You can pretty much get it relatively quick um Inside of there. Now the interesting part is there's all kinds of weird places that you can get the vaccination, not put it in weird places. I said get the vaccination in weird places. Um Student medical professionals can do it are authorized to do. So I even heard of some people getting it at the vet which I thought that was kind of weird and I'm not talking about dogs or cats getting the bad boy. I'm just saying in general and where some of the locations that you can't get it now. Is that encouraged? I don't know. But I thought it was kind of weird when I was actually sitting there and having the conversation and the person showed me the dogmas that they got after the shot, mortal Kombat beat down. Okay Dante right. The 20 year old shot by an officer on Sunday had an open warrant for his arrest in connection with aggravated robbery attempt, right? And another man had both been charged with first degree to aggravated robbery in december of 2019 and an incident in Oc Eo Minnesota. I think it's oh ceo who the hell knows. According to the official document, right pulled a gun on a woman and demanded cash. He also allegedly choked her when he, when she initially refused to give him the money right was arrested and released on $100,000 bail as a condition of his release. He was not to have any contact with the victim, refrained from drugs and alcohol and could not possess a firearm. His bell was revoked in july because he failed to appear in court on charges that he fled from officers had the fire and had fire a firearm in his possession. So not a justification, just part of the story, because we keep on hearing part of this story of things that were going on. And of course, as we have seen some different things going on from over the weekend, in regards of people still having the conversation and going through all kinds of that stuff. So that's portion of the conversation that we do have to have. As we are moving forward anyway, as a judge of the derek chauvin murder trial has granted a key witness, the right not to testify. Judge Peter CAhill granted Morris Lester Hall motion to reject a subpoena, calling for him to testify in the trial. After Hall told the judge Wednesday morning that he could not answer questions on the stand over concerns that he might incriminate himself. Hall was with George Floyd during his arrest and allegedly provided him with the drugs that were in his system at the time. So there you go. That's an alleged allegation right there. So there you go. No charges have been filed against the U. S. Capitol police officer who allegedly shot and killed a shitty about it. During the january six riot officials announced yesterday, an investigation conducted by the U. S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia found that there is insufficient evidence to support criminal prosecution, the department of Justin said in a statement About it is 35 and is one of five who died during the insurrection on the capital. I don't even know what to say there. So let's just leave it at that. Seriously. Let's leave it at that. Listen at your own rest rated r safety show. Okay, so have you heard about this one Kimberly, Porta Kimberly po to the Minnesota police officer who was fatally shot Dwayne Ord want right was arrested yesterday and charged with second degree manslaughter, Washington county attorney Peter or put um, who is expected to prosecute the case locally. Said that the details of the charges were, will be released later hours after being booked into the county jail, potter posted her 100,000 bail and was released. So you, you, so I mean I just want you to see that there is a connection here between the Dante of the stuff we were talking about earlier about the firearms choke and the charges, but you are seeing this in regards of what is going on and there's a lot more to this case. Um, as I'm sure we will start seeing as the days develop on what is going on there. So let's continue talking real quick. Police officers in Maryland came under fire Wednesday after responding to a report of a park of a parking hazard. Officers who were dispatched to the local, uh, to look to the location around three PM immediately reported gunfire in their direction from higher elevation. Additional officers responded to the ambush and we're actively looking for one or more suspects according to Fox D. C. The story is still developing. So there you go, some more gun violence and hitting the streets as we have been talking about it off and on over the last little bit. Uh, so let me get to you to my little friend and I say, little, let me get to you to my small friend. Maybe I should say it that way. Maybe that's a little better punt intended. But let's have john talk about the market minute. Yeah. You know john small from the john and Heidi's show, Take a listen real quick. Here's your market beat minute for Thursday. April 15 2021. The Q1 earnings season started with a whimper on Wednesday after reports from the big banks failed to impress the market, reports from Jpmorgan Chase, Goldman, Sachs and Wells Fargo all beat their consensus targets. But internal metrics reveal stock market gains and investment banking are the reason why the banking sector started the day in negative territory but managed to recoup the losses. By the end of the session, the energy market got a boost on Wednesday by a bigger than expected drawdown of U. S. Crude stockpiles. The U. S. Crude inventory fell more than five million barrels versus the consensus estimate for about half that amount. The price of W. T. I gained more than 4% on the news and looks like it's headed back up to retest the recent highs. You can get the inside track from Wall Street's brightest minds delivered directly to your inbox every day at market beat minute dot com. So there you go. That's what john smalls had to say. I looked down at my wash because I got a notification that says jay Go another 41.6 miles before the end of the month and earned this award. Keep it up. Hold on. Did I already walked 41 miles and I just didn't realize it. Damn, I didn't realize it. Probably that's the case. Anyway, so let me give you the other side of White uh Wall Street had to inform us yesterday. Wall Street turned in a mixed results on Wednesday, as the dow gained 53 points. While the NASDAQ lost about 100 and 38 points and the S and P fell about 16 points. The financial sector kicked off earnings sessions with a big way of Jp morgan Goldman, Sachs and Wells Fargo, all reported earnings that are easily beat the contestants estimates. The Federal Reserve Chairman released a statement that the central bank has no intentions to adjust interest rates until both jobs and inflation meet their target and change is unlikely before you ready for this. 2024 2024. Now, I will tell you, I have been playing around looking out of the housing market and I'm talking in regards of selling, buying mortgage rates, in refinancing. And I will tell you that if you look at medium style homes in most markets at the moment, almost every single thing that I could find is pending. And I'm saying medium I mean I know there's some people out there that are you know are multi rich, so medium to me slightly significantly different. But I was kind of amazed that a lot of the houses that are out there are not you know available for sale because they're already having a pending sale. So a lot of lot of a lot of stuff happening inside of the housing market. Now I did find one yesterday 27 acres and it was even had a horse horse barn um you know in a horse stable. Better singers should award that properly. Um Yeah it was going for the low low value price of $3.6 billion. Now that one was still available on the market. It had been it had been available for the last 40 days. Mortal kombat down. Okay. An employee at the san Diego Zoo was hospitalized this week after being bitten by a venomous snake. The incident occurred as the wildlife care specialist was caring for the african bush viper in a non public area of the zoo. Oh, that sounds like fun. Uh, symptoms of the bite from the reptile included serious kidney damage and disruption to the blood clotting and flow along with severe inflammation, hemorrhaging and tissue and tissue death. According to the National National Geographic, the venom usually killed within days. There is no anti venom for the african bush viper poison. No, do not say that it has anything to do with J and J. What did he just say? We had safety. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now, back to real safety talk on safety. FM. Okay, americans are still working through their stockpile of toilet paper. Yeah, I would go figure that. According to the Wall Street Journal, toilet paper sales in january were 4.3 lower than the same Last year before the onset of the pandemic February saw 14 drop and there was 33 plunge in March over the previous year, reflecting the explosion of panic buying that swept the country last year, consumers are reportedly continued to buy up other sanitation staples. Uh, paper towels sales jumped about 10 this January compared to last year and household cleaners sales were up by 75%. So there you go. Some things to think about. I don't know. I mean, I will tell you there are some some other features that are available out there of course, but days would probably be the easiest thing to go with. Uh, there is the other items as that are available where they also have toilet paper on demand services. I mean I'm just saying I don't know if it's really on demand as you're thinking, but on demand and uh and some of those other things like who gives a crap uses recycled paper, they say 50% recycled paper um that they use for their content of their stuff. Uh Then there's that Alex, what is it Alex cleaner? Uh I think it's something like that. I probably have to double check that name just to make sure that it is accurate. Anyways, let's continue talking. It is almost close to that time, 25 minutes past the top of the hour. So let's get it rolling right now. Here is our main story on the right safety show. So let's talk about it, you know, it's time we have to focus on some of the stuff that if we consider our main going on right now, inside of the world. Uh, so let's talk about currently what a safety program could look like and not look like because that's where it can always get interesting. You know, we go out to organizations, we go out to conferences, are virtual conferences and we start having these look look sees on what is available. And let's say, for instance, you work at a smaller organization, you might look at some of these bigger programs that are available and say, hey, there is, there is some great info there. I would love to bring it over and then you find out the number one, it's not cost effective to what you're doing at your organization because the price point is not going to be something that you can be able to talk to your management about, um, in regards of them agreeing to do it, which is understood. The other side that you might take a look at too, is that maybe the size of the place is not big enough or maybe you already have some things that are better enhanced inside of your organization, but there's only certain components that you want to bring in, but they sell it as a, as a full package deal and not ala carte. Now keep in mind that I am talking about full blown safety programs, not philosophies, but safety programs. So it becomes slightly difficult to be able to come up with some of this stuff. Um, when you start taking a look at it. So, what I have seen throughout the years is that when I go into organizations and they're doing stuff, it might become what we consider a hodgepodge of different things inside of the safety sector. So you might grab something from here and put it in and you might grab something from over there and put it inside of your program and grab something from here. And you start taking a look at the overall concept and you go, well, I took this portion from lean. I took this portion from behavior based safety. I took this portion from Hop. I took this orchid at this operational organism and put it inside of here and try to start blending some of this stuff and really tying it and moving it. Because here's the thing. We talk about it all the time. You have to go where the organizations that because you have to meet them where they're at, because you can't change everything overnight. So as you start looking at the hodgepodge of stuff, you really go well. Really, what is my program consisting of? Is it behavior based safety? Is it a stylistic hot program? Um, and those, that might be some of the questions that come about now, Let's backtrack out of that for a moment. And let's start thinking about some of the other components that might consist of. So when you start assigning safety into your organization, because that's normally how it normally starts, it's not part built into the culture. You normally have people from different sectors. It could be marketing, which is kind of crucial to safety just in case marketing operations, line worker, you know, these kind of things are different components inside of there. But have you ever looked at it and really thought for a moment? Well this is a hodgepodge of different people that work inside of the york. Think about it for a moment. I know that the warning might not be great for when you start thinking about it, but think about it for just a hot minute, it does become a version al itty of a hodgepodge of different things, and that's not a bad thing. Here's the thing, regardless of you buying a program, regardless of you being fully committed to X, that this is the next greatest thing, You're never going to only have that in solidarity, you're always going to have a small mixture of things which can become a hodgepodge, which it can become just a plethora of different stuff mixed together. And I'm gonna tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Here's the thing though, Inside of that hodgepodge, you still have to have principles of concept. So you have to say if my alignment is going to be with this, this is what you're going to need to do, going forward, regardless of what things you're pulling in. So if you say that all of a sudden you want you solely focus on learning teams and that's going to be even the way that you quote unquote, do a version al Itty of an investigation, that's what you need to stick to. And we can go into a whole other conversation about Root Cause analysis, because that's kind of a simple thing to do, but you have to take a look at it and go what are going to be the key components and the key principles to the hodgepodge of things that you have going on, and it is going to be the general values that go on inside of the organization. Now keep in mind inside of this hodgepodge, you have to have buy in. So if you decide to go down this hallway, you have to have other people that are going to agree with you that this is what it's going to look like. I know it's difficult. I know it's not the easiest territory, but these are conversations that you need to start having within the organization. Why? It's probably a good idea. And you know, no one person is island. Is that how that thing goes? Yeah, I think that's how that goes. But that's what you have to think about your safety programs, not an island. Even if it's a hodgepodge and I know how difficult it is being a prophet in your own land. But these are the things you need to think about. If you want to start changing your organization, if you want to start changing how that safety program looks, you might have to hodgepodge some of these things to get it to work. Listen, I know it's not the easiest thing to hear. I know it's not the easiest thing to do, but sometimes to get from where you are to where you want to be. Heart botching is not a bad idea. But what can I say? What do I know? I'm just a guy behind a microphone. Oops. What did she just say? We have safety FM. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now back to real safety talk on safety FM. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of real safety talk. 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When meals on wheels started, I was on the other end of the stick, so to speak. My name is Julius, gains creative writer, poet, photographer, one in six seniors faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in isolation. Drop off a hot meal and say a quick hello volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels. America and the Ad council. Yeah, never saw you will be hearing to me by that. You that. Mhm. A friend will see you soon. Hope she your place. All whispering. Very good, hardly. Okay. That is ring break by you and lee joon louis and Lejeune. Yeah, that song is readily available on Spotify and Itunes just in case you're wondering call it Spring Break by the way. Thanks for letting us play it here on the radar safety show for that. You I feel like a lot of there's some influences, some of some other songs that I've heard on, that one. That's for sure. Okay, so there you go. 35 minutes past the top of the hour, you are listening to the raided our safety show or streaming it or podcasting it or doing something with it or some way, shape or form. Uh, so I don't know do I go motivation minute before I talk about death or do I go motivation minute or death motivation minute let's go death motivation minute Bernie Madoff has died at the one time. Wall Street Financial advisor turned convicted fraudster passed away in prison on Wednesday, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He died of natural causes. It was not related to Covid 19 Madoff has been serving 150 year sentence. He was 82. So I mean, Unfortunately the next thing I'm gonna say is not the nicest thing in the world, but we kind of knew he was in a die in prison. Just probably happened a lot sooner than what most people expected. So he did die at the age of 82. But as you are aware of his pretty world famous Ponzi scheme that was being talked about not so long ago about what he was doing to a lot of the elite as some people would call it. So there you go. Some information to think about as we are talking. Let's talk a little bit about the swamp real quick. So here you go. Here. Take a listen to this one. Ivanka trump is back on social media after keeping quiet for the last few months to share that that she got her first vaccine shot today. I got the shot. I hope you do too. She wrote and thanked the nurse by name administering the job. So there you go. So we're starting to see some other people come out of the woodwork regards of doing that. So there you go. She's doing she's doing her thing. I don't know if you heard about this one but CBS has announced an interview with President George W. Bush said to Aaron segment starting sunday and continuing throughout next week on various programs and previews do bia it says that he campaigned uh sorry W said that he campaigned on uh immigration reform but never got anything substantive done. Uh And there's one of the biggest regrets from him as his time at the White House. So there you go. Some interesting things uh there you go. There you go. A lot of stuff going on inside of that particular world. And let's get this moving right away as we are going. Uh, as as it says that it's going on. So let's talk about this real quick. We are going to get you moving and grooving with the motivation minute. The motivation minute is courtesy of better credit cards dot com. Jim Rohn said, if you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into somebody else's plan and guess what they have planned for you. Not much. I love that. There are some people who don't like to blaze their own trail though, they don't like to lead. They like to follow and there's nothing wrong with that. As long as you trust whoever you're following, I'm a big fan of getting in the driver's seat myself. Then I have the opportunity to react quickly to make sure we get to our destination. It's actually hard for me to be a passenger and I don't even know why maybe I'm a control freak. I hope not, but I like to go my own way and do my own thing sometimes to a fault. I choose to look at all this as me trying to live my life's plan. This has been today's motivation minute, courtesy of better credit cards dot com. I'm john small. Thanks for listening. Your favorite motivational quotes can be submitted for upcoming programs at motivation minute dot org. Okay, so I guess there was breaking news about something that I'm doing while I'm on my own show. So this is gonna be weird when I, when I show this. So let's go through this real quick. So here's me, Hopefully not looking at myself, but here you go. It has been announced officially. J always starts his broadcast saying it doesn't matter who the host is, but it does matter who the speaker will be. Me J Allen at the Excel occupational Health and Safety Environment Summit, the 28th of april at 11 a.m. E T T. Stay tuned for more information and to register this has now been posted on linked in. So if you're encouraged to come by, hang out and take a listen to what the hell I have to say on the 28th, you're more than welcome to do so. So that will be going on. You know, I did not realize that we're going to be to um reported why I was actually on the show talking about the show on the show, why I'm there. So there you go. Some very interesting stuff as that was going on. So there you go. Some interesting things. Let's talk about some other stuff going on inside of the world of the news, Working to um 9-11. Here you go. Let's talk about this as we make our way through the pandemic. Many employers and employees have been forced to reevaluate where people work And with our our professionals and home life being interconnected more than ever than before. When we think about it for a moment. And as uh as we bring us closer to as we did in 2019, we found that only we need to work eight hours a week. Yeah, that's right. eight hours a week. The reap of the psychology benefits of working the paper is titled a shorter working week for everyone. How much paid work is needed for mental health and well being. At the point of the reporter was according to the research, working eight hour work week, how does this happen is sufficient to gain a well being benefits of employment And the employee well being is similar regardless of the length of the work week up to 48 hours. Of course, the author explains that the right of artificial intelligence could be the result of significant shortage of paid work, but rather than allowing that to lead job to job losses and suggests the introduction of a shorter workweek. Now, I've heard about the seven hour work week. This guy talks about the eight hour work week. And yes, don't get me wrong, we all want to be our own bosses. We all want to be our own thing. I get it. But man, is that gonna be a difficult thing to sell as we are talking about it? I mean, I'm just saying in general, uh, so here we go. Let's talk a little bit, a little bit more. Sounds good to me. Starting next week. Uh Be sure to be listing the J Allen show radio big rated R. Safety show every monday and Tuesday on safety FM. Because that's what I'm not only gonna do, I'm only gonna do the show now. Two days a week. Eight hour work week baby. Well that's only six hours. If I think about it because I do three and three, I don't know, maybe I let's just cancel that. Let's just cancel that. Working eight hour work week is the secret of mental health. Maybe maybe the people that do the afternoon drive is onto something, who knows? Maybe they know better than I do. So I guess maybe I should start talking about this. Um so That event that I just mentioned a few moments ago, I will be there on the 28th. I'm doing it virtually, but in Orlando, if you are in the florida market and we're gonna start promoting it here, we're just a couple of days ahead of schedule. On March on May the 18th, I will be participating at the A c f s Safety Day 2021, it will be in the local market, I normally don't talk about local market stuff, but let's talk about it, I will be participating there and I'm not going to be a speaker, I just want to make sure that I'm clear here, but let me explain what I'm gonna be doing as participating. I will be there doing a live broadcast for us to be able to interact together so you can come hang out, be part of Safety Day 2021 interact, take a listen to what the speakers have to say, I will tell you, Sam Goodman from our station will be here or will be there. We will also have Emily L ride coming in to do these presentations. This is actually an in person event. I just want you to know this now, they are taking all of the covid precautions on this thing, so there you go, that will be happening on me the 18th. So all you have to do is go to a C. F. S dot org. I believe it is to find out more information, so I'm going to tell you it will probably be one of the most inexpensive things that you'll ever attend. $30 gets you into the door um and that will get you moving and grooving, it's not several $100 it is $30 get you into the door and you get to participate in a full day event. Uh I think I'm allowed to say that it is boxing theme oriented. Don't worry, they're not going to put you into a boxing ring, not you, I'll just put it to you that way so you can hang out, hang out with us now, the fun part is if you speak english, being perfect for you now, if you have people that only speak spanish, they're doing something that I have not seen at any other safety conference to date, I haven't seen it, but I'm gonna share it with you. They're going to have an immediate translator For you can have some kind of app that you're using that will translate what is going on on the stage. Now keep in mind that these $30 to get you in also includes lunch. You're not going to get a better deal than that, I'm just telling you so good times hanging out there. Like I said, I will be broadcasting live from there. Um, I haven't cleared. I redid our safety show from there. Yeah, but sometimes I forget to get things cleared, but that's a whole other story for another day. But we will be broadcasting throughout the day on safety FM dot com so you can take a listen, we're not going to broadcast the whole event. So let's just make sure that I'm clear here, but we will be doing broadcasting with some of the speakers at the event. Uh, some of the people that are there as vendors. Um, and of course, if you're there, I would love for you to come by, come by the booth. I would love to hang out with you. Let's talk, let's talk shop. Let's talk about what you're going on and you never know we might get you onto the air. Also, at the same time do I? I think that um Richard Nichols is losing it over here in the box. I I think he's very excited. I would, I would stay away from the man at the moment. I think he's way too excited. Don't want him to get too close if you know what I'm saying. Anyway, so let's continue talking about what exactly is going on inside of the world of the news. Here you go. Uh so tell testing a new test. Yeah, not not a joke. How about the microchip style Covid 19 tests? Have you heard about this? That's exactly what medical researchers at the US pentagon have come up with. The revolutionary technology was developed by the Defence um Advanced Research Project agency. Will say that again Defense Advanced research projects agency and was featured on sunday nights 60,000,060 minutes program. The micro strip, which is not in a widespread use outside of the pentagon. Kid apparently detect covid 19 in a person well before he or she spawns an outbreak allowing it to be contained in its tracks And just put a stop on the conspiracy theories before. And they go brushing onto social media accounts 60 minutes clarified that DARPA chip which is um inserted under the skin, cannot track everyone's move. No, they are not going to have that at the A. C. F. S. 2021 safety day. So there you go. Some interesting things going going on for their anyways. We'll we'll get you some of the visuals and some of the graphics uh, where you can see that about the A. C. F. S. Um, and yes, we are helping spun through the uh, you know, it's a, it's a joint, it's a joint. And I will tell you, I want to go back to the A. C. F. S for a moment because we did some stuff with them last year, um, in regards of virtual day and we were able to broadcast, um, from universal studios last year for the, for the virtual event. And I have to tell you for it to be the first time for them to do an event that they were not familiar doing virtually. And for them to do an event that was foreign to them and them allowing, you know, them taking the risk because I did, I did come up to them, they were, they were like, they thought they were dead in the water, they weren't gonna be able to do anything. And I said, let's do something crazy. And they decided that they were willing to jump on the crazy train with me. um, and said, hey, let's let's see what we can do. I have to tell you, I admire that of any organization that's willing to take a, take a risk out there. Now, I will tell you this year, I have encouraged them. I'm gonna put them on and put them out there on purpose. Um, I've told them about something um, in regards of where we can gamify some of the things that will be doing in person. So we'll see if they exactly decided to do that or not. No pressure there. I might have done that one on purpose. Or did I not? Who knows more than mortal kombat beat down rated R. Safety show. Listen to our host of the rated R. Safety show. Self implode on our airwaves. Only on safety. FM. Okay, so let's continue talking some more things. Let's get you to the other side of the equation. It is 48 minutes past the top of the hour. So let's talk about it. Are you okay, Richard? Are you okay if this was a different show, I would ask you if something else is going on, but I'm not going to ask that because that we might come out across the wrong way. Okay, so no winner for Tuesday night's mega million drawing, Friday's drawing will be for $240 million $162.6 million dollars cash payout. So there you go, if you're interested in playing that kind of stuff. So let's continue talking real quick about some other stuff. Uh I have to tell you. So with some of the stuff that you've texted me in the past that you do first things in the morning, I'm kind of worried that you're telling me that you're excited. I'll just leave it at that. Okay, so let's continue talking about this. Some other things going on inside of the world of the news and all that kind of fun stuff. So let's let me see what do I want to do here? I think let's not talk about the doghouse because I don't think a lot of us actually care about that. But let's talk about, did you know, let's talk about, did you know, a new study has found that getting out of the sunshine Could improve your chances of surviving. COVID-19. Just letting you know a team from the University of No, I found that the Sonnier area see fewer deaths from the virus. Hold on, getting out in the sunshine, getting out in the sunshine. Let's make sure that we're that we're clear here. Uh look at this. Thanks for mentioning it. J you've made my day. Well hopefully we can do is I hope I can help promote it a little bit more as well and hopefully we'll get you as excited as richard is. So there you go. A team found that the university of like I already said, found that the signing of the areas of fewer deaths of the virus. Study authors say that sunbathing causes the skin to release a chemical which can elevate symptoms and covid positive individuals intense ingley the impact of getting more vitamin D. And nutrient provided by the sun's rays. Couldn't fully explained the phenomenon. The Scottish team believes that sunbathing could act as simple as a simple public health intervention. Uh in a light that they're essentially a therapeutic that mimics the benefits of the sun may also be uh you know, protective. So there you go for those spring breakers, overcrowding. You know the beaches weren't as stupid as we thought after all. Think about it in that fashion. So what do you think now? Because we were talking yesterday? I think it was yesterday. I was so confused by dr I p yesterday. Maybe I'm thinking about something else. What we were talking about sunbathing that was being done in spain for schools. So maybe there really onto something, maybe they know something that we did not know. So maybe that's some stuff to think about for sure as we are moving forward here. I mean what do you think? Imagine your work day at the beach or hanging out in the sun Now I will tell you if I go outside for too long a period of time I get I get extra red and then I turned crispy and that's not a joke at all. Uh Just in case you did not know and probably you didn't care to know just saying we are now video streaming, the rated R. Safety show. I don't know why our host has a face for radio rated R. Safety show. Okay. Last one before I get too far. The safety day for the A. C. F. S. Does include Continuing education units for the $30 and the lunch. Just in case we wanted to share that, I just wanted to share that. Now. I think Richard can do whatever he needs to do next. Okay so there you go. Let's talk about some whack fax, 85% of divorced people are remarried within five years. There you go. To know that redheaded men are most likely to go bald. Go figure. Um And the first professional baseball game, the umpire was fined six cents for swearing. Damn it man, I can't believe it. 1000 island salad dressing was named for the 1000, 864 islands in Canada ST Lawrence River. Okay. Uh Well uh there is a Cinderella story and finish fuck floor. But the girl's name isn't Cinderella, it's tuna. Well, I guess that's why I didn't um It didn't go see E. You there? No, not funny. Yeah, I I agree with your comment right there. 100%. Anyways, let's continue talking about some other stuff. Let's talk about some things that happened back on this day, back in 2013 Justin Bieber how did this come about in flames controversy. With the note that he leaves to anne frank museum in Amsterdam. He wrote that he hoped that frank would have been uh would have been a believer in his name. Ardent fans gave themselves while social media collectively wet their pants. The director of the anti um d foundation, the league publicly noted that frank was a big fan of pop culture and celebrity and that Justin's nut was actually a nice thing. So there you go. So thanks to think about back in 2020 on this date at the time. Uh, at the time was the deadliest day during the covid 19 pandemic with 2752 deaths that had occurred back on that day. Think about that, think about how different that number is now in regard to what we would be seeing. Anyway, let's continue talking. Let's talk about some birthdays going on today, Julia butters actress turns 12 today. I think that's important. Emma Watson turns 31 harry potter faith, 31 wow, okay. Seth Rogen, Seth Rogen What? He's only 39. I would have thought he was older. I know, that's a terrible thing to say. Uh luke Evans turns 42 today. Chris Stapleton. Oh yeah. Tennessee whiskey. I wish we could play it here. But if you have to come to radio Big I'll play it to you on Radio Big. I'm gonna give you some comparisons on some songs. If you come out and hang out on Radio Big today um That song Tennessee Whiskey and the one that we played by do Aleppo yesterday. I want you to hear some similarities there. He turns 43 today. By the way, flex alexander one on one, actor of one on one, turns 51 Emma Thompson, yeah, Emma Thompson, let's get the name right turn 62 today. If you're inclined to want to know about that. So there you go. And by the way leaving 100 Vinci was born back on this date back in 14 52. He passed away in 15 19 just in case you weren't aware of that. Okay so there you go. Some interesting information. Let's talk about some stuff going on on the back end of the news of the stuff that we normally don't talk about. Let's talk about it right now. Apple's ipad Pro is set to be released any day now. A new apple product is something that happens um At this time every year like J lo breakup. Yeah. Scientists think that they have discovered a new gene that causes people to cheat coincidentally. Those genes can be found on the floor of Megan fox's bedroom. The CDC says the food most likely to make you sick is chicken. In fact, they say that it's over 95 of chicken is contaminated with bacteria which works out well for McDonald's because at least 95 of their chicken isn't really chicken Fact of the day roughly six billion people on earth on a phone, but only 4.5 billion have access to a working toilet by working toilet. I think they mean a nokia fact of the day. Singing helps form and strengthen the emotional bond between a group of people unless you happen to be scooter braun, just saying, What did he just say? We don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Back to real safety talk on safety. F. I'm a trial lawyer. I'm not part of your family and I don't do skits with my mom. I'm a real lawyer, a damn good lawyer. The best lawyer this state has to offer and I've built a reputation for standing up for the people of this country righting the wrongs. You may not agree with all of my views, but when it comes to try in cases, there's only one view justice and justice is what I get fighter law. That's why we're unstoppable. We at safety FM are not responsible for what this idiot behind the microphone is saying he is trying to be entertaining rated R safety show. Okay, so let's talk about some days of the year that you can celebrate today. National banana day. National glazed spiral ham day. National rubbery racer day. National take a wild guess day, National Tax Day. By the way, if you're here in the US, it did get pushed back for some to May the 17th. I'm just throwing that out there. You don't have to put an extension just in case. Uh, National titanic Remembrance Day, Purple up Day. Uh, let's see. Get to know your customer day. I think that should be every day. National high five day. Uh That sucks day in world, aren't they? Oh, I guess that guy kind of should coincide. World sucks. No, your art day kind of combines together. Anyway, let me tell you about the most important portion that we'll talk about during the whole time on the show. Whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or have lost a loved one, know that you're not alone here about personal experiences from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide. You can contact the american Foundation for Suicide Prevention a f Sp dot org A F sp dot org by contacting. Welcome. Contact them of course, via the website or give them a call at 1 802 738255 That's 1 802 738255 Or text. The word talked to. 741741 Here you go. If you need a random joke for today, try this. Have you ever noticed that? When you lose the remote control, you lose trust in everyone. Are you sitting on the remote? No. Get up and prove it. You need a phone started for today. Try this one. Confession time. What's your weirdest habit? Oh, I got some good ones to share. But let's not talk about them on the air. If you need something for the water cooler, try this one. People who have this in their home fall asleep faster than those who don't. What is it? A fish tank. So there you go. You've been listening to the rate at our safety show exclusively on safety FM and radio big dot F. M. Safety FM is the home of real safety talk. We can't do what we do without you. The most important part the listener, I can leave you with one thought for today. I would love to leave you with this one. People will do some odd things to get even just the truth of the matter Anyways. I know who you are. I hope you know who I am. If you want to hang out some more, go to radio big dot F. M, I'll be there for the next couple hours. Love you mean it and goodbye. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It should not be utilized in the real world as the only solution available as they are based only on very limited and dated open source information, assumptions made within this analysis are not reflective of the position of the company. No part of this podcast may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means mechanical, electronic recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the creator of the podcast, J. A.