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[00:00:00] :  This show is brought to you by safety. The following program is rated M. L. S. V. It contains strong language, sexual situations and violence. It is intended only for mature audiences. Finally show with the ball should call it like it is rated R. Safety show on Safety FM. Countdown to audio torture decorated. Our safety show starts in 321 lady ear drum pain begin, forget the corporate bullshit. This is the rated R. Safety show with your host. Dr uh It doesn't matter who the host is. Well, well, well, well, well, is that not the truth or what? It does not matter who the host is. Let's see. Today's Wednesday April the 14th of 2021. Only day 104 of the year. And let's see 261 days remaining before we get to the end of this one. You know what I'm saying there Anyways, we're broadcasting live from the safety FM studios in Orlando florida and streaming across the multiverse of Safety FM, just in case if you were wondering. And of course we are also streaming on that other platform that we kind of hang out with, you know those people from over there. Well, we are radio, we are sarcasm. We are both combined Radio Big. Well, thank you. Dr Isabella, safety keynote speaker. Get me off of your list A H um you have to remove yourself off the notifications on linkedin. But thank you, thank you for your starting off our morning in such a pleasurable way. Anyways, let's continue talking about some other things that are going on inside of the world, inside of what is going on right here. So as we start off, we do talk about the different things that are going on inside of the world of safety and we do talk about the things that are going on inside of the world of news. So let's get that moving and grooving right away as we do. So anyways, we are a radio station first followed by a podcast, then followed into a streaming service as we have discussed several times over. So there you go. Um so let's continue talking right off the top. Let's talk about the books that are trending according to the new york Times bestsellers list At the # five section in the fiction category. Where the cross doodads sing At number four, the midnight library at number three, the four wins And # two The Red Book. And at the number one spot, the hill we will climb. So there you go. Those are the ones that are referencing right there on the other side of the equation at number five cast and the nonfiction category at number four. Uh, let's see the body keeps the score at number three. The beauty of living twice. Number two green lights and at the number one spot according to the non fiction category, according to the new york times bestsellers list. Well, it's the code breaker. What if the Germans Jericho has anything to do with that book? So anyways, that's what is going on. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you for jumping on real quick. So let's get that moving and grooving and let's get you to our friends and feature story news and see exactly what they have to say about what's going on inside of the world of the news. Here is the news feature story news in London. I'm ali Barrett India's posted another record. Daily spike in covid 19 infections at over 184,000 new cases amid the surge. The indian state of Maharashtra is announced. Strict new covid 19 restrictions, Which will see most establishments in public places closed for 15 days. Rebecca Braden reports from Mumbai. Maharashtra are home to the financial capital. Mumbai is the worst hit state in India and local authorities say that its health care system is under pressure facing challenges, including a shortage of oxygen. Local authorities are reluctant to describe the move as a lockdown, but the strict new measures that come into force from Wednesday evening mean that people will largely only be able to leave their homes for essential tasks and services. India's total caseload of covid 19 infections is approaching 14 million and it is the second worst affected country by the virus. After the United States. Rebecca Braden Mumbai British scientists examining whether it's safe to Mix COVID-19 vaccines across the two doses are expanding their trial. The University of Oxford has been looking at the impact of combining Pfizer and astrazeneca jabs on the immune system vaccines from Moderna and NOva Vacs are now being added to the study with hundreds more volunteers being recruited. Professor Matthew Snape is the trials chief investigator and says it could help with vaccination rollouts. What we're looking to is flexibility in that to make the program so that people can be immunized more quickly overall and also build resilience in the program in case there are any problems with supply locally or nationally. Us troops will leave Afghanistan by the 11th of september. President joe biden's due to confirm the new date later which mrs um a deadline that had been agreed between the taliban and the trump administration. Hong kong police are drawing up protocols for how to screen candidates for political office as part of Beijing's overhaul of the local electoral system, There are concerns the new police powers will eliminate political opposition in the city. Richard Kimber reports from Hong kong Beijing is creating a new candidate eligibility review committee in Hong kong to scrutinize anyone seeking to run as a lawmaker in the city's legislative council or to run for the top political job as Hong kong's chief executive as part of that process. The city's police force will have an advisory role that will not be made public or be subject to judicial review. Hong kong's security secretary, john lee says the police new powers for vetting political candidates does not contradict the forces political neutrality. He says the system is designed to weed out what he calls traitors and that any political view is acceptable as long as the candidate is not perceived to be involved in anything that harms Hong kong's overall interests. Critics of the scheme say it will stifle political opposition in the city and turn many candidates off running for office altogether from bureaus worldwide. This is FSN this show is almost as enjoyable as hearing the sound of the toilet flush rated r safety show on safety. We all want to make sure that our family is protected in medical emergencies. What many of us don't realize is that health insurance won't always cover the full amount of an emergency medical flight. Even with comprehensive coverage, you could get hit with high deductibles and copays. That's why an air med care network membership is so important as a member. If an emergency arises, you won't see a bill for air medical transport when flown by an A. M. C. N. Provider. 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Brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. It's important to plan ahead for emergencies like the storm when it kicked in. We had were saying rated, we were able to get in touch with each other in no time how to find each other. The whole experience was the most frightening 10 hours of my life. If there's one piece of advice that offer other moms out there, it's to stay home and keep to the planted some parents plan ahead. Some don't make sure you know where to find your family in an emergency start. Your planet ready dot gov brought to you by fema and the AD council. You are listening to a radio God. What? This has to be an error. That host is not a radio God. Anyways, this is the rated R safety show on safety air firm. Oh so there you go. There you go. There you go. I never put you on. Well apparently somehow you got inside of here. I don't control your version of linkedin but thank you Isabella for sharing your your needs here on the show. Um I'm sure everybody else is wanting to be involved as well. Hopefully you can reach out and just turn the notifications off. That's kind of the simplest way to do it. Probably there's an upgrade or an update inside of the algorithm of Lincoln and that's why you're seeing me, which it sounds like it's definitely something you don't want to do by the way. We haven't seen each other in long period of time. I haven't seen you at uh a SSP meeting. And sometimes I think the last time that I had seen you, let me see, we might have been in san Antonio. So there you go. Anyways, let's continue talking. Let's talk about what is going on around the world. It is 11 minutes past the top of the hour and let's talk about what is going on according to the California school district. Uh, I guess that's what we're gonna talk about. The California school district will vote this week on whether to move forward with hybrid plan or exclude only seventh graders or just remain virtual for the rest of the year. I mean the rest of the year, we're already in april what is it gonna matter at this point? The Oak Groves School district of san Jose County has been holding distant learning for over a year. Now. Last month, school board members came up with a hybrid plan where students will be in part of the week, of the home, of the rest what everyone that is, everyone except seventh grade. The reasoning for leaving seventh graders, it is um, it wouldn't be safe according to the board, uh, to have 7th and 8th graders in a school at the same time as the eighth graders in the time back before. It's so confusing. So there you go. What do you think? I mean, I don't know. I see, I hear some of these things that are going on inside of this county and we kind of go from there. So there you go. You want to know something? I don't know why, but I, I'm remembering remembering the good old days when I used to be in, uh, I used to be in this area that was called Colleen texas that I used to do um, radio down there and I was right next to a military base that was known as Fort Hood. And at the time I used to be on K. C. N. T. 91.3 simply beautiful. Uh yeah it was, it was a jazz station. Um and I also played some elevator music. So let's not lie about it. Uh in the interesting portion it was definitely regarded to some of the elders that would actually take a listen to the station. No problem with that. That's pretty cool. No problem there. But I used to get some random phone calls that would occur where people would hear humming from their radio or there was this weird buzzing sound that they would claim that was coming from the speakers. And I would only have like one person contact me um to let me know that that's what's going on. I'm kind of feeling one of those moments of nostalgia right now as we speak more, mortal kombat be downgraded upstate okay as of Tuesday over 192.2 million covid vaccines had been administered nationwide. Over 75.3 million americans have been fully vaccinated while more than 122.2 million have received at least one dose according to the C. D. C. And the total number of competitive cases in the US. is just a little bit above 31 million. And the total amount of deaths is 559,000 deaths attributed to the virus. So as we speak it has not really moved the amount of death which is a good thing but you're seeing that it is kind of slowing down based on what we're talking about. So just some things to bring up as we are talking about this. Oh before I forget the codes back up we got the code, the codes back up on the screen. The QR code. Yeah. Just in case you don't know where the QR code Leads, it leads to this. I am not speaking at any conference or expose between September the 13th through the 15th. That's where the code leads. Now, I have to tell you last night or this morning, relatively early this morning. No problem. Was having some communication uh about it doesn't really play out. You understand what is exactly going on uh what is going on? If you don't watch the video that goes with the code it's kind of a combination. Did this person just call the host of a ha? I don't know what I I guess. Good question Mr Nichols. And let's make sure that where you don't call this just a person, it is doctor, it is the doctor coming in at one point I think she was referring to herself as a safety doc. I think there was a website at 1.2 with that. Uh So there you go it's okay. I've been called worse by better. Uh So anyway so there you go. A lot of things going on inside of that here's the thing. So as I so going through this real quick and going through the whole thing as we um talk about this when I'm giving out this code this Q. R. Code and we're talking about this and we're going through this whole thing really pay attention to what's being brought up because that's the other portion that's the other portion to think about. So you had a google, you had a google that she was calling me an asshole. Really? That's good. That's good to say. I knew exactly what she was telling what she was saying right away. But then again, there's a whole other story behind this. Um I'm pretty sure I could share it with you, but she probably wouldn't love me too much for saying so, Because there's this thing that I talk about that has four letters and The four letters are associated to a group. And the four letters normally pissed the people off when I start talking about it because they don't understand that, you know, some of the mentality of the older gen needs to be slightly updated because your organization is ran like something straight out of the 1970s or the 1960s and it's slightly needs to be updated. So there you go. Oh yeah, it's a it's a term of, let's see, it must be a term only understood by ph d s. Well I don't know uh maybe maybe that maybe you're right, I didn't think about it because I was actually talking to a group of phds not so long ago, I don't say it was about a couple of weeks ago and they were talking about how, you know, a good chunk of ph d s has to be some version. Al Itty of Narcissus has to be a version of narcissist if they're actually going out and actually getting it. So, getting the actual PhD, which I was like, I can understand that viewpoint at one point or another. Anyways, let's not get too sidetracked this morning. Let's continue talking. A texas man made history this week as the person person to run from Disneyland to Disney World to raise awareness for type one A diabetes. Yeah. So from Disneyland to Disneyworld, Don muchachos of plano. Yeah that's plano texas just in case completed his go on monday crossing the finish line at Disney park in Orlando. Uh closing the 2845 mile trek from Anaheim calif. I'm Anaheim California to Orlando florida. The 59 year old an ultra runner, Iron Man and type one diabetes told Fox News it was a surreal to complete the mission. So there you go. A lot of stuff going on inside of there in that sequence of events. Oh there there there there there there there so there you go some good stuff there. Let's talk to our friend, our amigo are compadre and all that kind of fun stuff. And let's have john smalls come into the box real quick and we will have him talk about the market minute. So let's do that. Here's your market beat minute for Wednesday april 14th 2021 U. S. Stock markets were relatively calm again Tuesday as traders gear up for the Q. One earnings onslaught. The S. And P. 500 was able to edge higher but by less than half a percent to set a new all time high. The new market is being led by the analyst sentiment and a rising consensus for Q. One results. The risk for the market is that with the S. And P. 500 so highly valued. There is a risk that Q. One earnings could turn into a sell the news event trading could take on a different tone after today. Between the expected earnings reports from the big banks and economic data. In the form of the Fed's beige book, there's a lot of risk for the market among those reporting R. J. P. Morgan Goldman, Sachs and Wells Fargo. As for the beige book, that market will be watching it closely for any signs of rising inflation and there are sure to be some, you can get the inside track from Wall Street's brightest minds delivered directly to your inbox every day at market beat minute dot com. Okay. So what do you think with john smalls in the market? Beat minute. Yes, I have to agree with you as it was posted right there in the box Lucas Marino. You are absolutely correct. That is a long trip on sneakers. I hope he has a sponsor. Uh They got him partially across there so there you go. So let's continue talking about the stocks real quick Tuesday stock index closed up as mixed as the dow lost 68 points and the NASDAQ added 146 points and the S. And P. Gained about 13 points. And the S. And P. 500 touched a new record as it finished above 4141 points. Uh The use of johnson and johnson virus vaccine has been temporarily halted due to a rare blood clotting side effect reported by six recipients who shared tied to the economic reopening sank while technology companies enjoyed the lift such as Apple Microsoft and Amazon closed higher on Tuesday. The news released during the session showed that consumer price index had risen more in March than any other month in the last 8.5 years. Many accommodations predict that the trend of inflation continuing for the foreseeable future. So there you go. Some information there for sure. As we are talking this morning, um interesting stuff of course, going on always because that's how I like it around here anyways, 20 minutes past the top of the hour and so on. So here you go. One of two police officers accused of pepper spraying and pointing his gun at the black army officer during a traffic stop has been fired and an investigation has been opened into the incident. Governor Ralph Northam requested that an investigation by the Virginia state police Into the December 2020 encounter in which in term has been excessive use of force by the officers towards Lt Caron rosario norm called the footage of the encounter disturbing. So there you go. What did he just say? We have safety FM. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now back to real safety talk on safety. F. M. O. Love it, love it, love it. There you go. There you go. Uh some fun stuff of course going on always across. So here you go. We started talking about all this weird stuff that we hear about in the news and we get to share it together and we get to listen to it together and we get to you. Well, I won't be entertained. Some of it can be entertaining, some of the kidnapped. But what do you think about all this when you hear it as you being the safety professional that you are the or the, the acquaintance, my friend, my listener, whatever the hell you want to talk about. I mean, but what do you think about it when you hear all of this? A lot of stuff going on? Of course. Anyways, the olympic torch relay ran through mostly empty Osaka City park On Tuesday it came to it came on the same day that the local government announced a new single day record of covid cases for Japan's second largest metropolitan area. The torch relay began three weeks ago in the north Northeast Japan, with a total of 10,000 runners crisscrossing the country heading towards the opening ceremony is set to take place on july the 23rd in Tokyo. A recent poll by Japanese news agency Cotto showed that 13.2% want the relay to continue, while 49.3% said that they should be canceled in areas where severe outbreaks and 35.9 uh said that it would be called Off entirely. Also, nearly 80 of the, of the country believes that the game should be canceled or postponed again. Uh, the Olympics and Paralympics are expected to draw about 15,400 athletes and tens of thousands of official judges and media and broadcasters, fans from abroad um um have been dead. So there you go. I don't know what to tell you. Just the information. That's their uh a lot of stuff going on. Of course, as we talk about everything going on inside of the news as we hang out here at safety FM. Let's continue talking the FDA and the C. D. C. R. Rem, ending a pause on the recommending a pause in the rollout of the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine after several instances of severe blood calling. According to the FDA, there has been six reported cases of rare and severe blood clots and over 6.8 million recipients of the one shot vaccine. So, you did hear me correctly, right? 6.8 million Recipients of the one shot vaccine. And there has been six cases 6123456 out of 6.8 million. So they have recommended pausing for a moment. What do you think there? I mean, of course, a blood clot is a blood clot. So let's not let's not downplay it. So there you go. There's some things to think about for sure. As it comes about lot of strange stuff going on inside of this particular world. When you really start thinking about, I mean, we're talking about six out of 6.8 million. Somebody needs to figure out the math on that. Maybe we should have like an accountant coming and talk about that real quick because I'm just not smart enough or maybe I'm at a H and can't figure it out. Anyways, the police shooting Dante right has reignited protests across the country. At least 40 At least 40 people were arrested on monday in Brooklyn Center, in the city where right was killed. On sunday, a group of more than 200 in Portland were were shouting, burned the priests into the ground in every city and every town as they grabbed bricks and rocks and throw them out. The officers, a subway station in D. C. Was swarmed with protesters on their way to get to gather at the capitol while portions of Manhattan bridge and the Big Apple was shut down mostly for a peaceful protest. So there you go. A lot of stuff to think about. Listen at your own risk rated r safety show. So there you go. Yeah, that's a good point. There was a lot of people waiting for a particular vaccine. This case of being mentioned, the johnson and johnson would because of course the one shot the one and done. Um Of course that's kind of a that would be a popular term in regards of what of actually getting done. I don't know. I mean I know some people felt that that was gonna be a good one, but that was the thing that we were talking about at the very beginning with vaccines were getting rolled out. Where are they going to give you a choice? Meaning whoever your provider was going to give you a choice on what shot you could have. So we knew that some people were going to wait. I mean Astrazeneca was one but not here, of course Moderna Pfizer and then of course J and J. So what are you taking a look at it? I mean, I think that with anything there's always a risk. I mean, here's the thing. If you kind of take a look at it, there's if you think about all the drugs in the world, not those kind of drugs. You know, I'm talking about pharmaceutical. When you start thinking about it, think about all the pros and cons of everything that's listed and what are the side effects that could occur. And of course this is emergency release. So it's still kind of a tester we know that. So that's the that's the the other portion to think about also a more traditional form of vaccine. Thank you Lucas were more information there. I will say for me because I I see what you're saying. But that's the stuff that we have to talk about. I mean this is the thing that we have to think about. This is an emergency release and the other portion of the side effects. This is why we continue to have the ongoing conversation that you have to do what is right for you and your circumstance. I mean do proper research. I mean I know that we all want to go to dr google and have those conversations, but that's fine. But you have to do a little bit more research because here's the thing, a lot of stuff that you can find, especially when it comes to medical related and white papers, where you're starting to look at trends in information and all that kind of fun stuff. You have to make sure that it's not sponsored by the medic medical provider or pharmaceutical company, which is kind of the common theme among both of those things. Just stuff to think about as you're moving forward inside of there anyways, an arrest has been made In the 25 year old disappearance, uh 25 year old disappearance of the California polytechnic State University student, Kristin smart paul flores. The last person to be seen with a 19 year old before she vanished while while walking back to her dorm After a party was arrested early on Tuesday, he was officially listed as the prime suspect in the case last month. The investigation search of his father's home and property, Arroyo grande using ground penetrating radar and cadaver dogs. Yesterday, the ST louis Obispo sheriff's office revealed that there was evidence, there was evidence related to the murder and was discovered. Couldn't um couldn't share what it has, what, what they had found because the warrants are sealed, Florence's father Ruben flores was also arrested. The elder flores is being held on $250,000 bail while the younger flores is being held without bail. So there you go. Some stuff to think about as we're going on and talking about all kinds of interesting things this morning And some other news, Uber said a surge in demand for rides and food orders propelled the company to its biggest month for overall bookings in 12 year history. Uber has been around for 12 years. God, I'm, I think I was late to that game. According to recent filing, the ride sharing company was doing, I was doing an annualized run rate of $30 billion while the daily ride bookings were up by 9% last month, compared to a year ago, the company delivered services that surged more than 100 and 50% of last month's, Uh, to be annualized run rate of 52 billion, an all time record. The problem now is keeping up with the demand. So there you go. I guess that's one of those things to think about right away. If you are looking for, uh, you know, some kind of work, Something to do and you're short on cash and you, you need something immediately. Maybe that's something to look into. If you do have a car to be able to do something. I think they have certain guidelines um in regards of doing that. So there you go, some for information right away, 29 minutes past the top of the hour. So I think we're close enough to do the thing that we do here around this time is our main story on the right safety show. Okay, so there you go. It's close to that time. We started talking about the main story. Good Morning Mr puzzle. Thank you for joining us in the box. But we started talking about all the things that we want to talk about. Thinking about the things that we shouldn't be thinking about probably um and start going down that particular path because we need to start talking and we need to start looking into those things that uh what what do we call the episode today? I think we called it, if I remember correctly, I'd rather go Yeah, so let's talk about where you'd rather go. Not that place but some of those other places, but where would you rather go? You know think about it for a moment because there is some interesting content and concepts and all this kind of fun stuff. But sometimes we tend to wake up in the morning and we have that internal conversation where you're telling yourself I'd rather go here, I'd rather do this than having to go to work. And I understand that from time to time it does make sense. But when you start going through this process of I'd rather be anywhere else besides work, how do you change your mind to be able to do what you should be doing? How do you go about and getting everything ready? Rolling and bowling? Uh, in regards of that, I mean I look at it and I kind of try to go and try to figure this out and go, what do you look at when we start having these conversations? What do you think about on regards of being able to change of being able to go forward? Because here's the other thing to what I'm starting to realize more and more as we start getting into organizations and we're doing, you know, the normal 9 to 5, we'll call it normal 9 to 5 at the moment, but we'll turn around and do this. Well, we'll be there for a moment and say, you know, this is not for me, this is something that I'd rather not be doing and I'm just going to go elsewhere. I'd rather go somewhere else. Now, that is always an option now, don't get me wrong. But at what point do you make that call if the safety program that's going on inside of that organization is not the way that you're hoping for it to go? How do you go about to change it? How do you go about to make everything the way that you want is leaving going to be the solution to the problem? I'm asking the question here because I want to have a better understanding the ongoing sequence is that it is easier to leave. But what happens to the people that stay behind? What happens to the people that are still there? What if you're the voice for that group and you decided to leave? How are things going to change? Are they going to change now because you've left? Is that how you're looking at it? Or are you looking at it in a in a different kind of fashion? Just asking the question because that's the interesting portion about it. What changes when you'd rather go? Is there a portion where you get up in the morning and you don't want to go to work? Like I always have such a hard time seeing all these people that have the discussion of, oh we're halfway through the way it gets Wednesday, it's almost over. But if you hate so much what you're doing, you probably shouldn't be um actually staying there where you're at just to die. I would hate to be at a place where all I look for is going into work, getting off and then going directly into the weekend as soon as possible for I can get back to being off for a couple of days that just doesn't seem like a tremendous kind of life to live and I'm not saying that it's all gonna be knocking it out of the park, there are gonna be days that are difficult, don't get me wrong, but this is the stuff that we have to talk about and stuff, we have to think about lot of interesting things of course, as we go about and really think about this, a lot of interesting things come about always. So you have to do what is in your best interest of course, don't get me wrong, we're gonna have to redo those boxes by the way, in regards of getting that messaging through because they're becoming too big um in regards over there, so we'll get them through on the next section. Uh but we have to talk about this like, what are you doing? Because if you'd rather go definitely you're not in the place that you should be think about it for a moment, that's for sure. So the other portion to think about as well is what happens to the people that are there. What happens to the people that stay behind? If you decide to leave, are you going to be able to a system before you go? Are you that frustrated? Because here's the thing, when we start getting frustrated, we automatically start doing this and it's that narrowness of us getting closer and not focusing on anything else besides the problem that is going on right now. And is that good? Is that a good thing? Probably not. And that's the portion, that's the portion to think about. We need to be able to assist as the kind of work that we do into a broader scope. So that's but we need to start thinking about how can we make things better and is leaving always the best solution? Now, let me tell you, I've been on both sides of the equation. I've been in an organization that I love did everything everything, everything, everything, everything was I treated fairly. It's a matter of opinion. I think I was treated good and then boom, it didn't work out for it. I opted to leave based on some information that one of my bosses was telling me in regards of what was going on with the company. Then I worked at another company where hey, I'll tell you, they treated me like garbage and I did everything possible to assist to help. And every day it was a struggle to get up and start doing the things that I was doing at that organization. National National Organization. But then I started noticing the tunnel vision, the tunnel vision across the board of where I didn't want to focus on what exactly was going on. And I struggled to be there day in and day out, day in and day out and I noticed that my mental health was starting to be affected based on those things. I started noticing that there was other things that were going on that we're affecting me. But what I did was I tried to continue to help build a structure inside of that organization that if I was to leave, which I did, there would be somebody better suited for that role to come in because that's the thing. Sometimes it is a lost in translation. Sometimes it is a loss in regards of what is going on. Not all management is going to agree with you, not all team members are going to agree with you. You are always going to not fall into um, a good category with every person. I mean case in point me having somebody called me an asshole first thing in the morning. Hey, now, uh, makes my day bothers them. Here's the fun part. I'll mention that real quick. Both of my parents were in the marines. You haven't told me a string of words yet that I haven't heard in combination yet. So come up with something a little bit more creative, we might be able to get further. But that's the thing. You're not always going to rub people the right way. However you want to take that by the way. Um, and that's the occasion. So what would you rather go do? Because that is the continuation of the conversation. Where would you rather go? What would you rather do to make sure that things are going right? Because here's the thing at the end of the day, even if you rather go, how are you going to leave stuff in a better circumstance than what you actually found it in? That's the important thing. So if you'd rather go make sure that it's left better than how you originally founded. But then again, what do I do? I'm just a guy behind a microphone. Oops. What did he just say? We have safety FM. Don't always agree with the viewpoints of our hosts and guests. Now, back to real Safety talk on safety FM. Don't go anywhere. You're listening to the home of real Safety talk. You are listening to safety FM. We'll be right back. Hamilton was adopted from a rescue in 2000 and eight. She really likes to be around people. I get out my mat and I'm doing a downward dog and he's underneath. He's quite the pug about town. He gets invited to a lot of parties, you know, he's a pretty big deal. Look at this little face. I do not love him. Hamilton the pug instagram star and shelter pet. Amazing adoption stories. Start in shelters, visit the shelter, pet project org to find a pet near you brought to you by Maddie's Fund, the Humane Society of the United States and the Ad Council. You make sure his toys don't have any sharp edges. You taught her what to do when the smoke alarm goes off. You do so much to keep your child safe. But are you using the right car seat for your child? Car crashes are a leading killer of Children ages 1 to 13 protect your child's future at every stage of life. For information on the right seat for your child visit safer car dot gov slash the right seat. A message from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ad Council. So you see son. Good manners are important. Should I go through it again? Yes, yes please. Yes please. Exactly. Always say please thank you. You're welcome. An excuse me. Sit up straight, hold doors open. I'll speak with your mouth full. Keep your elbows off the table, share your things, play nice and generally treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Got it. Got it and stop picking your nose. Most parenting is hard to do in just two minutes, two minutes twice a day. Making sure they brush their teeth is easier and it could help save them from a lifetime of tooth pain visit two men two x dot org to find out more. A message from the partnership for healthy miles, healthy lives in the AD Council. I'm a retired school psychologist and helping people with my thing after my stroke. When meals on wheels started, I was on the other end of the stick, so to speak. My name is Julius CAin's creative writer. 0.1 and six seniors faces the threat of hunger and millions more live in isolation, drop off a hotmail and say a quick hello volunteer for meals on wheels by donating your lunch break at America. Let's do lunch dot org. This message brought to you by meals on wheels, America and the Ad council or we might end the show with that one today. I, I don't know. I think we will, especially having the permission, of course, from Warner brothers UK because that's definitely an important one, especially when it comes to any kind of commercial music. Just throwing that out there. So let's get back into the groove of things that is 42 minutes past the top of the hour. I have to tell you. I am so glad that I hang out with some of the smartest people on the planet, listening to your messages, reading your messages and what you're saying exactly going on inside of the box. Thank you for sharing this all important information with the group here. So let's go through some of these because I think that they're important, We're gonna go kind of step by step here. Even though we're already outside of the main story, we'll start off with richard Nichols. Wait, I just realized that the above approach isn't uh benefit, uh befitting PhD or any or anyone. Maybe that's yeah. Matter of uh Lucas Marino. Are you leaving for something you perceive to be better or are you leaving the current known? That's very good question. Jim Postal. What it starts destroying is your mental health and physical health. And you should consider going I would think uh Lucas continues in into the tunnel. There you go, blink. Didn't use her. Sorry. Not sure who you are. If you're you're better fitting. If you're better fighting. Let's see you do if you are. I'm assuming it's fighting. Uh if you're fighting an uphill battle, can't make changes. What are you to do? A very good question for sure. Uh, And then of course we have Daniel Snyder inside of here the I. N. S. H. P. O. Global framework of corals culture, maturity, attributes with safety professionals, roles and functions depending on the culture. You're so there you go. A lot of information going on inside of the box as we are talking anyways. Let's get back into some other news as we are here this morning, hanging out together on the radar safety show exclusively on safety FM dot com and radio Big Let's talk about a different school of thought. After a year of remote learning a socially distanced classroom, a school in Spain is introducing a school on the beach to continue to clear to clear air. In a new way of teaching mask wearing, Children can be seen sitting front of a portable blackboard and rows of a neatly space desk on the sandy shores of Plaza de Los Nieto's grandchildren's beach. That's not a joke. It's part of a project known as fresh Air, which aims to create better quality for Children during the pandemic, including open air learning. Uh, eight classes take part in 20 minutes sessions and groups rotate through the different areas. Children's at the school are ages 3 to 12 remain in their class bubbles. Uh, let's say a teacher reports that not only are the beach classes safe for kids, they have fun and they learned here, they don't forget. Um, and then there have been no reported cases of coronavirus, uh, sorry kids, but you're definitely not the first student to spend part of their school day at the beach. Just want to throw that out there. And then after that, what he's supposed to do after school, I mean, just a question of course and calling it, the fresh air program was actually the second choice. For some reason, the parents didn't know some, some of, some of the beach was a good one to go with. That was something to think about. But here's the thing. So if you're doing this on the beach, my question becomes this right away. If you do the, or paneer class, which I think is an excellent idea. Sun block and if you wear a bathing suit to school, do you get in trouble for that one? I'm just asking safety in a way. Never heard of before. The rated R. Safety show on safety. FM. Oh let's talk about it. It's a good thing that they're cute. Yeah. Not a joke. It turns out that when you're told your kids uh that owning a pet, it's a lot of work. You were right. According to a new study, the average pet owners spend about 832 hours each year, more than 34 days cleaning up after their pets. In the survey of 2000 pet owners, 75 say that they clean their homes constantly since getting a furry friend, 64% say that they're always clean their pets after going outside to avoid muddy paw prints inside. Other findings are that 68% would break up with anyone who didn't get along with their dog or cat, 73 said they uh, they would keep their pets if they were suddenly woke up with their dog or cat allergy. Really? I don't even spend that much time thinking about cleaning. I don't think I would spend that much time with an animal. Kids don't care about it because it's always bombed. That ends up doing all the cleaning. Hey, just throwing that out. There seems to be the sequence of events And then 832 hours per year is a lot of cleaning, but totally worth it. Said someone that was not me, that's for sure. Okay, so let's continue talking about some other things going on inside of the world. Let's talk about. Did you know, scientists have discovered that the guerrillas thumbs, uh, is their studios to avoid rather than instigate a fight. German, researchers determined that the pec pounding advertises the primate size, fighting prowess and other practical info providing rivals a picture of what it would be up against if those chose to go down. Uh, yeah, they found the bigger the guerrillas produced, the lower the frequency, then their smaller counterparts signifying the pictorial percussion Is all of the honest signal of competitive ability in size. A larger body size correlates with a higher social rank and therefore fighting ability. Science scientists say that conveying it through the chest beating could help guerrillas avoid violence. A mustard species that grows up to about £500.. So there you go. Some things to think about. If you're definitely hanging out at the zoo and you see one of those bad boys start pounding their chest, it might be time to take a hike. I'm just throwing that out there. Okay, let's continue talking about some wack facts because it is Wednesday. Let's not call it wacky Wednesday. Let's call it wacky facts. Yellow is the most common color for highlighters because it doesn't leave a shadow or on the page when photocopied Leaving your computer on all the time cost you about $350 a year. A toaster uses almost half of the energy of a full size oven. That's something to think about. Apple's ripe in 6 to 10 times faster than room temperature than if refrigerated an apple potato and onion. All all taste the same if you eat them with your nose plugged and you cannot snore and dream at the same time. I don't know about that one. What? I don't know about that one. That's for sure. I would have to definitely put that to a test. Um, I would like to do how they came up with that data. That would be interesting to see some more information on that. Anyways, let's talk about what's going on inside of the world of lottery, no winner for saturday night's powerball drawing. Tonight's drawing will be for $67 million jackpot or $46 million cash payout. So if you're so inclined to play well, good for you. So there you go. Those are some, some options of chances right there of what is going on. Uh, let's continue talking some other things. How I have a list? It says spoiler. Spoiler for american idol on monday. How's that? A spoiler? It's already Wednesday and that's kind of a kind of a weird thing. Uh, to say. Anyway, let's talk about Prince Philip's funeral will be attended by about 30 guests due to covid restructures. Originally, it was planned for to have over 800 Mourners Queens, Elizabeth has forced a narrow it down to only 30 family members who will be socially distanced and wearing masks. The queen and her Children, Prince Charles and Camilla, Princess anne and Sarah timothy Laurence. Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex and Prince Andrew's grandchildren will be peter phillips, Zara Tindall and her husband Mike, Prince William and his wife Catherine, Prince harry, Prince Beatrice and her husband. Do I need to really go through all these names? I don't think that I do. There will be some family members. This kind of look at it this way you and I are not invited. Not even a social distancing mark when it comes to that. So just think about it from that fashion. Uh So anyways, let's continue talking a little bit more about some other things. Let's talk about this. Let's talk about trivia. We haven't done any trivia. So let's do this real quick question. Numero uno. Let's start off at the top. What is the name of the of the uh the alien clan in avatar? Pandora. Navy Ban ki or avatars? The correct answer is the Navy just in case um what is the deepest point of the ocean referred to as white? The invisible plateau. Challenger deep Poseidon's point. Our nemo's reach. It's actually Challengers deep. Just in case we did not know that. So there you go. Some information for useless knowledge for today. Anyway let's talk about some events that occurred back on this day. Back in 2003 researchers announced the near complete mapping of the human D. N. A. The study has helped detect and diagnose diseases and other human afflictions so there you go. Some stuff to think about for sure as we are talking about that and then back in 2020 President Donald trump freezes funding for the World Health Organization Pending a review over the group handling of COVID-19 pandemic. He called the organization uh to China centric, prompting international criticism. So that happened back in 2020. You're looking at birthdays for today. Here we go, luna Stephen stearns what five? How is she even making the sequence? Uh Abigail breslin turns 25 baker Mayfield turns 26 Alison ralph list 28 chris would 33 sarah Michelle gellar Buffy. The vampire slayer turns 44 band. We've grown up together in some way shape or form to brad turned 47. Adrien brody turned 48 and Loretta Lynn turns 89. There you go. Some interesting stuff going on right there as we talk about it. So let me get my buddy buddy buddy in here real quick and let him give you some motivation for the next minute or show the motivation minute is courtesy of better credit cards dot com. Dale Carnegie said develop success from failures, discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. Now, another way of looking at this same idea is find opportunities in your failures. I remember a friend told me about a company that he worked at, they said in their company that they never have problems. They have opportunities, whatever the world would see as a problem, they would find an opportunity to fix that problem and their solution would typically make the company money and make their clients more successful. Find solutions and present opportunities rather than dwell on a problem. That's no fun for anyone. This has been today's motivation minute, courtesy of better credit cards dot com. I'm john Small. Thanks for listening. Your favorite motivational quotes can be submitted for upcoming programs at motivation minute dot org. Oh, I love me some johnny Smalls as he's talking about all these fun things. That's for sure. I'm a trial lawyer. I'm not part of your family and I don't do skits with my mom. I'm a real lawyer. A damn good lawyer. The best lawyer this state has to offer and I built a reputation for standing up for the people of this country righting the wrongs. You may not agree with all of my views, but when it comes to trying cases, there's only one view. Justice and justice is what I get Fighter law. That's why we're unstoppable. We at safety FM are not responsible for what this idiot behind the microphone is saying is trying to be entertaining rated R safety show. Okay, so there you go. A lot of stuff going on. Let me tell you about some important pieces real quick. I'm going to be hanging out on radio big dot FM here in the next few minutes. If you want to come over, I'll be going there at the top of the outer that is radio big dot FM radio big dot FM. Just put that into your web browser. We'll get to hang out together and do some things. Let me tell you about the most important portion of the store of the actual show right now. And this is about my friends, the american Foundation for Suicide Prevention, know that you're not alone. Whether you have struggled with suicide yourself or have lost a loved one, know that you're not alone here about personal experiences from people in your local community whose lives have been impacted by suicide. Go ahead and reach out to them at 1 802 738255 That's 1 802 738255 Or text the word talk to 741741 Or you can go to a S F A F sp dot org. That's a f sp dot org. Anyways, let me give you this real quick couple a couple of things real quick before I forget if you need a reason to celebrate today. National Dolphin Day. National exposed a national guarding Day. National pan american Day. National Pecan Day. National Research. As high as you can day. Uh look up at the Sky Day. International be kind to lawyers Day. I'm sure fighter would tell us that International moment of laughter day, a national book mobile day. So there you go, some interesting things to think about. If you need a phone starter for today, try this one. If animals could talk which species could be the rudest of all animals, human beings. There you go. Uh, if you need a random joke for today, think about this, pick your battles, nope. That's too many battles, puts them back. If you need something for the water cooler, try this one. If you are married, you do this twice. As often as people who are divorced, separated or single. What is it? Apologize. So here's the thing I am going to leave you with Dua lipa today because we have the option of doing that. Which is not going to be an option. We always have. So we're gonna play Dua lipa on the way out. We'll do the closer at the end of it. But you have been listening to the rated R. Safety show exclusively on radio big dot FM. And safety FM dot com. Safety FM is the home of real safety talk. We could not do what we do without you the most important part. And that is the listener. If I could leave you with a thought for today, your dreams don't work unless you do anyways, this is do a little closing us out. What I'd rather go blind here on the rated R safety show. You didn't think I wasn't going to say it. I know who you are, You know who I am, love you mean it and goodbye. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the company. 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